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"I’m done fighting. I'm not in the mood. If this fight goes on, my kids would be slaughtered." Sitting on a small wave, Wuzhi Qi carelessly stretched out his neck, tilted his head, and looked at Ji Hao. "I am…so unlucky."

Ji Hao looked back at him, at the hazy lotus between his eyebrows.

Indeed, he was so unlucky, as Priest Hua and Priest Mu had their eyes on him.

"But, you can always follow them to the end." Ji Hao smilingly looked at Wuzhi Qi and said, "Follow them with your descendants, just like Kun Peng. Perhaps, you will have a much better result than this, eh?"

Wuzhi Qi narrowed his eyes, scornfully snorted, and said, "I am used to be a king, a ruler. Serving them? Back then, I became a minister of Gong Gong Family because I had no other choice, and that was already bad enough. You want me to continue serving other people? I’d rather be imprisoned forever!"

With his eyes sparkling with a cold light, Wuzhi Qi abruptly raised his head, looked at Ji Hao, and said, "I can give you all my descendants. I have great genes, my boys are all strong, with talent for cultivation. I can also plead guilty in front of Emperor Shun. For all the crimes I should bear, I will not deny."

"I give you my descendants, and in return, you gave me the great Dao of extreme negative that you taught Yuan Li, how about that?" Wuzhi Qi asked straightforwardly, without any hesitation.

Ji Hao was slightly surprised. Wuzhi Qi, this old monkey was indeed especially sharp-sighted and smart. He was clearly aware of the fact that because what he was, he could only serve Priest Hua and Priest Mu as cannon fodder. Therefore, he’d rather surrender to the humankind. Anyhow, being imprisoned forever was better than death.

By trading his descendants for the great Dao of extreme negative, he could not only find his descendants someone reliable to depend on, but also would have plenty of time to study the great Dao of extreme negative while he was imprisoned.

If he attained the great Dao of extreme negative one day, if he truly achieved the result of the great Dao, he would become one of the most powerful beings in the world. And then, could the magic seal created by human beings still stop him?

Over a hundred thousands water apes lined up orderly in the distance away, looking at Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi. These water apes were all tall and muscular, releasing amazingly strong power vibrations. Among them, hundreds were as powerful as Divine Magi. These were all Wuzhi Qi’s descendants, and as Wuzhi Qi said, they were all talented for cultivation.

"Deal!" Ji Hao reached out his hand to Wuzhi Qi and said, "I can teach you about the great Dao of extreme negative, but I am by no means a master. Hmm, from now on, your descendants are all under my command. Are you really willing to do that?"

Wuzhi Qi’s face twisted slightly, then bared his teeth and gave Ji Hao a large grin while saying, "I will always have sons, won’t I?"

As his muscles began squirming, Wuzhi Qi turned into a handsome young man, wearing a long black robe. Reached out his hand, he slapped loudly on Ji Hao’s palm and said, "Deal then! Hmm, break the Huai Gate now, then send me to Emperor Shun and imprison me in a nice place. As soon as you can…I have a little…headache!"

Wuzhi Qi pointed at the hazy lotus between his eyebrows while slightly trembling.

Ji Hao nodded heavily and glanced at the flood dragon king, who stood in the distance away, remaining silent. Afterward, he raised his head and gave a bright shout at the sky.

"Uncle Wen Ming! This is the last gate! Together, break the Huai Gate! This goddamned flood is finally going away!"

Laughing out loud, Si Wen Ming threw a glance at the flood dragon king, then at Wuzhi Qi. Next, he raised the mountain driving whip and rushed towards the Huai Gate in big steps.

Ji Hao’s body started expanding. He quickly expanded to tens of thousands of meters tall, carried the Pan Gu bell, and marched to the Huai Gate.

Man Man happily screamed and wielded her pair of hammers while leaping up high. After a few rises and falls, she passed Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming and rushed into the Huai Gate. As her pair of hammer smashed down and a dense fiery cloud rose into the sky, a ten-miles-tall mountain was flattened by her.

Countless human warriors shouted and growled in excitement, raising all kinds of weapons as they marched into the Huai Gate. An army of Yao Mountain warriors burst into thunderous roars, following closely behind Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi and the others into the Huai Gate.

Countless water-kind creatures who were gathered by Gong Gong to awe human beings had now been shrieking, fleeing, or directly kneeling on the waves, begging Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao for mercy.

As for the powerful ones like Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and Wuzhi Qi, they either surrendered or escaped. Gong Gong, their emperor, was killed by Ji Hao with a single sword move, which obliterated their morale. The water-kind army was disordered. No one had any courage to fight back.

Dense clouds rose into the sky, and the mountains on both sides of the Huai Gate were crushed section by section. The rain surged into the Huai Gate, along with a fierce gale.

Seven days later, Ji Hao and the others reached the end of Huai Gate. In the front were two towering mountains, reaching to the clouds, standing on both sides of the water channel like an enormous gate. Between these two mountains, the water channel was only about three miles wide. These two mountains were the last obstacles in the Huai Gate area.

On breaking these two mountains, the water channel would lead straight to the Final Land.

According to the legends, the Final Land was Saint Pan Gu’s stomach, and was a bottomless blackhole which could devour anything in the world. The flood, the excessive water power, nothing could ever fill the Final Land up. Falling into the Final Land, everything would eventually be devoured and digested, becoming a nourishment of Pan Gu world.

"Uncle Wen Ming!" Standing in front of the two mountains, Ji Hao smilingly cupped his hands towards Si Wen Ming and said, "Let’s do it!"

Si Wen Ming looked at the two mountains with a serious face. Glancing at Ji Hao, he slowly nodded and said, "For this day, how many sacrifices we human beings have made? But, things have come to a close. From this day on, we human beings will live safely and happily, generation after generation."

Roaring thunderously, yellow-colored power streams rose from Si Wen Ming’s body as he transformed into a winged, gigantic bear, raised the mountain-driving whip, and lashed violently at the two mountains.

"Break!" growled Si Wen Ming.

The two tens of thousands of miles tall mountains collapsed all of a sudden. Before some rocks landed on the ground, the bright yellow light emitted from the whip turned them into strands of yellow mist, dissipating in the air.

The Pan Gu world quaked. The water, which was blocked by the nine water gates, flooded out earsplittingly, surging towards the Final Land, through the broad water channel behind the Huai Gate

The flood gushed into the misty Final Land and disappeared.

The water power in Pan Gu world started declining rapidly. In the sky, the dark clouds were thinning. In many areas, the storm suddenly turned into a gentle drizzle, and in some other areas, the rain stopped, while the dark clouds were gone. The sun, which had been absent for years, poured down its warm golden light.

On the mountains, in the forests, countless surviving human beings walked out of their shelters.

On rafts, ships, many human beings grinned brilliantly.

Gradually, the defensive magic screens around strong cities were dimmed. People hiding in those cities climbed up city walls, stunned, with their eyes fixed on the world outside those colorful defensive screens, which had been recovering.

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