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Kun Peng’s head was broken by Ji Hao. Lying aside, he burst into a shrill howl. His chest blasted, and from within, a hazy Kun Peng bird flew out. The giant Kin Peng bird instantly expanded to a length of millions of miles, with its pair of wings reaching down from the sky and covering the entire sky like two dense, tremendous dark clouds.

The bird flapped its wings and generated fierce gusts of wind, sharp as blades, blowing across the bodies of Ji Hao and his friends. Countless locusts were swirled into the wind and shredded within the span of a couple of breaths.

Yu Mu grinned. His locusts never meant to hurt the enemies with their mouthparts and thorns, because their true weapon were the toxins and viruses they carried.

Once those locusts were shredded, the viruses and toxins would spread even faster and wider. As colorful dust drifted all over the sky, Xiang Liu, Kun Peng and their descendants fell one after another.

Man Man wielded her pair of hammers and crushed every swirl wind coming at her. She giggled at Ji Hao happily and shouted, "Ji Hao! You’re having so much fun alone! You didn’t even tell us! Hm, fortunately, we still have a water gate left! Let me help you tear it down!"

While laughing, Man Man threw the pair of hammers up. The two hammers instantly expanded to a hundred miles long, surrounded by strong gales and raging fires as they descended violently towards the group of flood dragons behind the flood dragon king like two pieces of falling sky.

Those flood dragons raised their heads and sent out their long silver spears.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the two hammers were bumped to hundreds of miles away, while the thousands of flood dragons trembled slightly. Tens of flood dragons in the front had blood spurting out of their mouths, eyes, ears, and noses. From their mouths, thin flakes of fire puffed out as well.

" Fight!" Following a bright growl, large troops of shrimp warriors trod on the flood and approached in ordered arrays. They were wearing shiny armors and holding sharp weapons. Their battle formation was based on the positions of stars in the sky; their bodies were covered with a dense layer of starlight, that had been pushing the water forward.

Shermie raised his long arms and led thousands of sturdy Jia Clan warriors, walking at the front of the army with large steps.

Inside this star formation formed by shrimp and crab warriors were countless disciples from Yao Mountain Palace of Dao. They were wearing long shirts, waving long streamers as they drew pure and strong streams of star power into the formation. Nourished by the star power, the bodies of all shrimp and crab warriors in the formation had expanded by three times, and their strengths were boosted up by at least two hundred percent.

Before the thousands of flood dragons recovered from the shock brought by Man Man’s full-strength strike, shrimp and crab warriors in tens of square arrays under Shermie’s command had already raised their bows.

Starlight gathered on those bows. Standing above the star formation, Feng Xing raised his divine bow and gave an earth-shaking roar. His divine bow emitted countless extremely thin, dazzling beams of arrow light, which buzzed along with the bows held in those shrimp and crab warriors’ hands.

Shrimp and crab warriors were not powerful. Their powers were not even worth mentioning. Even if they were holding top-grade strong bows, they wouldn’t be able to cause too much damage to their enemies. Not to mention their physical weakness; they couldn’t even pull open any top-grade strong bow.

Nevertheless, nourished by the star power, they pulled open the strong bows in their hands with solid efforts that they could never pull normally. Bright arrow light emitted from their bows. Guided by Feng Xing, they formed a tremendous ‘Eastern Wasteland arrow formation’, and Feng Xing was the strongest arrow of this formation.

Countless beams of arrow light dazzled from their bows and merged with Feng Xing’s bow.

Feng Xing gave a resounding shout and locked the arrowhead on the thousands of flood dragons. He pulled open the bow and released the arrow. All of a sudden, the entire world seemed to be illuminated, as a, thousands of meters long, splendid arrow light dove down from the sky, raising rolling clouds, roaring gales, and a fierce power vibration that even brought some people a piercing pain in their souls.

"No!" The flood dragon king was tortured by Taisi with the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book. He struggled to reach his head out of the flood and saw Feng Xing and the hundreds of thousands of shrimp and crab warriors shoot the dazzling arrow, then growled with a hoarse voice.

The arrow would not turn back. The dazzling arrow landed in the crowd of flood dragons and suddenly split into thousands of thin beams, striking on the chest of those flood dragons. Dragon armors worn by those flood dragons shattered one after another, and so did their scales and skin. Screaming in pain, they were sent flying backward.

"Yuan Li appealed for my mercy, so I will hurt you, but not kill you." Flicking the bowstring with his fingers, Feng Xing looked at those flood dragons, who each had a fist-sized hole on the chest, and murmured in a deep voice, "Hurting people without killing them, I'm so not used to this!"

Ji hao chuckled, as the golden bridge shone. With one single step, he reached to Kun Peng.

Kun Peng did have a strong life-force. With his neck cracked by Ji Hao, he could still find a way to heal himself. Ji Hao decided to not give Kun Peng another chance to cause more troubles. He released the Pan Gu bell and carried it with both his arms, smashing heavily on Kun Peng’s head.

Followed by a thunderous bang, a black and red mushroom cloud rose to thousands of meters high. Kun Peng’s head was badly mutilated. His body sank and almost fell from the sky. Before Kun Peng fought back, Yemo Shayi showed up on his back like a ghost. Following the screams of his descendants, Yemo Shayi cut open Kun Peng’s enormous body and drilled straight in.

Kun Peng burst into an especially shrill shriek. Yemo Shayi drilled into his body, and only heaven knew what Yemo Shayi did inside him.

Giant wounds began appearing on Kun Peng’s body as blood poured down like waterfalls.

Once again, Kun Peng shrieked in pain and despair, as a large part of his body fell off. A blood-red light wrapped up his body part, then transformed into countless blood-red tentacles. They reached down and rolled up his descendants. The blood-red light then flashed across the sky and disappeared.

That was a blood-escaping magic cast by Kun Peng. As he fled away, Kun Peng’s high-pitched voice still echoed through the clouds, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao! You wait, wait for me! When I learn the supreme magic from my Master Shifu, I will make you pay for what you did today!"

Ji Hao lowered his head. Earlier, Xiang Liu had his eighteen eyes were punctured, and by now, he had disappeared long ago, leaving a silly group of his descendants in their original shapes, confronting Shermie’s army.

Yu Ancestor had run away without a trace even before Xiang Liu. His countless descendants stood in a daze in the flood. Without Yu Ancestor’s orders, these muddleheaded Yu seemed to be able to do and know nothing.

Yuan Li stood in front of the flood dragon king, talking in a low voice. The flood dragon king’s face was dark, especially dark. But after a long while, he helplessly nodded. Giving a bright growl, he stepped aside with the thousands of badly wounded flood dragons.

At last, Wuzhi Qi carried his club and walked to Ji Hao. Conveniently throwing that club away, he sat straight on the ground.

"I’m done fighting. I surrender!"

"Hah, I know I am steeped in crime, and you human beings will never let me go. So, just find a place to imprison me!" Wuzhi Qi led his descendants and surrendered straightforwardly.

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