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Water-tank-sized ‘raindrops’ fell from the sky, while countless hundreds of miles thick water torrents poured down. The immeasurably great water power condensed into an ocean, floating in the air.

Even the glow of the nine dragons chariot had been suppressed to an extreme point. At this very moment, under the effect of the Water God power released by the eleven Gong Gongs joint handedly, Pan Gu world became ‘Pan Gu water world."

Among the five basic natural powers, ‘water’ was now at an absolute advantage, while ‘fire’, as a natural rival of ‘water’, was subdued to the limit. Not to mention the nine dragons chariot, even the sun in the sky seemed to die.

Ji Hao gasped loudly, then laughed out loud. Just now, he burned quite some energy to slaughter those people and water-kind creatures, and by now, over ninety percent of his power was consumed up. He gasped loudly and quickly, but what he inhaled was sticky and cold ‘watery mist’, the absolute opposite of the sun power that he released.

Surrounding him, people from those powerful human families and water-kind spirit creatures smirked while approaching. They even neglected the heavy loss they suffered just now.

"His power must have run out! Rush up! Hack him to death!"

"Haha, his spirit star power…The sun? No, impossible! Except for East Emperor Taiyi, no one else can ever turn the sun into a spirit star! It must be some kind of power very similar to the power of the sun!"

"Whatever it is, as long as it’s with a nature of fire, his power can never be replenished in Pan Gu world now!"

"Not to mention the other stars, even the sun is now dim. This kid has run out of power, he’s dead!"

"Be careful, be careful! This kid is brutal. Even if he has run out of power, we shouldn’t underestimate his physical strength. That sword of his is way too fierce, such that even if he uses the sword merely with his physical strength, we might not be able to defeat him!"

Countless greedy eyes were fixed on Ji Hao. Large groups of elite human warriors lined up in battle formations and approached from every direction. From the front, from behind, on both sides, up in the sky and down on the ground, heavy armored troops were coming closer and closer.

Tens of elders were killed by Ji Hao with Pan Gu Dragon Mark. However, hundreds of elders were still hiding in the battle formation with twisted faces, staring at Ji Hao with hatred like poisonous snakes which had their tails chopped off.

Just now, Ji Hao killed tens of elders and stirred up small disturbances in those powerful human families. Those alive elders all launched their moves to seize the spirit treasures, that belonged to the ones killed by Ji Hao. However, hearing the growls of family leaders, the small disturbances were quieted soon. The strongest elder of each family took those dead elders’ spirit treasures, then continued besieging Ji Hao.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed. Just now, Ji Hao killed a lot, but he was also attacked hundreds of thousands of times. Many of these attacks were launched with powerful magic treasures, and each of them brought Ji Hao a strong pressure. But that was all to it.

Ji Hao looked at those human warriors and water-kind spirit creatures in the surroundings, who had been approaching step by step, and suddenly burst into a resonant laughter and said, "Old dogs, what would the other human beings say if they saw this? You colluded with the water-kind and you killed human beings. You tried to ruin the flood-control mission, and you should all die!"

"Those nobodies, they won’t know anything." a bright voice with a strong intent of killing said from within the battle formation. "Ji Hao, you are standing in a high position, and you should know what history is. Whatever we leaders want our people to know is history!"

"Ji Hao," Another deep, cold voice could be heard from the crowd, "Today, you will die. After you die, you will be written into the annals of history as someone who colluded with the water-kind and attempted to hurt the humankind. Your clansmen will be executed, and your Yao Mountain territory will become ‘Yao Lake’. I promise you that it will be a rich, fertile, vast lake!"

"Not only that!" A shrill voice that sounded like a crying ghost shouted, "All your friends will become our targets. For example, some people in the Magi Palace, Si Wen Ming, and…Zhu Rong’s daughter."

"The others will all die miserably." continued this creepy voice, "And Zhu Rong’s daughter, Zhu Rong Man Man, right? She should be worth a sweet price as a slave!"

Ji Hao grinned, ever so brightly.

He was infuriated. Hearing these elders, the fire of rage burned wilder and wilder in his heart, burning out his last mercy.

"Elders, thank you. I finally know what to do!" Taking back that grin, Ji Hao showed an expressionless face. He suddenly changed and became like a lifeless being, like a dead tree, a rock…or, the ‘merciless great Dao’ that he had heard before.

A minute ago, Ji Hao couldn’t bear to kill these elite human beings. These disgusting and despicable elders should all die indeed, but those elite warriors did nothing wrong but follow orders. Perhaps, they didn’t deserve to die.

However, these elders’ words killed the mercy in Ji Hao’s heart, and set Ji Hao free.

There were things that one must do and people who should not live. These elite human warriors were talented and strong, but if their strengths couldn’t bring benefits to the entire humankind, and if they served merely as tools for the fights between human families and clans over power and wealth, what would be different if they died?

"Perhaps, one day, a ‘saint’ will teach you how to use your strengths!"

"But, I am not a ‘saint’. Therefore, I should better kill you all. Without you, the humankind will temporarily be weak, but I believe that a better future will be expecting us!"

As Ji Hao breathed deeply, the wind roared and clouds rolled around Ji Hao. The great water power inhaled into his body was instantly absorbed by his embryo of Dao of the extreme negative, and transformed into inexhaustible extremely negative power within a blink of an eye.

Sending the nine dragons chariot back into his body, Ji Hao’s entire body shone with a bright, silver-blue light. He raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark high and sprayed a mouthful of blood on the sword. The sword let out an echoing, sharp scream, then turned blur, producing four dim and translucent sword figures.

East, west, south, north, the four thousands of meters long hazy swords darted into four different directions, stopping about three miles away from Ji Hao and floating in the air.

Ji Hao raised his head and let out a mouthful of blood, then lowered his head and let out another mouthful of blood. Countless blood drops sparkled with a cyan-colored light, looking like glistening stars in the sky while swiftly flying in all directions, as they became two small sword formation blueprints above his head and under his feet.

"How powerful will this formation be in comparison to the one of my Shifu? One thousandth? One ten-thousandth? But with Pan Gu Dragon Mark as its core, this sword formation should not be too bad!"

Ji Hao smilingly glanced at all the enemies surrounding him and memorized the face of each one of them. Then, held in his hands, Pan Gu Dragon Mark suddenly dazzled with a sharp and cold light.

As he wielded the sword, the cold light and sharp sword power pierced straight into the sky.

Beyond the sky, Yu Yu abruptly raised his eyebrows, turned around, and glanced back at Pan Gu world.

"Ha! My disciple is marvelous!" Yu Yu laughed out loud and conveniently threw four splendidly glowing swords towards Pan Gu world while saying, "Shifu will help you!"

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