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The blood pool in hell, the dirtiest place in the world...

However, if the number fifty represented the world, only forty-nine would be occupied, and the remaining ‘one’ would be a glean hope, that always existed in the world. As extreme negativeness generated positiveness, and extreme positiveness generated negativeness, some extremely pure and clean spring mouths existed in the blood pool.

Nourished by the inexhaustible spirit blood power and the power of reincarnation from the Netherworld for countless centuries, the two blood ganoderma provided by Netherworld Hierarch grew into stunning baby shapes. These two blood ganoderma were at least ten million years old.

Ji Hao put Ao Li and Feng Qinxin together, side by side, then gently pointed his finger at their bodies and opened their mouths. As Ji Hao flicked his hand, the two blood ganoderma transformed into two extremely pure and strong torrents of spirit blood and surged into their mouths.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’ bodies began shaking intensely. Under their skin, every wisp of their muscle fiber was shaking intensively. Every single cell of theirs had now been screaming greedily, striving for the spirit blood that suddenly flooded into their bodies.

It was like a sudden rain of tremendous life-force and natural power falling onto a desert that was dried for millions of years. From their marrow to their skins, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’ bodies began glowing and heating. Drops of grey-colored sweat oozed out of their pores, along with a faint stinky odor.

Ji Hao locked his fingers together and cast the ‘inner lion seal’ and the ‘outer Vajra seal’, which originated from his Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, in turns to stimulate Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’ potential vitality, and trigger the mysterious energy in the universe, bringing that into their bodies.

Under the effects of Ji Hao’s magic seals and the two blood ganoderma, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were healed gradually. Their skins shimmered, and their empty bodies were filled up. A pink hue emerged on their faces, as their strength and life-force were restoring.

Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao’s hand motions as his eyes sparkled. Behind him, the eighteen circles disappeared and became the eighteen hell clones again. Afterwards, seventeen hell clones silently disappeared, leaving Ji Hao and Blood Pool hell clone, the one Ji Hao was most familiar with.

Coughing slightly, Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao, then grinned and said, "These seals seem to deliver a magical effect… Hmm, ingenious, interesting, quite impressive!"

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin slowly opened their eyes. Netherworld Hierarch attentively pressed his thumbs heavily between their eyebrows. After a series of shrill screams and howls, a soft gust of wind blew out of their bodies, along with a faint aroma. Their eyes were bright again. Immediately, they looked at Ji Hao.

"You!" Both of them screamed out, then turned to each other.

"Damn you!" Feng Qinxin pointed her finger at Ao Li and cursed out loud. If she could make any larger movement, she would have leaped up and punched on Ao Li’s face already.

"I dare to act, also dare to bear the responsibility! Indeed, the baby in your belly is mine!" His face blushed, Ao Li looked at Feng Qinxin’s perfectly shaped body and almost drooled. "You can’t marry to anyone else now, so just marry me!" said Ao Li.

The power of the two blood ganoderma had still been boiling inside their bodies. By now, they could already control their bodies to absorb the blood ganoderma power. While restoring their spirit blood and life-force, they ‘viciously’ cursed each other. But why did Ji Hao feel that they were flirting with each other?

"Prince and princess, do you remember what happened before? If you do, good, but please don’t expose me. Hm, I still have many things to do!" Sightly shaking his body, Ji Hao slowly became ‘old crayfish Summer’, right in front of Ao Li and Feng Qinxin.

In shock, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin stared at ‘Summer’, as if he were a ghost.

Ji Hao turned around, spread his hand again directly towards Netherworld Hierarch, and said, "Hmm, the magic seals you watched me cast just now, I have nine of them in total. They are powerful and effective. With the nine seals, you can communicate with the world, and also reach to the secrets of the universe…You’re an elder, so would like to trade a blood ganoderma for the nine magic seals?"

Netherworld Hierarch chuckled, then conveniently took out a blood ganoderma from his sleeve. This blood ganoderma seemed to be even older than the other two. "Give it to me now. Hmm, these magic seals of yours are strange. Somehow, I feel that I will be able to figure out something with them. Strange, strange, you shouldn’t be able to create them, but that friend of mine…"

Netherworld Hierarch was trying to say that even Yu Yu might not be able to create these magic seals either. After all, Yu Yu was the strongest sword artist in the world. He was good at pulling out his sword and hacking the others to death, but in the sphere of magic seals, Yu Yu was far weaker than Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

In Netherworld Hierarch’s eyes, Ji Hao’s nine magic seals based on the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words were more like something created by Priest Hua.

Ji Hao smiled. He didn’t tell Netherworld Hierarch the about the history of these magic seals. Instead, he pointed out his finger and shared everything he understood about these magic seals, and everything he learned in his previous life regarding the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, with Netherworld Hierarch.

Netherworld Hierarch popped out his eyes in surprise, while nodding and humming in praise. He tried, but failed to hide the light of delight sparkling in his eyes.

"Good, good, good… Today is my lucky day!" Netherworld Hierarch laughed while waving his arms excitedly. Abruptly, he turned around and walked to White Feather and the others, who were still unconscious. Waving his broad sleeves, a frigid gust of wind blew out and woke up White Feather and the others.

One, two, there, four, five…

Ten Netherworld blood ganodermas floated in front of Netherworld Hierarch in a straight line. Once White Feather and the others woke up, they fixed their eyes straight on the ten blood ganodermas. They even stopped breathing. Without making any move, they stared at these treasures.

"Do you all want these treasures?" Netherworld Hierarch smilingly looked at them and said, "Countless kinds of natural treasure that can recreate physical bodies exist in this world. You are all wealthy men; I believe, you can always find those treasures if you want."

"But, you are so eager for Netherworld blood ganodermas, because these treasures are generated by the purest spirit blood power in the world, without any impurity and other nature. With these, you can create the purest, cleanest physical bodies, right?"

"In other words, the physical bodies created with these Netherworld blood ganodermas are the perfect ones, that can meet all your demands."

"Therefore, no small talk, Mr. White Feather. The other eleven divine treasures you mentioned earlier, get those for me as soon as you can, then this Netherworld blood ganoderma will be yours."

Pausing slightly, Netherworld Hierarch laughed happily out and continued, "Anyone else wants a Netherworld blood ganoderma? Simple, what the Westin Family paid is your reference price. I am by no means greedy. If you don’t have so many valuable treasures…you can always pay with crystals! As for how many crystals does a divine treasure worth…"

Netherworld Hierarch grinned quite warmly, just like a butcher grinning towards a group of chubby pigs. With that bright, warm grin, he nodded and said to the others, "You are all influential figures, I believe…You will not try to lower the price too much, will you?"

"If the price you offered is beneath my expectation, I will turn around and walk straight away. Netherworld blood ganodermas are special treasures in Pan Gu world, so I don’t worry about having no buyers."

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