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Screaming shrilly, Great Liberty began vomiting a sparkling blue liquid falling heavily to the ground.

On making contact with the air, the blue liquid she vomited immediately transformed into deep blue strands of mist, dissipating in the air. Instantly, a refreshing aroma suffused the air.

That was Pan Jia’s original soul power, the only component of her soul. Suffered a series of violent strikes from Netherworld Hierarch, Great Liberty was injured severely. The more blue liquid she vomited, the weaker Pan Jia’s soul became, and the more her cultivation downgraded.

"No, no, no!" Great Liberty shrieked heartbreakingly. Like a crazy woman who had suffered a mental breakdown, she crawled on the floor towards the pair of dragon horn sword. She howled, and her high-pitched voice even pained Ji Hao’s ears.

Ji Hao flashed across the air. With the power of the great star formation, he teleported himself to the pair of dragon horn swords, bent his waist and picked them up. Conveniently, he spread the blood spurted out from the wound on his chest on the two swords.

Basically, Ji Hao had already attained a ‘Pan Gu body’. Naturally, his spirit blood now delivered a strong sense of Pan Gu’s power. At first, the pair of sword flipped in Ji Hao’s hands, seeming to be unwilling to be controlled by Ji Hao. But once the two swords touched Ji Hao’s blood, they began burning. The two swords stuck to Ji Hao’s hands, sending streams of scorching hot power into Ji Hao’s body.

The destructive power lingered in the wound on his chest was immediately gone, and the wound was healed within a blink of an eye. The hot power from the pair of swords flew rapidly inside Ji Hao’s body and burned his body. Soon, perspiration began oozing out of Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao’s body was already impressively tough. With the help of the power from the pair of swords, his body condition was improved further. At last, the boiling hot power came to Ji Hao’s mouth and drilled to his teeth.

"Eh…You hurt me earlier because you are too sharp. You hurt my skin, but before you touched my blood, I drew back. You hurt me, but it’s not your fault." Looking at the two swords, Ji Hao gave a bitter smile, then shook his head and said, "But now, hmm, this is your own ‘Dao’?"

Ji Hao’s teeth were heating, turning red, then blue, cyan, white. Every time the color of his teeth changed, the temperature of his teeth would reach a new high. By the end, his oral cavity couldn’t withstand his burning teeth anymore. A sizzling noise was burned out of his mouth, and a dense grilling meat aroma lingered in his mouth for a very long while.

Countless tiny natural marks of great Dao emerged on Ji Hao’s teeth, gums, and cheekbone, which was connected with the gums. Speedily, those natural marks of great Dao merged with his bones and teeth, while his teeth gradually emitted a strange cold light. A couple of breaths later, the strange light and those marks disappeared, and Ji Hao’s teeth turned transparent, like top-grade crystals, and so did his cheekbone, jawbone and entire skull.

Ji Hao chattered his teeth, and even generated fire sparkles from his mouth. The dragon horn swords, the front teeth of Pan Gu, had imprinted its ‘Dao’ on Ji Hao’s teeth and bones, which were connected with his teeth. By now, Ji Hao’s teeth were thirty to fifty percent as strong as Pan Gu’s teeth. Maybe not all-conquering, but not too many things in the world could survive a full-strength bite from Ji Hao now.

"Do you want me to bite like a dog?"

Ji Hao lowered his head and murmured to the pair of swords, while Great Liberty rushed up to Ji Hao, flicked her wrist and threw out a dragon-shaped thorn. The thorn transformed into a hundred-meters-long cold beam of light and came straight at the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

"Kid, be careful! That’s a ‘heart-stabbing thorn’, a very famous fierce weapon owned by the dragon-kind!" Just now, Netherworld launched a series of strikes with the Pan Gu bell. The bell was extremely heavy, and cost him quite a while to catch his breath. Seeing Great Liberty attacking Ji Hao, he hurriedly told Ji Hao to be careful.

The pair of dragon horn swords were made from the dragon ancestor’s horns, and was unique. Unlike the pair of swords, ‘heart-stabbing thorns’ were made from the beard of dragon ancestors, and was a commonly used weapon, available in a large quantity.

After all, the dragon-kind had a large population, and dragons were born as aggressive fighters; their horns and beards were breaking all the time. The dragon beards were soft yet especially strong. Piercing into the body of a target, the ‘heart-stabbing thorns’ made from dragon beards could transform into sharp power streams, penetrating the target’s body from the inside. ‘Heart-stabbing thorn’ was one of the most common hidden weapons used by the dragon-kind.

The ‘heart-stabbing thorns’ thrown out by Great Liberty weren’t made from the beards of ordinary dragons. Instead, they were made from the beard hair fallen off from the few famous ancient dragons, and were also kept in the secret treasury of the Dragon Palace.

This ‘heart-stabbing thorn’ could even hurt Divine Magi, and break the thickest shield of the non-humankind.

Glowing dazzlingly, the ‘heart-stabbing thorn’ darted over along with a shrill swishing noise. Ji Hao was murmuring to the pair of dragon horn sword about the sudden change that happened to his teeth. Seeing the ‘heart-stabbing thorn’, he instinctively opened his mouth and bit the thorn.

Crack! The thumb-thick thorn was bitten into two by Ji Hao as easily as an ordinary human being biting a fruit. A dim light flashed across Ji Hao’s teeth, then a destructive power erupted. The broken ‘heart-stabbing thorns’ suddenly exploded into drifting ashes.

"You!" Great Liberty paused and stared at Ji Hao’s crystal teeth, not knowing what to say or do.

"Stay away, or I’ll bite you!" Ji Hao gave a big grin, baring his shining crystalline teeth on purpose. He carefully raised a dragon horn sword and slightly tinkled his teeth with the sword edge.

The sword edge and his teeth rubbed against each other and generated a sharp noise and a shower of fire sparks. Not even a mark was left on Ji Hao’s teeth. The destructive, fierce dragon horn sword didn’t do any harm to Ji Hao’s teeth.

"Yeah, you see, my teeth are strong." Ji Hao looked at Great Liberty proudly and showed an evil smile, "I might make my teeth into flying swords, so that when I fight my enemies, I can shoot my teeth onto their faces. Would that be surprising? What do you think?"

Great Liberty looked at Ji Hao, stunned. She didn’t know what to say.

Netherworld Hierarch wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Looked at Ji Hao’s weird crystalline teeth, and thinking about the ‘beautiful scene’ of Ji Hao shooting out his flying teeth swords to hurt his enemies, Netherworld Hierarch couldn’t help but quiver in speechlessness, then called him ‘little freak’ in his head.

Carrying the Pan Gu bell with both hands, Netherworld Hierarch walked to Great Liberty with big steps, his eyes shining with a dark Netherworld divine light as he struck fiercely on her body.

A dense dark mist condensed into black chains, merging into Great Liberty’s body. "This is my specially created Netherworld soul chain. Whoever you are, you shall stay quiet and let me study you!"

Great Liberty howled in rage. But no matter how hard she struggled, her body remained motionless.

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