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"Haha, haha, haha!"

Ji Hao shielded Shermie behind him, his arms crossed over his chest as he laughed out loud towards those elders who had been shouting and yelling.

Undeniably, this small thunder bomb flag was a great treasure, but it was only one treasure. These people from powerful human families and clans, who believed that they were extraordinary, were acting like a bunch of street dogs at the moment, who gave up their basic dignity for one piece of bone!

"If I were an ancestor of yours, I would certainly slap you to death!" Looking at those greedy elders who were fighting over the small flag, Ji Hao laughed.

Many of them threw angry glances at Ji Hao. However, millions of elite warriors from those families also had the most of their attention on the small flag. Ji Hao’s words were ugly, despite which, no one had the time to attack Ji Hao.

Chu Wu Clan, Cloud Sun Family, High Sun Family, Qiong Sang Family, You Chao Family, Ghost Chariot Family…

All kinds of attacks were launched. Thunderbolts dazzled across the sky, smoke puffed up, while shrill ghost cries could be heard from all directions. All weird kinds of insects darted everywhere while spurting venoms; arrows, flying knives, misty skulls, long streamers, flags, large staffs, all kinds of treasures swished along with countless heavily armored, sturdy warriors.

Surrounding the small thunder bomb flag, people from those large human families and clans almost went insane.

Chu Wu Clan elders seemed to be even crazier than the others. Wu Thunder was assassinated by Yemo Shayi with a single sword move, but his death brought the other elders no feeling. Chu Wu people had always been wacky; most of them lacked the feelings that normal people had.

However, the small thunder bomb flag was the obsession in many Chu Wu elders’ hearts. In their eyes, human lives were not worth mentioning. Therefore, they neglected Wu Thunder’s death. Nevertheless, the small flag represented the highest thunder power. Anything related to ‘power’ could imprint deeply in their souls.

They dared to fight anyone in the world who attempted to lay a finger on their power!

It was like countless centuries ago, when for the ‘power’ they were pursuing, the ancestors of Chu Wu people even tried to assassinate Shennong!

"Wu!" Around thirty Chu Wu Clan elders held weirdly shaped staffs, raised their arms high, and screamed hoarsely. Behind them, tens of thousands of Chu Wu Maguspriests started an offering dance. Strong power streams transformed into different colored, glowing torrents, surging into these elders’ bodies.

Over thirty Chu Wu elders cast a spell in chorus. Above their heads, a weirdly colored sphere of light had been quickly swelling and shrinking, followed by a muffled thudding noise. This sphere of light looked like the heart of a strange creature, seeming to be quite weird and scary.

All of a sudden, this light sphere expanded to tens of thousands of meters long, then exploded. Countless light spots darted in all directions. Hiding in each light spot was a grasshopper-like, tiny poisonous Gu bug, covered in poisonous hair. Large amounts of venom had been spurting out from every single hair on these Gu bugs’ bodies. Those Gu bugs transformed into thin streams of light, striking towards everyone on the scene like a storm of shooting stars.

An indiscriminate attack...

No one thought that Chu Wu people could actually be so frenzied until they launched the attack on all surrounding elite warriors from those powerful families and clans.

Some elders protected themselves and a small number of their people in the surroundings with powerful magic treasures, while the other over a million elite human warriors shrieked in pain. Gu bugs drilled into their bodies, more or less; the poorest ones even had tens of bugs landed on their bodies.

Following a sizzling noise, dazzling light beams struck on these warriors’ faces, arms, thighs and all the other body parts which were exposed to the air. The bugs sprayed venoms, rapidly corroding their bodies. Be it Magus Kings or Divine Magi, their bodies had all been melting in the venom speedily.

These bugs were thousands of times tinier than sesame seeds. These Gu bugs happily wagged their tails and drilled into these warriors’ bodies. Within a blink of an eye, billions of big eggs hatched in the bodies of these warriors.

Around the wounds on these warriors’ bodies, their fleshes were squirming. Countless bugs hatched inside their bodies, ate their muscles, drank their blood, then laid more eggs and excreted large amounts of venoms.

They screamed and wailed. Hundreds of thousands of relatively weaker warriors covered their wounds with their hands and fell straight to the ground. Black smoke puffed up in streams from their wounds. They twitched intensely, with faint-pink blood oozing out of their eyes, ears, and mouth corners.

These Gu bugs were extremely greedy, and had been reproducing at a stunning rate. They crazily drank those warriors’ spirit blood. The bugs drank too fast, and their number was way too large. Consequently, these warriors suffered a rapid loss of spirit blood, and by now, the blood flowing out of their eyes, mouths, ears, and noses, was already like clear water.


Along with a shrill scream which was not pleasant to hear, a tens of thousands of meters long Gu bug darted out from that dazzling light sphere, behind countless Gu bugs. This enormous one looked exactly like those tiny ones.

This grasshopper-like, tremendous bug was also covered in poisonous hair. It suddenly raised its head and screamed towards the sky.

Countless thunderbolts descended from the air, struck on this bug and shattered the dense poisonous clouds rising from its body, but failed to destroy the clouds and truly touch its body.

This was an extremely fierce and dangerous Gu bug, that even the world couldn’t stand!

A dreadful power vibration spread all over the area. This gigantic bug roared and shook its body, clanging its dark poisonous hair, which were much thinner than cow hair. Followed by a high-pitched swishing noise, its poisonous hair darted everywhere.

Ji Hao scanned across this giant Gu bug with his spirit power and couldn’t help but bare his teeth and shake his head.

Chu Wu people were too terrifying. Ji Hao couldn’t tell exactly how the Chu Wu people raised this giant Gu bug, but every flying hair of this bug was as powerful as an arrow shot out by a Divine-Magus-level Eastern Wasteland archer with all of his power!

Without being able to protect those elite large family warriors, Ji Hao rang the bell with all strength and generated strong Chaos power streams, trying his best to shield those shrimp warriors in the Kui Gate.

A sizzling noise lingered around his ears, as thousands of highly poisonous bug hairs flew across Yu Chi’s house, where an altar was set in.

Ji Hao immediately turned around. He saw the altar was shattered by the bug hair. The sword intent and blood flying knife he buried in the altar slightly deviated. The three old Gong Gongs were trapped in the altar, without being able to do anything except roaring, with countless blood-red light beams generated by the blood flying knife constantly slicing their bodies. But as the sword intent and blood flying knife deviated, the three old Gong Gongs burst with resonant growls and struggled out of the altar.

The bodies of two old Gong Gongs blasted into clouds of blood mist the moment they left the altar.

The last old Gong Gong screamed in pain while barely holding his body together. He flicked his hand and threw out two tens of thousands of meters long, sharp crescent-shaped blades.

The crescent-shaped pair of blades swept across the Kui Gate battlefield. Tens of thousands of human warriors, who were suffering from Gu bugs, didn’t manage to react timely. As the blade light dazzled, they were cut into pieces.

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