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Ji Hao gritted his teeth and laughed with a high-pitched voice. He sounded like crying ghosts at night, completely lifeless.

Powerful, influential families, which stood on top of the alliance of human clans, were represented by these people. People from these families of power and influence were greedy and shameless; for their own interests, they would even turn the black into white.

A human-head-sized, vividly green thunder bomb silently popped out beside Ji Hao. Ji Hao didn’t manage to see where this thunder bomb came from. The thunder bomb attached to the Chaos streams released from the bell and generated a faintly audible popping noise. The Pan Gu bell gave a muffled scream, while waves of ripple were stirred up from the Chaos power streams.

Ji Hao was forced back for tens of steps by the invisible, soft, yet strong force that erupted from the thunder bomb!

Streams of light sparkled across the surface of the bell, then the stirred Chaos power streams were quickly stabilized. Ji Hao glanced at the Pan Gu bell in shock. Ever since he attained this treasure, he fought many powerful beings, but this was the first time that the bell encountered such a heavy strike!

The thunder bomb just now was even more powerful than the attacks Ji Hao took from Priest Hua!

For sure, Priest Hua wouldn’t fight Ji Hao with all of his power. Perhaps, he only used ten percent, or twenty percent of his power while facing Ji Hao, maybe thirty percent tops. The thunder bomb was many times more stronger than Priest Hua’s attack, which meant, whoever made it was actually as powerful as Priest Hua, right?

Ji Hao raised his head in surprise. He saw a scrawny elder from Chu Wu Clan, who was laughing with a deep, creepy voice, while waving a three-foot-long, grayish-white small flag in his hand.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you colluded with the water-kind and hurt the humankind. Today, we, Chu Wu people, will not allow you to live any longer." The elder laughed, "I am Wu Thunder… Hehe, hearing my name, you should know my specialty! However, the thunder bomb that kills you is not produced by me!"

He wielded the small flag while talking. Streams of Chaos power slowly gathered on the small flag from all directions. Along with a muffled, sky-shaking noise, a vividly green thunder bomb emerged from the top of the flag.

Wu Thunder looked at the thunder bomb, seeming to be reluctant to use it. With a deep voice, he said, "To die in my hands, you should feel honored…Because this thunder bomb…Saint Pan Gu created the world with it!"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched. Swiftly, the other elders glimpsed at Wu Thunder, all with complicated looks. Some elders even showed a fierce intent of killing in their eyes.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up with his eyes shining with a bright blue light. Through Ji Hao’s eyes, he glanced at the small flag in Wu Thunder’s hand, and carefully observed that vividly green thunder bomb, then chuckled coldly.

"Did he say that Saint Pan Gu created the world with that piece of sh*t?" murmured the mysterious man teasingly, "What kind of world can be created with that? But, that small flag is made from a finger bone of Pan Gu… Not easy, truly not easy."

"Ji Hao," The mysterious man suddenly raised his voice and continued resonantly, "Let Pan Gu bell absorb his small flag. More or less, it’s nourishing to the bell…Be careful, you can’t release one hundred percent of the bell’s power yet, but that small flag is already connected with that Wu Thunder’s life. He can fully release the flag’s power!"

Wu Thunder smirked and pointed the small flag out. The vividly green thunder bomb disappeared on the flag, silently moving towards Ji Hao while being attached to a Chaos power stream, and then exploded.

Ji Hao was again forced back for tens of steps. As Chaos power streams released from the bell quaked, and even Ji Hao’s spirit blood was stirred. He narrowed his eyes, then vigilantly stared at Wu Thunder as he said with a deep voice, "This should be the greatest treasure of Chu Wu Clan, right?"

The mysterious man sat in Ji Hao’s spiritual space with his legs crossed, and responded seriously, "Priest Hua, Priest Mu, Dachi, Qing Wei, they dare not to preach unbridledly among human beings, and there’s a reason for that. This small flag can be counted as one of the best treasures possessed by the human-kind…But definitely not the only one."

Ji Hao was enlightened. He took a deep breath and burst with a shrill growl, "Shayi, kill!"

Wu Thunder held the small flag, waving his arms while he pointed at Ji Hao and laughed, "Kill me? How can you…"

Puff! A purely dark sword penetrated Wu Thunder’s heart from the back. The sword wasn’t translucent, decorated with exquisite embossment, yet had been releasing a suffocating power of destruction. A large hand gripped Wu Thunder’s neck, slightly clenched its fingers and pulled off his head.

Silently, Yemo Shayi showed up behind Wu Thunder. A sticky, black flame spurted out from his palm, which wrapped up Wu Thunder’s head. Followed by a shrill scream, Wu Thunder’s head was incinerated. Coiling in thunderbolts, his soul struggled desperately in the dark flame, but soon was swallowed up by the fire of destruction.

Smirking evilly, Yemo Shayi said, "How can he kill you? I killed you!"

Yemo Shayi was a true Supreme-level powerful being, one of the strongest few in the Yemo Family of Yu Dynasty. Wu Thunder was indeed powerful, but he was only an elder of Chu Wu Clan, and was still far away from the level of Supreme Magus.

Besides, as a Supreme-level powerful being, Yemo Shayi assassinated Wu Thunder. Without being times more powerful than Yemo Shayi, how could Wu Thunder ever survive that?

The fire of destruction turned Wu Thunder’s soul into pure original soul power. Yemo Shayi released his devouring dark sun power and slowly absorbed Wu Thunder’s original soul power. His soul power was instantly improved, which made him feel extremely comfortable. Laughing out loud, he raised his long sword and shouted, "Who else wants to die? I can…Damn it!"

While Yemo Shayi shouted provocatively, in the surroundings, elders from tens of families and clans attacked simultaneously.

Tens of magic treasures were triggered together, each releasing a strong power vibration. Thunder, fire, lava, toxic gas… All kinds of attacks mixed together; even as a Supreme-level powerful being, Yemo Shayi was startled, hurriedly drawing back.

By joining hands, these elders were strong enough to cause lethal harm to Yemo Shayi.

Yemo Shayi dared not to be careless. Silently, he transformed into a dark shred of shadow and merged with the shadows of all surrounding people.

"Chu Wu Clan has a good relationship with High Sun Family, and we High Sun people should keep this treasure!" A High Sun Family elder dashed towards the small flag which floated in the midair.

"Nonsense! We Cloud Sun Family people and Chu Wu people are true relatives! This treasure should be ours…No, I mean, for temporary safekeeping!" A Cloud Sun Family elder immediately raised a long sword that was wrapped in bolts of lightning, and conveniently launched a hack towards that High Sun elder.

"Stop! The ancestor of our Qiong Sang Family once served as the great elder of Chi Wu Clan. This treasure should belong to us!" Tens of arrows fiercely swished over, surrounding the small flag.

Ji Hao curved his lips corners upwards. Powerful and influential families, which possessed the top-grade strength of the entire humankind, indeed!

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