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"Eh…Elder, you are teaching me bad things!" Ji Hao looked at Netherworld Hierarch with dazzling eyes while stroking the pair of swords with both hands, seeming to be reluctant to part with them. Feeling Ji Hao’s fingers, the pair of swords quaked slightly while letting out a deep buzz.

After the creation of the world, Pan Gu fell. His body fell apart, and generated the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind.

Saint Pan Gu’s greatly strong physical body generated the dragons, which could be seen as the strongest creatures in this world. The dragon ancestor was lucky, because he was gifted with Pan Gu’s two front teeth, which became his indestructible pair of horns. Back in the prehistorical era, he crushed countless supreme treasures with that pair of horns.

Later on, the dragon ancestor disappeared. No one knew where he went. But his unbreakable pair of horns were turned into a pair of swords, being kept in the ancestral temple of the dragon-kind. During the past countless years, people only saw this pair of swords at important ceremonies, and on normal days, this pair of swords had been kept away from all living beings.

Powerful treasures had souls, and this pair of dragon horn swords was lonely.

By now, Ji Hao had basically attained a ‘Pan Gu body’. He inherited Pan Gu’s power, which was pure and clean. Touched by Ji Hao, the pair of swords were shaking in his hands like abandoned kitties that ran into their owner; they didn’t want to leave Ji Hao.

"Am I teaching you bad things? Hehe!" Netherworld Hierarch smirked, then pointed at Ji Hao and said, "Don’t you want them? If you really don’t want them, give them to me. I will bring them to those long a*s dragon worms. This pair of swords are the remains of their great ancestor. I will extort them with these swords, and will get the most out of them!"

Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao threw a sideways glance at Netherworld Hierarch. Once again, he gently stroked the pair of swords. He truly couldn’t decide.

If he wanted to keep this pair of swords, right now was the best opportunity. Great Liberty had fled, and he was still in the great star formation. He could always tell the others that Great Liberty brought away all Dragon Palace treasures when she ran. But pocketing an ancestral treasure that belonged to someone else? Somehow, Ji Hao felt bad about this. He liked this pair of swords indeed, but he wasn’t shameless enough to do such a thing!

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up. Through Ji Hao’s eyes, he took a long glance at the pair of swords, then started talking with a rumbling voice, "Don’t give them back to those dragons. They won’t use this fierce pair to kill enemies, such a reckless waste. Poor treasures, they were kept in the ancestral temple, suffering incense smoke every day… Poor things."

Pausing slightly, the mysterious man continued, "Besides, since they were Pan Gu’s front teeth…You are more qualified to have this pair than the dragon-kind."

"Am I?" Asked Ji Hao.

"Yes, you are more qualified than them." murmured the mysterious man, "Dragons only have Pan Gu’s physical strength, while you, you have basically built a Pan Gu body. Pan Gu’s strength, soul, and the fertility of his bloodline…You are weak, but you are the purest descendant of Pan Gu in the world."

"You don’t need to give these swords back to them. Just keep them. Hmm, take out your Taiji divine sword." said the mysterious man loudly.

Ji Hao opened his mouth and let out the Taiji divine sword. The sword transformed into a clear airstream and puffed out of Ji Hao’s mouth. As a sword light flashed through the air, the eight-feet and one-inch long Taiji divine sword appeared. All of a sudden, the Taiji divine sword quaked intensively, screaming shrilly as it released a sharp sword power.

The pair of dragon horn swords quaked slightly as well, buzzing deeply, which sounded like tens of thousands of roaring dragons. A strong, heavy power vibration spread out in all directions. Ji Hao’s long hair fluttered in the air, while Netherworld Hierarch, who was standing aside, was startled, and even forced back by the strong waves of power vibration.

Netherworld Hierarch gasped in shock, then gave an exclamation from the heart, "Ji Hao, if you were not Yu Yu’s disciple, and if this pair of dragon horn swords wasn’t against my nature, I might not help but seize them!"

Stimulated by the Taiji divine sword, the power of the two dragon horn swords erupted, forcing Netherworld Hierarch back. Netherworld Hierarch was shocked deeply. Meanwhile, his curiosity was aroused, as he wondered exactly how powerful Saint Pan Gu, the creator of the world, was.

The power of his two front teeth was already so dreadful, so what about Pan Gu as a living being then?

A living being with an axe, who slaughtered thirty-million Chaos monsters…Netherworld Hierarch quivered in excitement, with his fine hair standing straight up one after another. He hated himself for not being able to witness that universe-shaking battle. If he had managed to witness that battle, he might have made a major breakthrough already!

As the pair of dragon horn swords quaked slightly, the deep buzzing noise caused by them gradually suppressed the Taiji divine sword’s shrill scream.

The Taiji divine sword’s glow was dimmed. It quietly floated before the pair of dragon horn swords like a baby deer. As a pre-world, Supreme-level sharp weapon, the Taiji divine sword released its strongest power to challenge the pair of dragon horn swords. But the two dragon horn swords burst into eruption and easily suppressed the Taiji divine sword.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man looked at the pair of dragon horn swords, which were heavy, thick, and ancient styled. He sighed slightly, then locked his fingers together and cast a spell with a low voice.

A deep dragon roar could be heard from the pair of dragon horn swords. The two dragon horn swords suddenly melted and became two colorless spheres of liquid. Streams of Chaos power surged out, while the two spheres of liquid transformed into two feet long dragon figures and pounced on the Taiji divine sword from both sides.

Following the sizzling noise, the pair of dragons merged into the Taiji divine sword. A terrifying, scorching hot power stream surged out of the Taiji divine sword, and next, a scarily cold airstream was released. While the hot power and the cold airstream were released from the sword alternately, black and white light sparkled on the Taiji divine sword. Meanwhile, thick, heavily colored marks of great Dao flashed across the sword like flowing water streams.

A sharp sword intent erupted. Following sizzling noises, over ten thin cracks suddenly appeared on Ji Hao’s Taiji cloak. Ji Hao screamed with startle and hurriedly stepped back, leaving tens of shreds of afterimages in the air.

Followed by another sizzling noise, a heavy dent was left on Netherworld Hierarch’s crown. Netherworld Hierarch couldn’t help but curse out, while turning around and running away at his highest speed too, as if his butt was on fire.

A strong Chaos power wrapped the Taiji divine sword. In the great star formation, countless stars quaked intensely. Dazzling beams of starlight surged ceaselessly into the Taiji divine sword. Floating beside Ji Hao, even the star-controlling ring creaked, as it was overloaded. The Taiji divine sword absorbed the star power from the star formation at an incredibly high rate, which had already surpassed the star-controlling ring’s limits.

Along with a sudden dragon roar, two hazy dragons flew out of the Taiji divine sword. They widely opened their jaws and tore the star-controlling ring into two, swallowing it completely.

The great star formation shattered, and all the stars merged into the Taiji divine sword.

The few Dragon Palace treasures that Ji Hao collected just now screamed out in despair. The few treasures flew out from Ji Hao’s sleeves, being swallowed by the two dragons as well. The two dragons roared in satisfaction, then slowly flew back into the Taiji divine sword.

"A divine thing is created, and treasures must be sacrificed for it…This sword is so fierce! It swallowed so many supreme treasures!"

As Netherworld Hierarch sighed in exclamation, that dense Chaos power stream dissipated, exposing an oddly shaped longsword, floating before Ji Hao’s face.

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