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"This kid…will become a disaster of our humankind!"

"We can’t let him live. Otherwise, we will be facing an unexpected misfortune!"

"Kill him, peel him, destroy his soul!"

"And his treasures! All his treasures are rare, valuable pieces. That sword should belong to my family!"

Elders from those powerful families and clans glared at Ji Hao, hysterically cursing and criticizing him. In their eyes, Ji Hao was the greatest shame of the entire humankind, a scum of the human society and a future trouble.

Meanwhile, they righteously indicated that Ji Hao’s treasures were all supreme pieces that should belong to ‘orthodox’ human beings instead of staying in Ji Hao’s hands, serving as his talons and fangs. For sure, with the so-called ‘orthodox’ human beings, they meant their own families.

Ji Hao laughed, without saying a word. He laughed so loudly that it even wrinkled his face.

These people, these people…these people... After knowing about Emperor Shun, Si Xi, Si Wen Ming, Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao and the other human elders like them, and witnessing the passion and love these human elders towards the humankind, Ji Hao seriously couldn’t believe that so many disgusting ‘human-like creatures’ actually existed among all human beings. Even the word ‘shameless’ couldn’t describe these people!

They made Ji Hao feel even sicker than Priest Hua and Priest Mu ever did.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu weren’t human beings. They were greedy and shameless, but they never reminded Ji Hao of himself. However, these old people were descendants of human emperors and ancient, powerful human beings; they represented the purest ‘humanity’. But, they were so despicable. Looking at these people, Ji Hao felt that even he himself had suddenly turned filthy.

"Your people are so unlucky…to have you as their ancestors!" As Ji Hao slowly raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark, the nine dragons chariot treading under his feet glowed with a dazzling golden light. From the golden light, Mr. Crow darted out and stood on the chariot, spreading his thousands of meters wide, golden wings.

The eleven Gong Gongs and countless water-kind creatures approached in formidable arrays. Countless water-kind creatures screamed and shrieked, bringing millions of weapons out of the water and pointing at Ji Hao and human warriors around him.

An elder suddenly burst with a hoarse scream, then pointed at Ji Hao and shouted, "Gong Gongs! This kid is a curse of our humankind, a curse of Pan Gu world! Are you willing to join hands and kill him together with us?"

The group of Gong Gongs paused for a second. They glanced at each other, then roared madly. They wanted to kill Ji Hao. These powerful human families were enemies of the Gong Gong Family too, but at this moment, Ji Hao was a common enemy of both sides.

Because of Ji Hao, the Gong Gong Family suffered a terrible loss. They should kill him first, then deal with these human elders, who seemed to have problems with their heads; this was the plan of the eleven Gong Gongs.

Gong Gongs grinned. They bared their teeth and grinned hideously. They planned to kill Ji Hao, then immediately swallow this allied human force with the great water-kind army. After that, they would raise the flood with the water power from the twelve small worlds, and overturn the entire human world!

Such a perfect plan; it just couldn’t be better.

Hundreds of heavily armored, strong water-kind spirit creatures trod on waves and walked out, holding all kinds of weapons and releasing sharp power vibrations. They silently encircled Ji Hao. From thousands of miles away, they released different sized thunderbolts, which then transformed into cyan, blue, or black ripples, sweeping towards Ji Hao from all directions along with a dense watery mist in the air.

The group of Gong Gong stopped approaching. They stood on waves, expectantly watching the full attack launched by the hundreds of strong water-kind spirit creatures under their commands. Meanwhile, they had been absorbing the water power in the surroundings as quickly as they could to replenish their consumed spirit blood, trying to fight against the power of Ji Hao’s blood flying knives.

Thousands of thunderbolts generated by spirit creature powers struck towards Ji Hao quietly.

Those elders laughed out loud. Leading their uninjured elite warriors, they approached Ji Hao. What reached near Ji Hao the first was that giant grasshopper-like Gu bug from Chu Wu Clan. The bug flapped its small wings and flew towards Ji Hao, leaving a black beam of light in the air.

Ji Hao chuckled, which sounded so cold.

He slightly waved the Taiji Universe mirror held in his left hand and let out a clear stream of light which illuminated the whole area. Within the clear light, the thousands of thunderbolts disappeared without a trace. In the next moment, all thunderbolts struck on the giant Gu bugs’ body simultaneously and generated a series of popping noise, stirring up thousands of colorful blooms of watery light from the bug’s body.

Tens of elders from Chu Wu Clan trembled slightly while the giant Gu was torn into pieces by the joint-handed strike from the hundreds of strong water-kind spirit creatures. A dreadful counterforce swiftly reached to the tens of elders through the connection between them and the bug.

"Move!" These Chu Wu elders, who had been controlling the big, screamed shrilly. Tens of them cast a spell and transferred the counterforce to those clansmen behind them, who had been constantly providing them the power.

As these Chu Wu elder trembled slightly, over ten-thousand people detonated all of a sudden. The others were injured too, with blood spurting out from their noses, mouths, ears, and eyes. Most of them had their power flows disorganized, which made them vomit blood, falling into the flood from the midair.

"So cruel! Let’s kill him together!" A You Chao Family elder yelled from inside his sturdy flying fort. That square-shaped, bronze flying fort had an exquisite building on it. The fort rose into the air and moved to above Ji Hao’s head momentarily. A great magnetic force was released from the bottom of the flying fort, transforming into a colorful stream of light and pouring down towards Ji Hao’s head.

The Pan Gu bell spun slightly and released a stream of Chaos power, which transformed into a giant lotus, spinning in the sky. Countless lotus petals cut the colorful light stream and shredded this stream of magnetic force.

Ji Hao laughed as the nine dragons chariot rose into the sky and started a raging fire, bumping fiercely into the flying fort. Pan Gu Dragon Mark shone with a sharp sword light and cut open over thirty-thousand layers of defensive screens around the fort, then cut the fort into two, as easily as slicing a tofu piece. Along with a dazzling light and a blazing fire, the chariot bumped onto the collapsing fort. Following a shrill howl, the You Chao Family elder and his flying fort were both incinerated by the nine dragons chariot’s fire.

Human silhouettes flashed in all directions. Elders, human warriors and the hundreds of strong water-kind spirit creatures had all been growling thunderously, marching towards Ji Hao as if he was an absolutely irreconcilable enemy.

These human families and clans and those water-kind spirit creatures under the command of the Gong Gong Family were deadly enemies. But suddenly, they joined hands, combined their powers, and cooperated perfectly when marching towards Ji Hao.

"Powerful human families, legendary human families!" Ji Hao sneered and wielded the Taiji universe mirror quickly. Streams of clear light were released, which reversed all attacks and disarrayed the enemies.

Casting a Yu Yu’s sword spell, Ji Hao raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark with his right hand. Wherever his sword light reached, blood surged in streams, while body parts flew all over the sky.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark was extremely sharp, and not a single treasure or body could ever survive under its sharp edge.

Within ten breaths, three hundred strong water-kind spirit creatures, forty-eight elders, and thousands of elite human warriors were cut into pieces by Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

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