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"What is this?" A Suiren Family elder exclaimed, his eyes fixed on the old Gong Gong.

"He is… is…!" Some people seemed to recognize the old Gong Gong. A Chu Wu elder leaped up, pointed his finger at Gong Gong, and shouted. But he didn’t manage to speak out that title, because he was too nervous.

Tens of thousands of elite human warriors, who were cut in two at the waists, fell from the sky into the flood, along with a rain of blood. Among theme, some were strong Divine Magi, but they managed to do no more than howl in pain, before the flood swirled them away.

A Divine Magus could regrow his or her body from a single drop of blood. One wouldn’t be able to kill a Divine Magus by cutting him or her in two at the waist. Even if one chopped this Divine Magus into meat paste, as long as a trace of the soul remained existing, he or she could quickly regrow his or her body with his or her great life-force. However, the pair of crescent-shaped blades was strangely powerful, which drained the spirit blood of those warriors who were cut by it. Therefore, even Divine Magi were killed by the pair of blade right on the spot.

The entire Kui Gate battlefield fell into a deathly silence. Ji Hao carefully gave Shermie a hand sign and told him to lead all shrimp warriors in Kui Gate to retreat as quickly as possible. An old Gong Gong escaped from the altar, and the situation instantly became difficult.

Elders and elite warriors from those powerful human clans and families all paused, staring at Gong Gong, stunned. He slaughtered tens of thousands of elite human warriors with a single strike. What kind of powerful being was him?

"He…he…" A Cloud Sun Family elder suddenly burst with a scream, "Crazy Chu Wu people, give us the antidote!"

"Give us the antidote!" All elders who had their warriors injured by Chu Wu people’s Gu bugs growled out. They were facing a strong enemy now, and they had to restore the strengths of all their warriors as soon as they could. Otherwise, under Gong Gong’s blades, these warriors would be no stronger than a group of weak rabbits, and he would be able to do anything he wanted to them.

"Antidote?" Before Chu Wu elders responded, the old Gong Gong, who had just freed himself from the altar, had already leaped into the air and roared in rage, "What antidote do you want? Die, die, die! Human beings, you should all die!"

Gong Gong’s long black robe was ragged by the flying blood knife, and his sturdy body was covered in wounds. Visibly, blood-red power streams lingered around his muscles and bones, and had been corroding his body. Sticky drops of blood dripped down from his wounds, emitting a suffocating odor. Meanwhile, the power vibration releasing from his body had been declining constantly and rapidly.

The blood flying knife was so evil, that even Gong Gong couldn’t do anything to the nasty blood power released from it. While suffering from the blood power, Gong Gong tried all secret magics he knew and took tens of kinds of precious magic herb within the span of a couple of breaths, but failed to dispel the dirty blood power lingering inside his body. In the meanwhile, he watched the other two old Gong Gongs become two clouds of blood mist.

Clouds of blood mist, gone without leaving a trace, completely disappearing...

This old Gong Gong was shocked, enraged, and sad. They were gods, divine creatures; as a feature of gods, they were different from human beings, who had relatively separated and independent physical bodies and souls. When human beings died, their souls could reincarnate. With special secret magic, their souls could turn into ancestors’ souls, ghosts, and many other strange forms. But when gods died, they would die for good. They would disappear from this world without leaving a trace, even without a chance to become ghosts. Therefore, this old Gong Gong understood that the other two old Gong Gongs, his direct relatives, his families, were gone! He was injured severely too, and the blood flying sword had still been fiercely hurting his body, his soul. He gasped desperately; he could die at any time.

Gasping for a while, without saying one more word, Gong Gong wielded his pair of blades and raised tens of thousands of meters long, crescent-shaped beams of blade light, hacking towards the elite warriors of the large families in the front.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! I will kill every enemy of our Gong Gong Family!" The old Gong Gong roared insanely. He had fallen into a crazy, hysterical state. The pair of destructive blades swept across the battlefield and shredded countless elite warriors, who were injured by Gu bugs and could not move.

Ji Hao stood still. He released his spirit power like waves of water, firmly locking on the broken altar.

This altar was broken already, and the damage it suffered had affected the other eight altars. The other eight altars were quaking intensely. Old Gong Gongs struggled violently in the eight altars, and the eight altars seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Among twenty-seven old Gong Gongs, including this one in the Kui Gate, twelve managed to keep their bodies together barely.

Under the overwhelming waves of hacks launched by the nine blood flying knives, five old Gong Gongs were minced and turned into puddles of blood before they could even fight back. The nine blood flying knives absorbed old Gong Gongs’ blood, turning fiercer and even more powerful. In the other eight altars, the eleven surviving old Gong Gongs were injured even worse, seeming to die right away.

All of a sudden, the enormous Gu bug controlled by Chu Wu elders screamed shrilly, then widely opened its mouthpart and sprayed a sticky stream of dark venom towards that old Gong Gong.

The old Gong Gong instantly dodged, transformed into large streams of water, and merged into the blood. Arrow-like streams of venom swished across the sky but failed to touch even a hair of Gong Gong. Instead, it struck the broken altar and completely shattered its base.

The nine connected altars exploded thunderously, while the nine blood flying knives clanged brightly. The tractive force from the nine altars was gone. Instead, the nine blood flying knives sensed the tractive force from Ji Hao’s spirit blood, transformed into nine long streaks of blood-red light, and flew over, darting into his body one after another.

Eleven severely wounded old Gong Gongs rushed out of the other eight altars, with their bodies turning into blood bit by bit, dripping down. They roared towards the sky. Chasing after the nine blood-red streaks of light and crossing millions of miles, their thunderbolt-light, sharp gazes landed on Ji Hao’s body.

"Little human scum!" Eleven old Gong Gongs shouted in chorus. They strenuously flew into the sky and boosted up their powers. Visibly, dark power streams transformed into dense dark clouds and covered the sky. From all directions, the flood, the rain, and the water streams pouring down from the sky were all being absorbed by their bodies, turning into pure water power and surging into their bodies.

Having broken out of those altars, and being nourished by the inexhaustible water power from the twelve water worlds, these old Gong Gongs body conditions were stabilized, even though dark, sticky blood had still been dripping down from their bodies. They roared towards the sky, then cursed and shouted their own names out.

In the other eight water gates behind the Kui Gate, countless water-kind creatures were thrilled. They raised giant waves and followed behind the eleven Gong Gongs closely, marching to the Kui Gate.

"Kill all human beings! Occupy Pan Gu world!" growled one old Gong Gong.

Their original plan was enslaving the humankind. However, as they were almost shredded by blood flying knives, these old Gong Gongs were infuriated to an extreme degree. They didn’t want to enslave human beings anymore. Slaves? How could slaves be easier to use than these silly water-kind creatures?

By now, they wanted to kill all human beings and have Pan Gu world all to themselves!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Endless waves rolled to the Kui Gate.

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