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The four dazzling swords buzzed in the sky and released an overwhelming wave of power.

After one hundred and eight ear-piercing metal clangs, the four swords rose higher into the air and swiftly flew out of the sky, disappearing without a trace. A couple of breaths later, Yu Yu smilingly looked at the four swords hovering around him in the Chaos and nodded in satisfaction.

"Ji Hao, my good disciple, he is indeed talented. And he actually has the courage to copy my sword formation." Yu Yu smiled delightfully. Conveniently, he pointed his finger on a bone-piercing cold sword. Instantly, a subtle, indescribable trace of power drilled into Yu Yu’s body from the sword, after which, Yu Yu’s smile froze immediately on his face.

Pausing for a while, Yu Yu cast a complicated glance at the four swords. Waving his broad sleeve, he held the four swords in his arms, then silently sat in the midair, his legs crossed. A faint, yet sharp light sparkled in his eyes, seeming to imprint in his eyes.

"Dao…my Dao…my two brothers’ Dao…The Dao of Pan Gu world…The Dao of this endless Chaos…" Yu Yu closed his eyes and fell into a deep meditation.

Above his head, three cyan-colored lotuses bloomed. An endless sword power was released from the petals, shredding thousands of Chaos monsters who had been roaring thunderously and marching towards the Pan Gu world. The power vibration released from Yu Yu’s body turned more and more restrained. Gradually, no life-force could be detected from him, as if he had turned into a fossil wood which died a billion years ago.

Outside the Kui Gate, Ji Hao quietly floated in midair.

Inside his spiritual space, a colorless embryo of Dao was smiling and sitting on the boundless clouds of Chaos power. Inside Ji Hao’s body was a vast void, illuminated by the golden light sphere and the silver light sphere which represented the great Dao of sun and the extreme negative. Thriving power streams surged inside his body and caused dragon-roar like rumbling noises.

He felt dizzy and sleepy. He smiled faintly while enjoying this magical feeling, as if the world wasn’t created yet. His mind wasn’t clear, but he seemed to know a bit of everything. He felt that he could now control everything in the world, and that feeling was fabulous.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark dimmed its light and quietly ‘lied’ in Ji Hao’s hand. Being gripped in Ji Hao’s hands, this fierce sword was actually a bit like a lazy cat, huddled in Ji Hao’s hands, deep asleep.

Clouds of gray dust drifted away along the wind. Just now, countless water-kind spirit creatures and elite human warriors were slaughtered by Ji Hao with the sword formation. They were turned into grey dust and slowly wafted away, along with a lingering trace of death power.

Tens of thousands of flying buildings that belonged to You Chao Family floated in the air, completely unmoved. After the span of three to five breaths, a breeze abruptly blew across. All of a sudden, thin beams of cold light burst from these floating buildings simultaneously. Without making even the slightest sound, tens of thousands of floating buildings, which could provide great defensive and offensive powers, collapsed.

Pure gold tiles, jade pillars, silver walls, coral floors…These buildings were built from all kinds of natural treasures. But in the past moment, they all turned into dust, being blown away by the wind as if billions of years had passed within that moment.

Ji Hao slowly raised his head. His eyes were clear, without any dazzling light. He glanced around with that pair of eyes blandly.

Thousands of miles away, the eleven old Gong Gongs luckily survived the sword formation. But seeing Ji Hao, they instantly quivered. They screamed with high-pitched, shrill voices, like little girls who accidentally saw a large group of naked muscular men. They turned around and fled away desperately. They trod on giant waves and rushed to over ten-thousand miles away in different directions. Only then did they finally have the courage to tremblingly turn around and take another glance at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao wasn’t chasing after them. These old Gong Gongs wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads and then stopped running quiveringly.

Millions of elite human warriors looked at Ji Hao expressionlessly. They looked at the empty area around Ji Hao and the drifting grey dust in this area.

One-third of all elite human warriors gathered in Kui Gate area, and ninety percent of elders on the scene, were slaughtered by Ji Hao with one sword move.

The ones who rushed up to attack Ji Hao were the best elites from these powerful human families and clans. As the top-grade elites and the noblest warriors in their families and clans, only they were so impatient to kill Ji Hao and take the credit.

They rushed up, and then all died.

They died, without leaving even a corpse to be buried in their family graves, or a trace of soul for their children to bring into their ancestral temples to worship. They perished, both their bodies and the souls. They disappeared from this world and left nothing but clouds of drifting dust.

Crack! The rolling netherworld power streams dissipated in the sky. Netherworld Hierarch walked out from dark clouds, with Dark Water Serpent’s neck gripped in his hand.

Abruptly seeing the drifting grey dust in the sky and sensing the extremely fierce sword intent lingering in the air, Netherworld Hierarch quivered and exclaimed, "Such a strong intent of killing…Hah, Yu Yu my friend, you are…really protective!"

Pausing briefly, he laughed, "It’s a good habit though. One day, when I have disciples too, I will learn how to be a Shifu from my friend Yu Yu!"

Afterward, Netherworld Hierarch laughed out loud. Looking at those badly frightened human warriors in a distance away, he laughed so loudly that he almost had tears spurting out of his eyes. But in the following moment, he suddenly slapped himself loudly on the forehead, then yelled at Ji Hao, "Ji Hao, my young friend…You, you, why didn’t you leave corpses? I could have purchased their corpses from you with a high price!"

Ji Hao speechlessly showed the whites of his eyes. Just now when he launched the strike, Yu Yu helped, while the mysterious man did things to his embryos of Dao.

Before, Ji Hao’s six embryos of Dao were distinctively separated, and Ji Hao understood the corresponding great Dao for his six embryos of Dao more or less. Back then, he clearly knew about his powers. But after what the mysterious man did, his six embryos of Dao disappeared, and instead, a colorless figure appeared, seeming to have the powers of all the six embryos of Dao. Indeed, he had stepped into the stage of embryo of Dao from the stage of primordial spirit…

But somehow, Ji Hao felt strange to himself.

If he wanted to get familiar with the new embryo of Dao and his new powers, he would have to spend some solid efforts. Under such circumstances, it was way too difficult for Ji Hao to restrain his power and not damage those corpses!

"Next time, next time, I will leave you as many corpses as I can!" Ji Hao grinned, then took a deep breath. Abruptly raising his sword, he pointed at the floating mountain of You Chao Family and said, "You, what else do you want to say?"

From the floating mountain of You Chao Family, three-hundred and sixty pyramids suddenly flew out and formed a pyramid-shaped formation in the sky, shielding the entire mountain.

You Chao Family people stayed in the flying mountain were freaked out already. They dared not to even say a word.

Ji Hao laughed wildly. From his embryo of Dao, a tremendous power erupted. He wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark and launched a hack towards the mountain from a long distance away.

The moves of sky-opening and earth-splitting were combined!

A beam of sword light descended, slicing the three-hundred and sixty pyramids into seven-hundred and twenty pieces.

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