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Saint Pan Gu created the Pan Gu world. Every single hair of Saint Pan Gu represented the great Dao of nature of this world. The pair of dragon horn swords were actually Saint Pan Gu’s two front teeth, which were undoubtedly the hardest parts of Saint Pan Gu’s body. The power of this pair of swords was not so hard to imagine.

No pre-world or after-world supreme treasure, or spirit creature in this world could withstand a strike from this pair of swords, unless the treasure itself was powerful enough to create a whole new world like Saint Pan Gu did.

"Those horned and scaled long worms, how could they let anyone steal dangerous treasures like these?" Netherworld Hierarch cursed angrily, "Every generation of dragons is worse and stupider than the older one!"

"They’re stupid or dumb. But anyhow, this pair of treasures is mine!" Great Liberty chuckled, slightly shaking her shoulders while she leered enchantingly at Netherworld Hierarch and said, "You shall stay quiet and let me chop you to take the Netherworld blood ganoderma and recreate my physical body. With this pair of treasures, who will I be afraid of?"

While laughing, Great Liberty moved again. She wielded the pair of swords with both arms and created sharp shreds of afterimages while pouncing on Netherworld Hierarch.

In Ji Hao’s eyes, Great Liberty’s sword skill was just average. Sure, her sword skill wasn’t worse than ordinary cultivators, but no better either. The sword skill of any of Yu Yu’s disciples was much greater than hers.

Nevertheless, the pair of dragon horn swords held in her hands was way too powerful!

The swords swished across the air. Netherworld Hierarch cast a series of deep shouts in a row while the eighteen blood flying swords were darting around him. Every time those blood-red flying swords attempted to approach Great Liberty, she would swing the pair of dragon horn swords and force Netherworld Hierarch to bring back his flying swords hurriedly.

Not even the Taiji universe mirror and the Taiji cloak could stop the pair of dragon horn swords, so Netherworld Hierarch dared not to risk losing his blood flying swords. With countless years of effort, he extracted enough essence blood power from the blood pool and forged these flying swords as his spirit treasures. These flying swords could hurt the enemies brutally with the blood power, but the physical bodies of these swords weren’t especially strong. How dare Netherworld Hierarch ever let the two dragon horn swords touch these blood flying swords?

The Dragon horn swords dazzled while the blood-red light shone brightly. Netherworld Hierarch was forced back by Great Liberty one step after another. He was powerful indeed, but facing the pair of dazzling dragon horn swords, he didn’t even know how to attack!

A single step of his meant a hundred miles backward. Drawing back for thousands of steps in a row, Netherworld Hierarch was forced back hundreds of thousands of miles by Great Liberty. Finally, he couldn’t stand it. This was way too humiliating. As a young cultivator, Ji Hao had still been standing aside and watching. Netherworld Hierarch couldn’t just let himself be chased by someone else like this, could he?

"Evil thing, don’t be too arrogant! Taste my treasure!" Gritting his teeth, Netherworld Hierarch threw out his ‘blood shadow nine-moon mirror’, which was made from ‘blood pool nine-moon stones’ that he conveniently collected from the deepest area of the blood pool when he forged his blood flying swords. The mirror transformed into a misty blood-red shadow and descended towards Great Liberty.

The first glance, the blood shadow nine-moon mirror was a small blood-red mirror, embossed with the ferocious portraits of countless ghosts and evil creatures. Once the mirror was thrown out, it immediately became a hazy blood-red shadow, darting out along with shrill ghost streams. Within the shadow, nine blood-red streams were faintly visible.

"Break!" Great Liberty shouted resonantly while wielding the pair of dragon horn swords and hacking randomly towards the mirror.

A long-lasting sizzling noise was generated. Netherworld spent quite some years to forge the blood shadow nine-moon mirror. He was going to gift this mirror to his first disciple as a special treasure when he finally decided to start taking disciples. But now, he watched the mirror be chopped into pieces by the pair of dragon horn swords.

A strong blood-red light burst while a dense blood-red mist rose. Following ear-piercing screams, the nine blood-red streams inside the blood-red shadow were also cut into pieces, and disappeared.

"Oh, my!" Netherworld Hierarch’s face twitched. The blood shadow nine-moon mirror wasn’t his greatest treasure. Instead, it was a small piece that he made for his future disciple. But still, he spent more than ten-thousand years on this small piece!

He never fought an enemy with the mirror before, and this was the very first time. However, the mirror was cut into bits just like that, so how could he not be sad?

"Evil woman, this isn’t finished!" Netherworld Hierarch growled in rage. Abruptly, he raised his head and yelled, "My friends, aren’t you going to help?"

A giant cloud of blood-red mist rose from his body, while eighteen thin beams of light flashed across the spot between his eyebrows.

Ji Hao saw the same thin beams of light in between Netherworld Hierarch’s eyebrows back in the auction house. Following Netherworld Hierarch’s voice, the eighteen beams of light twisted, and right in the next moment, over ten figures suddenly darted out from the blood-red mist around him.

"Blood Pool, my friend, don’t panic! I am Blade Mountain, and I’m helping you!" Shouted a priest who looked exactly the same as the blood pool hell clone of Priest Hierarch, and was wearing the same long black robe. Black Mountain laughed aloud and then pointed his finger in the air. Instantly, an enormous metal mountain, which was formed from countless sharp blades, swished down from the midair.

This blade mountain was tens of thousands of miles tall, and released a sharp, bone-piercingly cold power vibration.

The mountain descended from the air while shrinking. The closer it got to Great Liberty, the smaller it became. When it almost landed on Great Liberty’s body, it had already shrunk to about a hundred meters tall and wide, but the power vibration released from it turned even sharper and colder, much more unstoppable.

"Break!" Great Liberty lazily swung her arm up. The dragon horn swords started a muffled swishing noise while it cut the blade mountain into two. Next, she gripped the pair of sword with both hands and launched another violent, random series of hacks, chopping the blade mountain into pieces. At last, the blade mountain exploded, and sharp metal pieces darted everywhere.

"What a brutal woman!" Blade Mountain screamed, "Blood Pool my friend, how did you provoke this crazy woman?"

"We’re the same being! I provoked her, which means you provoked her. What’s the difference?" shouted Blood Pool, "My friends, please, combine our powers…"

Before he finished, another priest laughed, "This girls’ swords seem to be quite special. They look a bit like the pair made from the dragon ancestor’s horns, right? Haha, let my millstone try!"

This priest pointed out his finger and quaked the air as he sent out a tremendous, purely dark millstone, which was divided into two parts. The millstone roared as it rotated and trapped Great Liberty in the air. The ten-thousand-miles-wide millstone spun swiftly, vibrating the entire space.

The millstone generated a strong gale and blew around Great Liberty, disabling her from moving. Followed the rumbling noise, the two parts of the millstone began folding from above Great Liberty’s head and under her feet, seeming to crush Great Liberty even if she had a purely metal body.

"Break!" Great Liberty scornfully curved down her mouth corners while swinging one dragon horn sword upwards and the other one downwards, generating a thunderous boom. Followed the boom, the two gigantic parts of the millstone were hacked into four, then torn into pieces by countless sharp beams of sword light.

"Kill!" Leaving shreds of afterimages and generating dazzling sword light beams, Great Liberty marched towards the eighteen hell clones of Netherworld Hierarch.

"Ahyaya, this woman is so fierce!" The eighteen hell clones threw out all kinds of strange treasures, but they were all chopped easily by Great Liberty.

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