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Watching from aside, Ji Hao raised his eyebrows in excitement. The eighteen hell clones of Netherworld Hierarch were generated from the eighteen great Dao of hell; each one of them represented a Dao of hell. They had unique abilities and were greatly powerful.

According to Ji Hao’s estimation, based on pure cultivation powers, any hell clone of Netherworld Hierarch could defeat ten cultivators that were as strong as Ji Hao, all at once. Without using his supreme treasures, Ji Hao could never win against any hell clone.

But Great Liberty was even more powerful. At this moment, she was only a soul. Therefore, one couldn’t make a good estimate of her power. However, with the pair of dragon horn swords, she was suppressing the eighteen hell clones.

Within merely ten minutes, the eighteen hell clones threw out at least twenty rare and powerful Netherworld secret treasures, and cast at least fifty strange, fierce magics. But everything ended up being shattered by the pair of dazzling dragon horn swords.

Pan Gu’s front teeth, the pair of dragon horn swords was so ridiculously powerful that it broke all treasures and magics!

Yu Yu was also capable of breaking all magics with his sword, because his unparalleled sword arts had already reached the top. But Great Liberty could break all magics with her swords, only because that pair of dragon horn swords was way too powerful.

"Elder, let me help!" Ji Hao shook his head and said. He couldn’t watch Netherworld Hierarch be humiliated! As Ji Hao sightly flicked his fingers, the star-controlling ring released streams of starlight, spinning before Ji Hao’s face. Inside the great star formation, all stars began quaking intensely, as a tremendous star power was brewing in the air.

"No need. This is my battle… I will either lose or win!" The eighteen hell clones growled in chorus and refused Ji Hao’s help. Who were they? They were the hell clones of Netherworld Hierarch, and Netherworld Hierarch was one of the three cones of Netherworld Priest. As one of the few most powerful beings in Pan Gu world, Netherworld Hierarch would rather be defeated utterly by an enemy in a battle than accepting the help from Ji Hao, a junior cultivator!

That would be too, too humiliating. If that really happened, and if other people know about it, he would be too ashamed to see anyone in the world.

Roaring resonantly, the bodies of the eighteen hell clones suddenly disintegrated, transformed into differently colored mist and puffing into the air. Eighteen mist streams that were hundreds of miles in radius and tens of thousands of miles long swept across the air, end to end, then made eighteen enormous circles and overlapped in the air.

The eighteen giant circles locked on Great Liberty from a long distance away and buzzed deeply, then started spinning abruptly, clockwise or anti-clockwise, slowly or fast. A few circles spun with varying speeds.

Silently, a strange power was generated by the eighteen spinning circles. In the great star formation, countless intensely quacking stars quieted down. Gradually, a suffocating atmosphere was created, which disabled Ji Hao from moving or thinking, and even made him want to perish himself, both his body and his soul.

A dense mist suffused the air. Great Liberty paused suddenly, raised her head, and looked at the eighteen giant circles while shouting in a deep voice, "Who are you? Such a great power, this…Is this a great Dao of this world? You can control a great Dao of nature… You are nobody ordinary!"

"When I throw you into hell, when I torture you in every part of hell, you will learn my name!"

Followed a sizzling noise, a thousand-miles-wide hand slowly reached out of the eighteen overlapped circles, coiled in a dark mist. Along with a deep roar, a tremendous, dark figure walked out of the eighteen circles.

That enormous being from the eighteen circles was wearing a crown and a long black robe, which was embroidered with misty mountains, along with a red, burning pair of boots, which were decorated with bloomed lotuses. A pale bone belt was tied around his waist, embossed with countless skulls, while a pair of black Netherworld dragons coiled on his ears. Every step he made would leave a burning red hole in the space.

In shock, Ji Hao looked at this dark-skinned giant, who had a square, imperatorial face, with three wisps of beard on the chin. "This is…Netherworld Hierarch!" Ji Hao exclaimed with a low voice.

Only when the eighteen hell clones merged together would the real Netherworld Hierarch show up!

Looking at Netherworld Hierarch’s gigantic body, sensing the almost tangible, dark Netherworld power released from him, and the dreadful atmosphere he created, which even stopped the great star formation from operating, Ji Hao’s fine hair stood straight up one after another.

This was exactly what he expected of Netherworld Hierarch… So strong, so terrifying, so worthy of the title of ‘the owner of Netherworld’.

Netherworld Hierarch was one of the three clones of Netherworld Priest. He might not be as strong as Netherworld Priest himself, but sensing the scary power vibration from him, Ji Hao understood that he was indeed a powerful ancient being, equally famous as Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

"Girl, you’re the soul of a world creator, so just stop fighting and come with me. I promise that I will let you live." Holding a dark seal with his left hand and a giant staff with his right hand, Netherworld Hierarch lowered his head and looked at Great Liberty.

"Do you want Pan Jia’s soul to help your own cultivation?" Great Liberty chuckled and said, "Good idea, but I have never liked to help the others achieve their own success! You should be one of the few most powerful beings in this world. If I can control you, haha!"

Great Liberty smirked and screamed shrilly, while her body expanded like a swelling balloon.

Within a couple of breaths, Great Liberty grew as gigantic as Netherworld Hierarch. The pair of dragon horn swords held in her hands naturally expanded to tens of thousands of miles long, to match her giant body.

Raising the swords with both arms, she screamed and hacked towards Netherworld Hierarch.

Netherworld Hierarch showed an extra serious look. The eighteen circles hovered around her, releasing strong Netherworld power streams, which slowed Great Liberty Down and twisted her body. Netherworld Hierarch smacked and poked Great Liberty over and over again with the giant staff held in his right hand. But in the meanwhile, he had been carefully avoiding touching the pair of dragon horn swords.

One attacked hysterically with her full power, while the other one tried his best to avoid weapon contact. Within a couple of breaths, Netherworld Hierarch fell into a disadvantage.

Torrents of Netherworld power surged towards Great Liberty, but the pair of dragon horn swords was too powerful. With a slight touch, the Netherworld power could freeze an ordinary human being’s soul. But now, it was sliced by the pair of dragon horn swords, and couldn’t bring any actual harm to Great Liberty other than slowing her down.

Watching the pair of dragon swords almost brush against Netherworld Hierarch’s body for a few times, and nearly hurt him, Ji Hao shook his head and shouted, "Elder, I have things that may need your help in the future. Here is a treasure of mine, which you can use to fight her!"

Opening his mouth, Ji Hao released a stream of Chaos power. Glowing brightly, the Pan Gu bell flew towards Netherworld Hierarch.

Netherworld Hierarch seized the bell and paused for a second, then was thrilled. As he breathed out a stream of Netherworld power onto the bell, the three-meter-tall bell suddenly expanded to tens of thousands of miles tall.

Carrying the bell up with both hands, Netherworld Hierarch roared like a beast and smashed it down.

An earth-quaking series of thud could be heard. Great Liberty suffered thousands of heavy strikes. The pair of dragon horn sword suddenly flew out from her hands, and the Pan Gu bell landed heavily on her chest.

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