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The battle formation collapsed, and all people escaped, like ants which had their nest blown up.

This allied human force was so aggressive, that even Si Wen Ming was forced away by them. However, after the massacre started by Ji Hao, these people were frightened to run just by a growl Ji Hao gave. By now, these strong and sturdy human warriors dropped everything that could slow them down and fled desperately. They were screaming and crying, just like weak, vulnerable little girls who saw a ghost.

‘Boom, boom, boom…’ Tens of thousands of water bombs landed on the Pan Gu bell and started a long series of booms. Waves of thunderbolts spread out, that rippled the Chaos power streams released from the bell.

Ji Hao turned around and looked at the group of old Gong Gongs from a distance away.

Those Gong Gongs’ bodies were covered in stinky, black blood. They stared straight at Ji Hao, their eyes filled with shock and confusion. The formidable allied human force of top-grade human families and clans had collapsed just like this, and all people were fleeing. Was that even real?

Strong Chaos power streams rose from the Pan Gu bell and violently evaporated all moisture in a radius of ten-thousand-miles. Standing in the empty, clean air, Ji Hao coldly looked at the group of Gong Gong who trod on waves, and were surrounded by water streams.

The scalps of these old Gong Gongs were even numbed. On their skins, their fine hairs stood straight up. They suddenly regretted, and wondered why on earth did they throw out those water bombs. They should have done nothing more than stirring up the allied human force and letting them risk their lives against Ji Hao. But why did they roll up sleeves and join the battle in person?

They were covered in wounds, and had still been suffering from the dirty blood power from the blood pool. They were injured so badly, and had temporarily lost over ninety percent of their powers…They truly didn’t have the confidence to defeat Ji Hao. Ji Hao was such a brutal kid, but why did they infuriate him so many times in a row, and that too at their weakest moment?

"You, hmm, I need to figure out a way to punish you!" With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao trod on a cloud. The pair of fire dragons were wrapped in raging flames, hovering around Ji Hao while Mr. Crow stood on the Pan Gu bell, cawing resoundingly. Slowly, Ji Hao approached the eleven old Gong Gongs.

"Punish?" The group of old Gong Gongs burst in rage. "Ji Hao, who do you think you are? How dare you even say that?" They yelled in anger.

One old Gong Gong boosted his courage and took a few large steps towards Ji Hao. His hands gripped a purely dark long spear, which was coiled with a dragon embossment. He pointed the spearhead at Ji Hao and growled, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you may be proud of yourself at the moment. But when we recovered, we will raise the army and start another great battle against you! Our Gong Gong family has spent so many years on this great plan, and it will not be ruined by a kid like you!"

Hearing him, Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud. ‘Raise the army and start another battle when they recovered’?

"How can I ever allow you the time to recover? Elders, you really shouldn’t have come back!" Ji Hao slowly raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark. Inside his body, the power was boosted up, as the space surrounding him seemed to collapse into his body. Faintly and hazily, the group of old Gong Gongs saw all the stars in the world flash across Ji Hao’s face, swiftly and simultaneously.

"I had many things to say, but then I thought about it carefully, and realized that I actually have nothing to say, do I?" Ji Hao mildly looked at the group of old Gong Gong and said blandly, "We are different races, so we must have different purposes. The Gong Gong Family wants to become the ruler of the world… Standing in your position, that is absolutely right. Any ambitious living being will think and do the same!"

"But I am a human being. Standing in the position of the humankind, you should all die!" With a bright grin, Ji Hao slightly nodded to the group of old Gong Gong and said, "Therefore, even if I have to do the evilest, dirtiest, most shameless things in the world, I believe that nothing can’t be done as long as I can take you out."

"When I have killed you and that restless current Gong Gong in the heaven, the dark clouds in the sky will be gone, and the good life of our humankind will begin. In fact, things are not complicated at all, because all I need to do is kill you."

Ji Hao grinned brilliantly and talked straightforwardly.

Finishing his words and without giving those old Gong Gongs a chance to respond, he launched the combined move of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, and all living beings reincarnate. He injected all of his power into Pan Gu Dragon Mark, cast Yu Yu’s sword spell, and created a cyan-colored, dazzling sword light beam as he made a lunge at that old Gong Gong who had a long spear.

Covered in blood and gripping the spear, that Gong Gong roared towards the sky and pushed the spear towards Ji Hao’s chest without dodging.

That old Gong Gong was injured by a blood flying knife, which drained almost all his spirit blood. He had less than ten percent of his power remaining at the moment, and was extremely weak. He had no confidence in winning against Ji Hao. The only thing he could do under the current situation was to put up a desperate fight against Ji Hao, and try his best to kill him or wound him severely.

As this Gong Gong made a move, the other ten old Gong Gongs took a step forward simultaneously.

They didn’t cast any magic, and neither did they have the power to do it. All eleven old Gong Gongs stood side by side, straightened their weapons, and hacked at Ji Hao. At the moment, they looked like the lowest grade human warriors.

Following a buzzing noise, the Pan Gu bell released strong streams of Chaos power and defended against the eleven Supreme-level weapons.

As Ji Hao slightly trembled, Pan Gu Dragon Mark fiercely penetrated the chest of that old Gong Gong with a long spear. From the sword, the pair of dragon figures roared deeply and strongly as they sent the destructive power into his chest and tore his body apart.

"You…" That Gong Gong bared his teeth and gave a twisted grin while staring at Ji Hao and saying, "In my powerful days, I could kill ten kids like you with a slap!"

Ji Hao remained silent. Perhaps, in this old Gong Gong’s powerful days, he could truly kill ten kids like Ji Hao will one slap, but that could only happen before Ji Hao stepped into the stage of embryo of Dao. Now, Ji Hao had attained his true embryo of Dao and reached to the stage of embryo of Dao, which equaled the level of Supreme Magus. At this stage, he had a much better control of natural powers. By now, at their best, Gong Gongs could only defeat Ji Hao, but could never kill him.

"Too many superfluous words!" Ji Hao looked at this Gong Gong calmly and said, "These years, I’ve been running about without taking a break. I’m tired, and I want to go rest at home. So, can you please die quietly right here? Don’t bring more troubles to anyone…I promise I will build each of you a beautiful grave, how’s that?"

Wielding his long sword, Ji Hao cut this Gong Gong into pieces. The pair of fire dragons pounced and wolfed the body parts.

The rest ten old Gong Gongs looked at Ji Hao, stunned. They couldn’t help but step backward tremblingly.

They wanted to boost up their courage and fight Ji Hao, but being injured by blood flying knives, they were so powerless. At the moment, they didn’t even have the qualification to put up a desperate fight against Ji Hao.

Ji Hao raised the sword again and made a lunge at the group of old Gong Gong expressionless. He didn’t want to waste any more time. Today, this should be the day for this flood to end. As Ji Hao said, he had been running about in storms for years. His body wasn’t tired, but his heart was exhausted.

But at that moment, a green light suddenly emerged before his sword edge, delivering a thriving life-force. Pan Gu Dragon Mark cut on the green light, which generated a strong counterforce. With a series of creaking noise from Ji Hao’s wrist, it was shattered into pieces.

"Who is it?" Enduring the sharp pain from his wrist, Ji Hao shouted.

"My friends, I have ten magic pills that can detoxicate all evil poisons in the world. I am willing to give these ten pills to you, my friends." Priest Mu’s face hazily appeared in the green light and said to Gong Gong smilingly, "As long as you admit that you owe me one, these magic pills will be yours."

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