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"Elder, be careful. This thing is…not so easy to deal with!" Ji Hao didn’t reveal Great Liberty’s real identity to Netherworld Hierarch. Instead, he just cautioned the latter.

"I know. You be careful about the pair of dragon horn sword too!" Netherworld Hierarch arrowed his eyes and warned Ji Hao too.

Pan Jia…No, Great Liberty gave a faint smile, then enchantingly twisted her waist and wielded the pair of swords with both hands, causing a muffled swishing noise. A gentle gust of wind had been blowing out from her body, spreading that refreshing aroma. Gradually, a three-inch-tall layer of nicely scented mist accumulated on the ground, attempting to drill into Ji Hao’s body like a living creature.

Ji Hao cast a deep shout. A silver-blue airstream was released from his body, which transformed into a small tornado and wrapped him up. The airstream was generated from the extremely negative power. Touching the airstream, the scented mist was frozen into tiny crystal pieces, tinkling on the ground.

Netherworld Hierarch’s body was like a bottomless pool. He let the scented mist drill into his body, but not even a slight change of facial expression was shown on his face. The only thing different was the blood-red light spinning quickly inside each of his eyes. From his head, strands of blood-red mist had been rising.

"Eh?" Great Liberty frowned, then glanced at Ji Hao in surprise.

That cold airstream released by Ji Hao actually managed to protect Ji Hao from her scented mist. That silver-blue airstream seemed to be something out of the ordinary!

She then glanced at Netherworld Hierarch, showing a trace of fear in her eyes. In many worlds she had been, she had softened a large number of considerably powerful beings with the breeze and aroma she created, especially the scented mist condensed from the aroma. This allowed her to trample over those powerful beings.

Nevertheless, nothing happened to Netherworld Hierarch yet, even as the scented mist drilled ceaselessly into his body.

If Netherworld Hierarch hadn’t reached a terrifyingly high level of cultivation, something extremely powerful must be hiding inside his body. Whatever the reason was, this was a strong enemy, and Great Liberty didn’t want to put up a desperate fight against an enemy like this.

They always liked to bully the weak ones. Who would like to bump straight at an iron board and break his own head?

While chuckling, Great Liberty swung the pair of dragon horn sword, which were as long as her own body, then smiled sweetly and said, "My two friends, we should be friends instead of enemies. I want nothing more than that Netherworld blood ganoderma, and you can take all these treasures from the Dragon Palace. What do you think?"

Laughing with a silvery voice, Great Liberty twisted her slim waist, leered at Netherworld Hierarch, and said, "If you’re not satisfied enough, I can also deal with this five-eyed ugly thing for you, and force him to give you all the twelve divine treasures!"

Sticking a sword into the ground with her right hand, Great Liberty patted her fleshy bosoms, and continued smilingly, "My two friends, don’t you worry. I am quite experienced in controlling minds and souls. That five-eyed ugly thing, I can make him give you all he has."

Ji Hao expressionlessly looked at Great Liberty. Divine treasures, he wanted those, of course. Who could be not greedy at all?

But, how could he ever give her the Netherworld blood ganoderma?

Great Freedom pushed Priest Hua into a deathly dangerous situation, leaving Priest Hua no choice but to give Ji Hao his results of Dao of evolvement. And this Great Liberty controlled Pan Jia’s soul, turning her soul into a puppet.

If she ever got a chance to build a physical body…Pan Jia was a creator of a world! Pan Jia world was a small world, but it was a healthy world. Not a single living being in Pan Gu world could compare with Pan Jia.

Pan Gu world was already in a mess. How could Ji Hao dare to allow a troublemaker in, to cause worse damages to this world?

"Elder, I know you like her!" Ji Hao smilingly looked at Great Liberty, and said in a deep voice, "Shall we capture her together?"

Netherworld Hierarch looked at Great Liberty, then glanced at White Feather and the others, who lied on the ground, paralyzed, but still having clear minds. "Use the star-controlling ring, build the great star formation, and trap this thing."

Netherworld Hierarch was indeed interested in Pan Jia. After all, she was the soul of a world creator. To Netherworld Hierarch, who lived with ghosts and zombies all day, Pan Jia was as attractive as a piece of warm, nicely grilled meat to a starving man!

Anything discovered from Pan Jia could be amazingly helpful to Netherworld Hierarch’s future cultivation.

He had to capture her. But, he couldn’t do it in front of White Feather and the others. Some things were better to not be let known to many people.

Ji Hao nodded smilingly, then laughed and pointed at the spot between his eyebrows. A splendid starlight shone from his forehead, and immediately turned into countless stars, sparkling in the room.

Countless stars sparkled around him, moving along the natural trajectories, which had never changed since the start of time. Earthshaking, rumbling noises were caused by these moving stars; long, short, muffled or shrill, all kinds of star sounds composed a soul-shaking melody.

Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, Pan Jia, and Pan Jia’s group of followers were rolled into the star formation. Countless stars shone on their bodies and colored them, making them look like human-shaped lights and shadows.

The great star formation was used by the ancient heaven for wars. Information about this great formation flew ceaselessly into Ji Hao’s mind. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and accepted all the information, then satisfyingly nodded. Based on the current degree of mastery over the star-controlling ring, the star formation he created was powerful enough to trap and kill any enemy who was three times more powerful than himself. This meant that except for powerful beings at the level of Supreme Magus or above, no one could ever break his star formation!

Trapping and killing any enemy who was three times more powerful than himself… Without a doubt, Ji Hao had attained another dreadfully strong weapon for him to fight his battles.

Aside from the above function, the great star formation also had many other supportive functions, but those would take Ji Hao some time to study and practice. He just didn’t have the time to figure it all out right away.

"Great Liberty, would you like to allow yourself to be seized without putting up a fight, or do you prefer to kneel and beg for mercy after we have almost killed you?" Ji Hao looked at Great Liberty and asked with a warm grin. As he pointed out his finger, all stars in the surroundings moved together. All of a sudden, tens of thousands of stars released dense, sticky streams of starlight and struck on Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’s bodies, quietly throwing them away. They were injured severely, which made them vomit blood and fall unconscious.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were both powerful. Standing behind them were a group of powerful ones from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, some of whom were even at the level of half-step Supreme Magus.

Ji Hao only wanted to trap them, to keep them away so that they wouldn’t worsen the situation. But he didn’t think that this great star formation could actually be so destructive. A wave of basic starlight power strike wounded Ao Li and the others so badly, even disabling them from standing back up.

"This star-controlling ring is so amazing!" Ji Hao couldn’t help but exclaim.

Back then, what kind of powerful being did those non-humankind being send out, or what price did they pay to kill that divine god, the original owner of the star-controlling ring?

Imagining those word-shaking battles which happened back then, Ji Hao was obsessed.

"Die!" Watching Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch build the formation and trap herself, Great Liberty didn’t say too much. Instead, she pulled out the swords, bent her waist, and pounced on Ji Hao.

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