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The green light emerged out of nowhere. The moment Priest Mu’s figure appeared in the light, Ji Hao turned around and dashed to the rest eight water gates behind the Kui Gat at his highest speed.

The golden bridge dazzled with a blinking light, which wrapped Ji Hao and flashed across space, immediately reaching the second water gate. The Pan Gu bell expanded to hundreds of meters tall. Ji Hao madly raised the bell with both hands and smashed down on the second water gate with all his strength.

Followed by a thunderous bang and despairing wails from countless water-kind creatures in the second water gate, the Pan Gu bell quaked intensively. From the bell, waves of Chaos power stream transformed into black and red flames, rising into the sky. Meanwhile, a tens of thousands of miles long section of the mountain range on both sides of the second gate disappeared all of a sudden, right in the black and red flames.

"Go away if you don’t want to die!" Ji Hao raised the bell, flashed to tens of thousands of miles away, and once again smashed the bell down on a mountain, "Go away! Go! Go! Go! All of you!"

Another earth-shaking boom was generated, and another tens of thousands of miles long section of the mountain range was gone.

The mountains on both sides of the eight water gates had been nourished by the earth meridian power for years, and were already harder than diamonds. No ordinary power could ever harm these mountains, but still, these mountains failed to rival the Pan Gu bell. Not to mention the fact that the one controlling the bell at the moment was Ji Hao, whose cultivation of Dao had already stepped into the grade of embryo of Dao, which equaled the level of Supreme Magus.

With a full strike, he turned the surrounding space into a black hole, collapsing tens of thousands of miles long sections of mountain ranges. So terrifying! Under such a destructive strike, even Divine Magi would be turned into ashes.

Ji Hao yelled ‘go away’ at all living beings in the second water gate, because he was worried about Tushan Family people and the others who had sneaked into the water gate under Si Wen Ming or Emperor Shun’ commands. He was afraid that his violent strike might kill those people too.

He had no time to break the rest eight water gates step by step with the mountain-driving whip. Therefore, Ji Hao decided to use the destructive power of the Pan Gu bell to break as many water gates as he could, as quickly as possible, with all of his strength!

He didn’t have to be so rushed. Ji Hao believed that once he killed all old Gong Gongs who returned to Pan Gu world from the Chaos, he would be able to break all water gates. He had the confidence. However, Priest Mu suddenly showed up to make a mess. Seeing Priest Mu’s face, Ji Hao realized that things were getting messy.

Ten old Gong Gongs with all of their powers regained? Thinking about this, even Ji Hao’s scalp numbed. He was still confident. He believed that even if these old Gong Gongs regained all of their powers, they wouldn’t be able to harm a hair of his. However, then, breaking the rest eight water gates wouldn’t be so easy.

Therefore, Ji Hao immediately raised the Pan Gu bell and crazily smashed on the mountains by the eight water gates, even though accidental injuries might be caused. Within a blink of an eye, he tore a small half of the second water gate down, and opened up a half of a thousand-miles-wide water channel.

Black and red mushroom clouds rose into the sky. Countless water-kind creatures, non-humankind beings, and human beings mingled in the crowd of water-kind, all shrieked, running like hell.

Black and red fierce airstreams swept across their bodies along with overwhelming air blasts, tearing them into pieces, and eventually turning them into strands of Chaos dust.

In the green light, Priest Mu threw a complicated glance at the chaotic second water gate and sneered, "What a smart boy! Right now, I need to help my brother and have no time to deal with you! When my brother goes through the devil crisis, we will be clearing our old debts."

The ten old Gong Gongs looked at Priest Mu, also in a complicated way. "Priest Mu, we’ve heard about you from our ancestors. Hehe, we shouldn’t be accepting Priest Mu’s magic pills so easily, should we?" said the oldest Gong Gong coldly and vigilantly.

Priest Mu smiled mildly to the ten old Gong Gongs and said, "I mean well, my friends. Please don’t misunderstand me."

"We won’t, we won’t." said another Gong Gong coldly, "If our family record is correct, back then, the greatest treasure of our family, the ‘divine spirit water bead’, was taken away by Priest Mu, as you claimed that treasure ‘was destined to be yours’. Today, if we accept your pills, I wonder if our entire Gong Gong Family will be ‘destined to be yours’?"

Priest Mu gave a strangely bright smile. He took out ten thumb-sized, linden-leaf-shaped green pills, and put them on his palm. On his palm, the ten pills rolled around quickly, emitting a refreshing aroma.

Looking at the ten old Gong Gongs, he grinned and said, "Do you have a choice, my friends? If you don’t accept my pills, you will all die today! Without a doubt!"

"We are not sure about that!" said one Gong Gong through gritted teeth, "That kid is brutal and fierce indeed, but killing us would be too…"

Priest Mu laughed out loud, then suddenly raised his cyan-colored wooden staff held in his left hand and smacked on this Gong Gong’s chest. Followed by a loud boom, this Gong Gong’s chest was smashed into pieces. While vomiting dark blood, he flew backward for about a thousand miles. Suffering this heavy strike, he almost lost all his spirit blood. He fell into the flood in a twisted shape, and after quite a while, he finally, tremblingly floated up to the water surface.

Priest Mu smiled again. But this time, a trace of fierceness was added to that smile of his. "I mean, if you refuse to owe me this one, I will kill you myself! You wouldn’t even have a chance to be killed by Ji Hao!"

"You!" The group of old Gong Gong paused in shock. They stared at Priest Mu, not knowing what to say.

Could a living being actually be so shameless?

Priest Mu was forcing them to accept the ten pills and owe him a debt. If they refused, he would kill them by himself!

In the family records, Gong Gong Family ancestors clearly warned the younger generations not to make any contact with Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Gong Gong Family ancestors had already been seeing those two as treacherous, dangerous beings, but these ten Gong Gongs never thought that they could actually be so shameless!

" Our f-friend!" The faces of these old Gong Gongs even turned blue in anger as they glowered at Priest Mu.

"My ten friends, you are destined to join us!" Priest Mu’s eyes shone with a cyan-colored light, as he stared at the ten Gong Gongs and continued, "Therefore, please, take the ten pills and join our sect, serving the sect as divine guardians! If you refuse…Hehe, you raised such a flood and threatened the world. You are all sinners, bearing the most heinous guilts. Don’t blame me for wiping you out and benefiting the world with my power!"

"You!" The ten Gong Gongs pointed their fingers at Priest Mu, but suddenly, they sensed an endless despair in their hearts.

"I still have important things to do. My friends, will you accept…or not?" Priest Mu asked through gritted teeth. In the meanwhile, his wooden staff glowed with a dim light.

"We accept, we accept!" As the four men with a dragon, a tiger, a lion, and a mammoth approached from four directions, the group of old Gong Gongs accepted Priest Mu’s condition bitterly, despairingly, helplessly,.

They tremblingly took over those magic pills and slowly put into their mouths, as if those pills were poisonous.

In the distance, Netherworld Hierarch, who hadn’t said a word this whole time, abruptly sighed and began talking, "Priest Mu, my friend, as you did this, did you even see me standing here?"

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