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In his spiritual space, his red sun primordial spirit, which used to be splendid, was now dim and dull, over a hundred times smaller than before. At the moment, it looked merely like a sphere of red light that floated in the spiritual space, surrounded by the six embryos of Dao.

Sun, extreme negative, destruction, space, blood pool, evolvement…

The six embryos of Dao all looked exactly the same as Ji Hao, but with different colored skins.

The embryo of Dao of sun was golden and shining; the embryo of Dao of extreme negative was silvery and glowing; the embryo of Dao of destruction was dark and mysterious; the embryo of Dao of space was blur and colorless; the embryo of Dao of blood pool was blood-red and fierce-looking; and the color of the embryo of Dao of evolvement had been changing constantly.

The red sun primordial spirit was transformed from Ji Hao’s three souls and seven spirits, and was the origin of his great Dao. Embryos of Dao were generated from Ji Hao’s understanding about the great Dao and a part of his original soul power. Each embryo of Dao represented the essence of a certain part of Dao that Ji Hao understood, a part of Ji Hao’s fabulous life story, and the related knowledge and the great strength he had.

When he wielded the sword and sent up the dazzling cold light, Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit withered immediately like a balloon with its gas leaking. In the meanwhile, the six embryos of Dao simultaneously shone with blending lights. They smiled, locked their fingers together, and unreservedly released the great powers accumulated inside their bodies. Six torrents of power surged into Ji Hao’s body, and were released to the world through Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

The mysterious man silently showed up and quietly sat in the air with his legs crossed, looking down at the six dazzling embryos of Dao. The moment the six embryos of Dao released their powers, the mysterious man suddenly stood up and made the posture of sky-opening. Unhurriedly, he made the five moves that he taught Ji Hao.

Sky-Opening, the mysterious man swung his right arm down, strongly, straightforwardly, fiercely, in a natural and wild way, as if that arm was a heavy, enormous axe. Ji Hao’s spiritual space quaked instantly, then a thriving life-force that seemed to be able to generate all living beings was produced.

Earth-splitting, the mysterious man’s entire body suddenly blurred. Ji Hao’s spiritual space began shrinking. The misty space shrunk rapidly until it became the tiniest spot, then erupted.

Everything-grow, everything-perish, all living beings reincarnate, these three moves were made in a natural row. With the force that erupted from Ji Hao’s entire shrank spiritual space, overwhelming power of creation flooded across the six embryos of Dao.

The six embryos of Dao seemed to be enlightened. They raised their heads together as their eyes glowed brightly, fixed on the mysterious man.

Above the mysterious man’s head, a sun and a moon were rising and falling; around him, stars were hovering; under his feet, mountains, rivers, living creatures emerged. The entire Pan Gu world appeared around his body with the Dao of creation.

Inclusive, complicated, but in the end, all images around the mysterious man transformed into misty, colorless Chaos power streams, which wrapped him up like an enormous eggshell. The Dao of sun and extreme negative were only streams of light flashing across the eggshell; the Dao of destruction and space were a couple of inconspicuous marks on the eggshell; the Dao of the dark, evil blood pool and the constantly changing Dao of evolvement originated from the flowing blood in some veins under the mysterious man’s skin.

"The Dao is already inside you, so why should you spend so many efforts to search for it in the outside world?" murmured the mysterious man with a deep voice, "What is the ultimate pursuit regarding the great Dao? Immortality? Power? All wrong. The true nature of the great Dao of Pan Gu world is nothing else but strength!"

"Taiji, Priest Dachi’s Dao, is profound and advanced, but wrong."

"Creation, Priest Qingwei’s Dao, is mysterious and powerful, but wrong."

"Quietus, Priest Mu’s Dao, is lifeless, and wrong."

"Evolvement, Priest Hua’s Dao, is fancy and superficial, but wrong.

"Yu Yu is different. With the sword held in his hands, he can cut all barriers. His Dao tilts towards the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Unfortunately, he is guided onto the wrong path by his two brothers. Let’s see if he can return to the right direction!"

"Strength, it’s inclusive; it breaks everything, but also creates everything, and controls all powers in the world. The powers of the five basic natural elements, the stars in the sky, even the Taiji, strength supports the whole world, creates the whole world, controls the whole world, and can destroy the whole world. This is the great Dao of Pan Gu. All parts of Dao merge back together without distinctions, that is Pan Gu."

The mysterious man quickly moved his fingers and made the gestures of the nine secrets words. Smiling warmly, he continued, "The great Dao is inside me, but I didn’t know till I learned these nine secret words. Today, I finally understand the true great Dao of Pan Gu!"

Ji Hao raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark, then smiled and swung the sword down.

In east, west, south, and north, the four hazy swords screamed shrilly, while a destructive sword power erupted. From the sky, four sharp swords descended and fell into the four hazy swords.

"Eh?" The mysterious man paused. As his deep blue eyes sparkled for a while, he finally laughed out loud, "This is your fortune!"

Laughing out loud, the mysterious man raised his arms and made the combined move of the five moves.

Ji Hao wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark with his right hand. Looking at the four swords descending from the sky, he laughed thunderously. Confidently, he wielded the sword with all his strength.

Four streams of sword power rose from the four directions and expanded to tens of thousands of miles long. Following an earth-quaking buzzing noise, the four sword power streams exploded and became countless sharp sword light beams, dazzling across the sky.

These sword light beams broke time and space; no matter how fast one could run, even if one could reverse the time, one would not survive.

These sword light beams shattered the flood and the storm. The inexhaustible water power was turned into Chaos power and absorbed by the sword light, further strengthening it.

All armors and shields were shredded by these sword light beams. Senior Magi, Magus Kings, and Divine Magi, who were able to regrow their bodies from drops of blood, were all cut into pieces. Their life-force was completely drained, leaving them no chance to recover.

Ghosts and souls were all destroyed by these sword light beams. Even those millions of years old fierce ghosts raised by Chu Wu Clan perished under these sword light beams.

One sword move broke it all… One sword move frightened the enemies.

Surrounding Ji Hao, a sword light beam swept across the throat of every single living being who had his or her weapon pointing at Ji Hao. Their heads flew into the sky, as their blood dyed the world red. Countless cold corpses turned into ashes and drifted away in the wind.

Puff! Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit suddenly disappeared. Finally, he reached another level, beyond the stage of primordial spirit.

His six embryos of Dao collapsed, and became dragon-like dense streams of mist, interweaving with each other. At last, a misty, colorless figure quietly appeared in his spiritual space, sitting silently on the cloud which was woven from Chaos power streams with his legs crossed.

Following Ji Hao’s thoughts, all kinds of images emerged around this figure.

The golden sunlight, the cold dark ice, the blood pool in hell, the endless void, the black hole that could devour everything in the world, and layers of constantly changing lights and shadows.

A series of bone creaking noise could be heard from Ji Hao’s body. Strangely, the color of his skin seemed to change. But on looking closer, one would find nothing different at all. However, all of a sudden, his power vibration grew much stronger, yet faintly sensible, and immeasurable.

That was Ji Hao’s true embryo of Dao; it belonged to him, and him alone. That was his accomplishment. At this stage, his cultivation of Dao had raised to the level of Supreme Magus.

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