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These pyramids were large-scale defensive weapons developed by the You Chao Family, and were modeled on divine towers of Yu Clan. With one sword move, Ji Hao broke hundreds of these.

Being gripped in Netherworld Hierarch’s hand without being able to move, Dark Water Serpent had his eyeballs bulging out of his eye sockets as he stared at Ji Hao. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Not long ago, when he encountered these pyramids, he was trapped in the pyramid formation for a long while!

But Ji Hao cut three-hundred and sixty pyramids into pieces with one single sword hack! He did this as easily as cutting three-hundred and sixty pieces of tofu with a sharp knife, which made Dark Water Serpent even want to vomit blood.

A series of screams could be heard from the floating mountain. Led by a few white-haired old men, large groups of You Chao warrior rushed out of the mountain, trod on all weird kinds of tools and formed a formation in midair.

Tens of thousands of You Chao warriors formed a conservative, round-shaped defensive formation, facing Ji Hao.

With his good eyesight, Ji Hao saw the goosebumps on many of these warriors’ necks, and their straightly standing fine hairs. Apparently, these warriors were so seriously frightened, that with a little bit more fear, these warriors would immediately suffer a mental breakdown!

Laughing aloud, Ji Hao straightened his five left fingers and pushed out his palm. From each of his five fingers, a bolt of thunder struck out. Gold, green, water, fire, earth, these five thunderbolts had different natures. Dazzling to hundreds of miles away, these thumb-thick thunderbolts expanded to miles thick and merged into a five-colored thunderbolt mountain, which fiercely landed on the round-shaped defensive formation.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the five thunderbolts blasted and sent tens of thousands of screaming You Chao warriors flying out.

Ji Hao didn’t spend too much effort for this thunder strike. Tens of thousands of warriors were thrown away, vomiting blood. But among them, the one who suffered the worst only had a few ribs broken. Spirit blood flushed, and these warriors healed themselves soon.

"You Chao people, don’t humiliate your ancestors!" Ji Hao said with a deep and strong voice, "Emperor You Chao had made great contributions to the humankind, but when did his descendants end up knowing nothing but seizing the credit that belongs to some other people?"

"Today, I have killed too many people, and I don’t want more blood of emperor descendants on my hands." Breathing deeply, Ji Hao continued in a harsh tone, "Aren’t you gonna leave? You’re not still thinking about taking the others’ credit with the power of your family, are you?"

Those warriors who were sent flying by the thunder strike, and had still been vomiting blood, stood back up from the ground. They looked at Ji Hao with fear and shock, then fixed their eyes on their elders. Many of these warriors were strong Divine Magi, but even they were easily thrown away by one thunder strike launched by Ji Hao. These warriors dared not to even imagine exactly how powerful Ji Hao was.

The few You Chao elder glanced at each other, then slightly moved their lips.

The power vibrations released from all surrounding warriors were restrained. None of these warriors made any sound. In the air, strange power streams had been flowing around, as those large family elders were exchanging their thoughts silently.

After a long while, as Ji Hao’s patience was almost running out, a giant wave rose from tens of thousands of miles away. Following that, Gong Gongs’ voices echoed through the clouds.

"People, this kid is so brutal! He has killed so many people. How can you let him live?"

"Let’s kill him together!" growled Gong Gong, "This time, we will do it ourselves. We cannot let him live, not even for another quarter of an hour."

Netherworld Hierarch’s eyes shone with a bright light. He clenched his fingers excitedly and squeezed Dark Water Serpent’s neck. Because of the suffocation, Dark Water Serpent fell unconscious.

A dark mist stream rose from beside Netherworld Hierarch. Within the dark mist, a bronze gate, which was embossed with countless twisted ghost faces, emerged quietly. Netherworld Hierarch threw Dark Water Serpent into the gate, then smirked.

"Ji Hao, do you need my help? Hehe, since many years ago, I wanted to get a few gods and to see if I can turn them into zombies. But I and all gods in the world knew each other, so I felt too ashamed to do so. This time, I may do it with the Gong Gong Family, and I suppose no one will disagree, right?"

Ji Hao chuckled, then raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark and nodded as he said, "Elder, you can do anything you want."

Silent communications between those elders happened faster and faster, quicker and quicker. Suddenly, over one hundred elders rushed out of their campsites, trod on dark clouds and raging flames, and speedily approached Ji Hao.

Ji Hao frowned slightly. Held in his left hand, the Taiji universe mirror sparkled dimly. Ji Hao was well prepared.

But, these elders didn’t attack Ji Hao. Instead, they rushed to the treasures left by those dead elders just like starving tigers and wolves.

Just now, Ji Hao started a massacre with the sword formation he created. Quite a number of powerful magic treasures were shattered by the storm of sword light beam. Among those remaining treasures, some were at the level of that thunder bomb flag, and the others were mostly inherited great treasures that belonged to those powerful families, passed down through generations.

For sure, the great treasures of a family should be kept by the highest elder of this family. After ninety percent of elders on the scene were killed by Ji Hao, those lower-grade elders, who stayed in their campsites happily took over those treasures.

‘Hehe’, Ji Hao even heard the laughter of quite a few elders!

They weren’t sad for their dead clansmen. On the contrary, they were thrilled about those treasures that they suddenly attained. Ji Hao couldn’t help but feel sick. These were elders of top-grade human families and clans! And these were legendary, powerful human families and clans!

"Get your treasures and piss off!" growled Ji Hao, "Old dogs, you know nothing…You are humiliations to the humankind! Piss off! Piss off! Piss off! Even seeing you make me feel sick! You are, are…"

Wielding Pan Gu Dragon Mark fiercely, Ji Hao continued harshly, "Get lost! I don’t want to kill more human beings today!"

Following a long shrill howl, a few Chu Wu Clan elders retrieved their treasures, then returned to their campsite. Flying past Ji Hao, they suddenly turned around and screamed crazily at Ji Hao. With their right hands, they held the treasures that they found just now and wielded. Next, their left arms and legs exploded into blood mist clouds as they cast the evilest ‘blood curse’ to attack Ji Hao.

The other elders made their moves together. They damaged their own bodies, and partially burned their souls and spirit blood to boost up the powers of those magic treasures, even going beyond their limits. By doing this, they cast all kinds of evil magic on Ji Hao with all of their powers.

The eleven Gong Gongs were thrilled. They screamed and threw out countless water bombs at Ji Hao.

In the air, elite human warriors from those powerful human families and clans who survived the sword formation roared out madly as they marched towards Ji Hao. They even seemed to be hysterical and insane. Countless warriors rushed towards Ji Hao, looking like countless black ants running about wildly in the sky.

"You really want to die!"

In his spiritual space, the embryo of Dao smiled faintly, then released a torrent of power. Ji Hao dropped Pan Gu Dragon Mark, raised his right fist, and punched heavily on the Pan Gu bell.

The bell rang, and the sound waves reached a hundred miles away. Within the area hundred miles in radius, the world was turned back into Chaos.

All natural powers were disordered, while over a hundred elders shrieked in pain. Their bodies, souls, and the magic curses they cast were crushed, turning into Chaos power streams simultaneously.

"Kill, I’ll kill every last one of you idiots!" With the bell floating above his head, Ji Hao wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark and roared like a beast, flying towards the allied human force.

The allied human force was so aggressive a moment ago. But now, countless warriors dropped their weapons and shrieked, fleeing like startled rabbits. Leaving their gears, supplies, and campsites behind, they desperately ran away in all directions, at their highest speed.

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