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Pan Jia moved so fast, that Ji Hao managed to make no other reaction except grabbing White Feather’s collar and throwing him away.

White Feather screamed. All of sudden, tens of layers of protective magic screen glowed around his body and wrapped him firmly up. The nearly two-meters-long, wide and heavy dragon horn sword held in Pan Jia’s left hand swished shrilly in the air, slantingly brushing across White Feather’s body. The tens of magic screens were crushed immediately, just like soap bubbles.

Flicking her wrist, Pan Jia turned the sword around and pierced again towards White Feather’s heart.

"You bloody woman!" Small drops of cold sweat oozed out of White Feather’s forehead. He widely opened his five eyes while pushing his palms forward. A fist-sized, ruby-like transparent eye statue flew out from a palm of his.

The erect eye slightly opened, then closed. It released a three-feet-thick, enormous light shield, along with a buzzing noise, which shielded White Feather against the sword.

"Die!" Pan Jia screamed ear-piercingly. A bright stream of light flashed across the sword while the enormous light shield created by that ruby eye was punctured like a shadow, and the ruby eye was easily split into two.

The sword continued going towards White Feather’s heart, as he popped out his eyes. Tied around his wrist, a tiny jade talisman abruptly shattered. His body suddenly turned hazy and misty, and right in the next moment, he had already switched positions with a Jia Clan guard.

The Jia Clan guard gave a thunderous roar, raised a heavy axe with both hands, and hacked down fiercely towards Pan Jia.

Pan Jia disappointedly glanced at White Feather, who ran away with the help of a secret magic, then conveniently launched a hack too.

As easily as cutting tofu with a sharp knife, not even the slightest sound was caused when the Jia Clan guard’s axe, which was glowing brightly with countless spell symbols sparkling on it, was cut into two. The sword silently and swiftly sliced across his chest. This Jia Clan guard paused, lowered his head, and looked at his own chest. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

A thin slash was left on his half a foot thick armor, with blood spurting out in big streams, becoming a thin blood mist that sprayed all over the room. The Jia Clan guard suddenly fell to the ground. He body was cut into two, as his internal organs fell out, all over the ground.

While launching three strikes towards White Feather and the guard in a row, the sword held in Pan Jia’s other hand had already landed on Netherworld Hierarch’s wrist.

Netherworld Hierarch raised his eyebrows and smirked, then his hand, which was holding the Netherworld blood ganoderma, became a faint blood-red mist and dissipated in the air. That Netherworld blood ganoderma disappeared in the blood-red mist as well. The dragon horn sword swept across the blood-red mist, but failed to touch anything. The sword edge hacked heavily on the ground and broke thousands of layers of protective magic screens, which quaked the entire room.

Layers of protective magic screens sparkled dazzlingly on the wall. Following muffled cracking noise, these magic screens broke layer by layer. This strike of Pan Jia almost destroyed all the defenses of the entire reception room.

"I will keep the star-controlling ring for now!" Ji Hao finally managed to react. He seized the ring with his left hand and then flicked his five fingers. A basic connection was built between the ring and himself, after which, the ring transformed into a beautiful stream of starlight and merged into his forehead.

"Girl, stop! Do you want to be an enemy of all people present here?" Looking at Pan Jia, Ji Hao growled harshly, "Don’t think you can do anything you want only because you have a few treasures from the Dragon Palace!"

"I am doing whatever I want, so what?" Pan Jia chuckled, easily wielding the pair of dragon horn swords with both hands, causing muffled swishing noises. "In the treasury of the Dragon Palace, all treasures that can rebuild physical bodies were taken away by those old ones for an unknown purpose. I spent quite some efforts to bring out these few."

Pan Jia stared at Ji Hao in an indescribably evil way, then laughed coldly through her gritted teeth, "Speaking of which, dragons should die. They left the remains of their ancestors in the ancestral temple without guards, but those useless ones…"

Ji Hao knew what she meant. She sneaked into the Dragon Palace and stole these few treasures. Guided by Ao Li, stealing a few treasures from the Dragon Palace wouldn’t be too hard.

Pan Jia went to the Dragon Palace for treasures that could recreate physical bodies. Dragons were wealthy. They must had quite a number of treasures like that in their treasury. But for an unknown reason, all those treasure were gone.

With no other choice, Pan Xi stole a few valuable treasures from the Dragon Palace and brought to the Kui Gate, intending to trade those treasures for something that could rebuild her physical body.

Ji Hao interrupted her and sneered, "Useless things? Hehe, if those treasures that can rebuild your physical body are so useless, why are you so eager for this Netherworld blood ganoderma then?"

In a blue funk, White Feather glanced at the dead Jia Clan guard, then screamed out hysterically, "This bitch wants to kill us all! Everyone, let’s kill her together! We all want the Netherworld blood ganoderma! Let’s kill her, then we can negotiate!"

All surrounding creatures were enlightened. Before, they had merely been remaining vigilant to Pan Jia, in case she attacked them suddenly. But hearing White Feather, they were tempted — It was right, by killing Pan Jia together, they could not only take out a competitor who also wanted the Netherworld blood ganoderma badly, but they might also surprisingly attain a few valuable treasures from the Dragon Palace!

Those spirit creatures, who were merely thinking about defending themselves, now pulled out their weapons together and activated their treasures, looking at Pan Jia and itching to attack. They dared not to touch the pair of dragon horn swords, but the other few treasures from the Dragon Palace were all greatly useful to water-kind spirit creatures like them. Especially that milkyway soul-splitting fan, which could provide its owner an advanced method of cultivation, and was able to improve bloodlines… how amazing!

Not to mention those raging wave beads, which could automatically build a great formation to trap and kill the enemies, those beads could even serve as the greatest treasure of a family or a clan.

Attaining any one of those Dragon Palace treasures would worth everything!

"Kill her!" A Xiang Liu snake mumbled deeply.

"Eat her!" A Kun Peng bird looked at Pan Jia greedily and maliciously.

"Be patient, be patient. When we get the ganoderma, we should give her a tiny slice to rebuild her physical body when we have attained it. Then, after we have had enough fun with her, we will end her!"

Snakes and serpents were lascivious. The few dark water serpent men looked at Pan Jia greedily, and laughed creepily.

Pan Jia scornfully looked at everyone on the scene, then murmured in a low voice, "Ignorant barbarians…I am Great Liberty. I am strong enough to occupy this woman’s soul, so can’t I kill you?"

While chuckling, Pan Jia abruptly and slightly twisted her body, then released a subtle gust of wind. A faint, refreshing aroma spread along the wind, softening the bodies of people on the scene. In the reception room, almost everyone’s limbs were limp and numb, becoming powerless.

Followed a series of metal clang, except for Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch and Pan Jia’s followers, all the others fell to the ground, unable to move anymore.

Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched. Great Liberty? A holy-level sky devil like Great Freedom?

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