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Ji Hao took a long gasp, then slowly stepped forward and gently gripped the hilt of the new Taiji divine sword.

Compared to the old Taiji divine sword, which was thick and wide, simply and anciently styled, the new Taiji divine sword was long and slim. It seemed to be the sharpest weapon in the world, that could easily penetrate anything.

The long and slim sword was crystalline and transparent. Within the time span of every breath, the color of the transparent, slim sword would change, from black to white, or from white to black. As the color was changing, countless marks of great Dao emerged, faintly visible on the sword.

On both the left edge and right edge of the sword were two partly visible dragons, heads lowered, claws clenched, and horns reaching forward. The horns of these two dragons met on the tip of the sword.

The tails of the pair of dragons coiled and interwove on the sword hilt. The hilt was a swiftly spinning, coiling sphere of Chaos power, with the tails of the two dragons faintly visible in it. When Ji Hao gripped the sword, the Chaos power coiled on his hand like a living creature. From the hilt, an electric-bolt-like power stream flew into Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao’s body was slightly numb. The new Taiji divine sword was not like a weapon at all. Instead, it was like an extension of Ji Hao’s arm. His power and the power of the sword merged together into one. As he wielded the sword, he felt as free and natural as using his own arm, extremely flexible and easy.

The old Taiji divine sword was a pre-world, supreme treasure. It merged with the pair of dragon horn swords and violently swallowed a few Dragon Palace treasures, also swallowing the star-controlling ring, which was a divine supreme treasure from the ancient heaven. Ji Hao couldn’t tell how powerful this new Taiji divine sword was. But, without needing to try, Ji Hao knew that this new Taiji divine sword was way more powerful than the old one, even stronger than the pair of dragon horn swords.

"I wonder which unlucky guy will suffer your first hack." Ji Hao gently stroked the long and slim sword, and said with a deep voice, "Since you’ve merged with a part of Saint Pan Gu’s body, calling you Taiji divine sword will no longer be appropriate. ‘Pan Gu Dragon Mark’ is your new name."

"Pan Gu Dragon Mark?" Standing aside, Netherworld Hierarch looked at the sword in Ji Hao’s hands, seeming to be a bit jealous. Shaking his head, he said, "This name is average, but truthful…I feel this name is not good enough for the sword. But we are cultivators, so we shouldn’t care too much about these small things."

Shaking his head, Netherworld Hierarch abruptly sighed towards the sky, "Too ashamed, too ashamed. If I were as shameless as Priest Hua and Priest Mu, ‘this treasure is meant to be ours’, that’s what I would certainly shout out. Shame, shame, I just can’t bear doing it! Store it away, just store it away… Such a treasure…"

Ji Hao laughed out loud. On purpose, he wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark towards Netherworld Hierarch, then opened his mouth and took a deep breath. The sword transformed into a Chaos power stream and flew into his mouth, silently floating in his spiritual space, being nourished by the powers of Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao.

"These people…" The great star formation was eaten by Pan Gu Dragon Mark. The star power faded, and in the reception room, people could be seen lying all over the ground. Because of Great Liberty, everyone was still unconscious.

Ji hao glanced at White Feather and his people, then shook his head and walked to Ao Li, who was also unconscious, with blood on his mouth corners. Carefully checking Ao Li’s body with his hands, Ji Hao found that he was indeed injured quite badly by the great star formation. But as a tough dragon, those injures were nothing to him.

What made Ji Hao frown was that Ao Li was in serious lack of spirit blood. At least eighty percent of his spirit blood was gone. At the moment, Ao Li looked like a healthy, muscular man, but in fact, he was as weak and exhausted as a dying elderly. Without his extra strong dragon body, he would have been completely bedridden for a long time, and wouldn’t be able to even walk.

"This is…too much sensual pleasures… He’s drained!" Ji Hao looked at Ao Li in shock. Ao Li was as strong as Divine Magi, and as a dragon prince, he was actually ‘drained’ by excessive sensual pleasures?

Even Ao Li’s marrow was drained. By using the spirit power, Ji Hao scanned his body, and found that his spine was almost empty, with nothing but a slight little bit of marrow remained inside his bones.

Ji Hao didn’t know what Great Liberty had done to Ao Li to shrink his veins by more than ninety percent. Both Ao Li’s spirit blood and life-force had withered. Although he remained to be at the level of Divine Magi, he could fall to the lower level at any time.

"This is as unbelievable as seeing ghosts in broad daylight!" murmured Ji Hao.

"I see ghosts in broad daylight every day, but I’ve never become like this!" Netherworld Hierarch snorted coldly. His eyes shone dimly as he glanced at Ao Li, then abruptly pointed at Feng Qinxin and said, "By taking some tonic drug, this boy might recover, but this Phoenix girl is the poorest!"

Ji Hao turned to Feng Qinxin in surprise. Hesitating for a short while, he pointed his finger on her body and quickly checked her vital body parts.

Her spirit blood was drained too. But even worse than Ao Li, she was dying. Ji Hao suspected that without the powerful magic drugs she had been using, she would have become a dried corpse long ago.

However, in Feng Qinxin’s lower belly, a strong life-force was brewing. The life-force was so thriving that Ji Hao’s eyebrows knitted on noticing it.

Feng Qinxin was pregnant. The fetus in her womb was already as powerful as a half step Supreme Magus, even before it was born. Perhaps, Great Liberty had been hiding the infant’s power with some special magic to disable Ji Hao from discovering it. Now, on looking closely and scanning her body with the spirit power, Ji Hao found the infant glowing dazzlingly like a tiny sun inside Feng Qinxin’s belly.

"This, his!" Ji Hao suddenly punched on the ground and growled, "Damn you, Great Liberty! She made Ao Li and Feng Qinxin give birth to a baby with all their spirit blood and life-force, as her…her stored physical body for …future use. If she failed to find a natural treasure to recreate Pan Jia’s body, she would seize the body of the fetus inside Feng Qinxin!"

"So cruel!" Netherworld Hierarch stood aside and murmured, "I am a cruel, merciless being, but I’ll never do things like this." Clicking his tongue, he continued, "The ninth prince of the dragon-kind and the youngest phoenix princess were harmed so badly…Ah, thinking about the bad tempers of those dragons and phoenixes, hmm!"

In Feng Qinxin’s womb, the fetus suddenly moved, releasing a dreadful devouring power to crazily absorb Feng Qinxin’s life-force and spirit blood, which was already depleted. Even in a deep unconsciousness, Feng Qinxin showed pain and despair on her face.

"Elder, do you have any tonic drug to replenish their life-force and spirit blood?" Ji Hao spread his hand towards Netherworld Hierarch.

"Hmm, poor kids. Alright, alright, I can’t bear watching this anyway."

Netherworld Hierarch frowned, then took out two Netherworld blood ganoderma and handed them to Ji Hao.

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