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Without protecting himself with the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao straightened his neck and bumped towards Kun Peng when the latter smashed a giant hammer down towards his head.

A thunderous bang was generated, while dazzling fire sparkles rose. Tens of cracks appeared on the dark, water-tank-sized hammer held in Kun Peng’s hands, but the skin on Ji Hao’s forehead didn’t even turn red.

"Such a strong head!" Kun Peng screamed. A cloud rose from under his feet and brought him backward. Saw the cracks on his hammer left by Ji Hao’s head, Kun Peng was nearly freaked out. He even forgot about those descendants of his who were killed by the ice dragon just now.

"And strong knees!" Kun Peng drew back fast, but not as fast as the golden bridge.

Ji Hao’s body shone with a clear light as he suddenly appeared in Kun Peng’s arms like a ghost. Lifting his left thigh, Ji Hao gave Kun Peng a heavy knee strike on the lower belly. Kun Peng’s eyeballs bulged from his eye sockets for about three inches. Opening his mouth, he gasped for air and caused a hissing noise. He felt as if countless glowing-red iron sticks had poked into his stomach, burning his internal organs.

It was painful. He had never suffered such a great pain. It hurt even more than the sword strike from Yemo Shayi. The pain almost drove Kun Peng crazy, and made him despair.

Kun Peng widely opened his mouth and let out a large mouthful of blood. Floating in midair, he was stiff, and couldn’t move for a long while.

Seeing Kun Peng fall into a dangerous situation, Yu Ancestor hurriedly opened his mouth and sprayed a puff of purple colored poisonous sand towards Ji Hao. The sand rubbed against each other and started dazzling electric bolts, along with deep, rumbling thunders.

Gong Gong purified and strengthened Yu Ancestor’s body with the essence water in the heaven. After that, Yu Ancestor’s powers had been improved largely. The sand he sprayed out was not only poisonous, it could also generate dark thunders flame, and was hundreds of times more powerful than before.

Ji Hao chuckled, then grabbed Kun Peng’s neck and clenched his fingers.

Crack! Yemo Shayi failed to break Kun Peng’s neck, but Ji Hao didn’t. Kun Peng’s body couldn’t stand Ji Hao’s strength. Ji Hao almost tore his head off. Kun Peng’s broken neck bones pierced out of his skin, looking like thorns of a hedgehog.

Throwing Kun Peng away, Ji Hao turned around, facing Yu Ancestor’s poisonous sand and dark thunder-flame.

The puff of sand struck on Ji Hao’s chest. Every grain of sand had been spinning speedily, trying to drill into Ji Hao’s skin. Ji Hao’s jade-white, smooth skin glowed with a dim Chaos light as fire sparkles were sent up against that skin. But, not even a single grain of sand managed to drill into his skin.

Spinning for a while, the sands exploded. Each grain of sand blasted into a dark thunderbolt and exploded on Ji Hao’s chest. Around Ji Hao, the dark clouds, the storm, and the flood were all dispelled, and the fire and air blasts caused by the series of explosions swept across the area with a radius of thousand miles, forcing many descendants of Xiang Liu and Kun Peng to flee desperately.

Neither fire nor thunderbolts could leave even a scratch on Ji Hao’s skin!

He had basically attained a ‘Pan Gu body’. At the moment, the defensive power provided by Ji Hao’s body was as great as that of a top-grade defensive treasure.

The golden bridge quaked,then Ji Hao dashed to Yu Ancestor instantly, swinging Pan Gu Dragon Mark down mercilessly. Yu Ancestor shrieked. The moment the sword landed, Yu Ancestor’s body turned blur, and next, a silly Yu appeared under Ji Hao’s sword, as Yu Ancestor showed up hundreds of miles away!

"Hah, old thing!" That silly Yu didn’t even know what was happening. Hacking it into two, Ji Hao turned around and looked at the flood dragon king, who had bent his body and lunged towards Ji Hao.

The flood dragon king was holding a long spear with both his hands, and the spear was coiling in a frosty air stream, piercing towards Ji Hao’s face at lightning speed. The spear was still about ten miles away from Ji Hao, but a frictional noise was already caused by the strong gust of wind the spear started against Ji Hao’s skin.

"Old dragon king, Yuan Li is a brother of mine, and he likes your daughter…You better think about it. Don’t make things go out of control!" The spear reached Ji Hao’s face in the following moment. Ji Hao talked quickly, then opened his mouth,

The spear lunged to between Ji Hao’s upper teeth and lower teeth. Before the flood dragon king could push the spear further into Ji Hao’s mouth, countless spell symbols sparkled on Ji Hao’s transparent teeth. As Ji Hao bit down, a loud ‘crack’ could be heard, and the flood dragon king began vomiting blood.

The spear was the flood dragon king’s spirit weapon, and had been nourished by his spirit blood for countless years. But, it was broken by Ji Hao’s teeth!

Sharp pieces of the spear darted all over the sky. While vomiting blood, the flood dragon kings staggered back quickly. He stared at Ji Hao in shock, as if Ji Hao was a ghost from hell.

"You, you, you!" The flood dragon king was even driving crazy!

That was his spirit weapon; it could even leave a hole in the sky! But, it was actually broken, by Ji Hao’s teeth!

What was more frustrating was that when the spear made contact with Ji Hao’s teeth, the flood dragon king clearly sensed a dreadful power vibration from them. That was a destructive power which could shred everything, destroy the whole world, and was unstoppable!

As Ji Hao made the bite, the flood dragon king felt that he was watching a Chaos devil god who stood on the ground, his head touching the sky, and had been laughing rumblingly, exposing his white, shiny teeth. Thunderbolts and fire streams struck on his body, while lightning coiled between his teeth. He grabbed a millions of miles long Chaos monster, put it into his mouth, and took an easy bite. Instantly, the Chaos monster was crushed; its skin, muscles, and bones were all minced into a thousand pieces.

Shaking his head, the flood dragon king cast away the strange thought in his head, then tremblingly pulled out a pair of swords which were releasing a sharp, cold power vibration. He looked at Ji Hao, paused for a while, but eventually failed to boost up his courage and rush up.

Even his spirit weapon was broken by Ji Hao’s teeth, so what could these swords possibly do, even though both of these swords were good pieces.

"What kind of a monster are you?" The flood dragon king helplessly sighed towards the sky.

Xiang Liu showed his true face. With nine giant snakeheads, he pounced on Ji Hao, piercing his sharp fangs towards Ji Hao’s vital body parts and spurting venom from every head of his.

Shrill swishing noises could suddenly be heard from the sky. Xiang Liu quivered, because all his eighteen eyeballs were penetrated by arrows simultaneously. Glistening liquid erupted from his eyeballs. He stopped attacking Ji Hao, twisted his body, and howled in pain.

A distance away, Feng Xing trod on a giant fire crow, holding his bow and calmly observing the battlefield.

The flood dragon king immediately turned around. But before he figured out how many people had suddenly joined the fight, he dropped his swords, buried his head in his arms, and coughed out a sticky stream of blood. With his entire body twitching, the flood dragon king fell from the sky, into the flood.

Far away, an altar floated in the sky. With his arms raised high, Taisi was performing a weird dance around the altar and casting a spell. Behind Taisi, thousands of Maguspreists in long dark robes had been slaughtering all kinds of enormous water-kind spirit creatures, offering to the altar, and enhancing the power of Taisi’s curse.

Shaosi, Man Man, and Yu Mu flashed into the battlefield, followed by a hurricane and streaks of raging fire. Countless locusts flew out and covered the sky, like a fire rising. Behind Shaosi, a hazy figure appeared suddenly and gave a deep roar. In the next moment, Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and their descendants who had been attacking Ji Hao, all started vomiting blood, and were sent flying backward.

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