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Netherworld Hierarch smilingly looked at Great Liberty, showing no sign of attacking.

Ji Hao helplessly glanced at him, then took a deep breath. As his silver-blue shell transformed into a misty light and disappeared, Ji Hao showed his true face. Rubbing his hands and spreading his arms, Ji Hao released a silver-white, violent bolt of lightning from his hands sizzlingly.

The water-tank-like lightning bolt dazzled towards Pan Jia like a raging dragon. A dragon horn sword airily landed on the lightning bolt, leaving a hazy afterimage in the air. The ‘Yu Yu’s divine thunder’ that Ji Hao created with all of his power was shattered by a single sword move.

Countless electric bolts lingered around the sword. Following the sizzling noise, the pair of dragon horn swords reached Ji Hao’s body almost simultaneously. One sword aimed at his heart, while the other sword swept straight to his neck.

Aiming to penetrate the heart and cut off the head, Great Liberty attacked so brutally, and was suffocatingly fast with the pair of swords. She was only a soul, yet she was already so powerful; it was hard to imagine how strong she would become once she rebuilt her physical body.

"Great!" Ji Hao gave a resonant shout while a clear light shone from his head. The Taiji Universe mirror glowed with a misty light and flew towards the pair of swords along with a deep buzzing noise.

The Taiji universe mirror was forged by Priest Qing Wei, Priest Yu Yu and that secret powerful being hiding in Priest Dachi’s palace of Dao. The three of them combined their great powers and melted the Pan Xi divine mirror, then forged this Taiji universe mirror for Ji Hao, as a pre-world, supreme treasure. Typically, any attack swept across by the light of the mirror would be sent millions of miles away, or be directed back to the attacker under Ji Hao’s will. However, as Great Liberty put forth her strength through her arms, a dim light flashed across the pair of dragon horn swords. Next, the light of the mirror was torn apart by the pair of sword like a piece of paper. The sword edges were less than three inches away from Ji Hao’s body by now.

Ji Hao was seriously startled by the power of the pair of dragon horn swords, as the Taiji universe mirror actually failed to stop those swords completely.

Ji Hao shouted out deeply. His brightly glowing Taiji cloak released two streams of air, silver and golden in color, hovering around Ji Hao while interweaving into an enormous Taiji diagram. A soft yet strong power stream then surged out of the cloak, flowing slowly and stably around the Taiji diagram as it shielded Ji Hao with layers of gentle yet strong protections.

"Move away!"

Netherworld Hierarch suddenly burst out with a growl.

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched as he sensed a great danger. He roared shrilly. In his spiritual space, the eyes of his embryo of Dao of space suddenly glowed dazzlingly. Meanwhile, the golden bridge emitted a bright golden light which wrapped up Ji Hao’s body and brought him to tens of thousands of miles away at light speed.

Inside the great star formation, the space was infinite. Ji Hao moved backward for tens of thousands of miles, then over ten shooting stars descended between Pan Jia and himself.

He sensed a piercing pain from his chest. In shock, Ji Hao lowered his head and looked at his own body. A clear, transparent crack was left on layers of clear light emitted from the Taiji cloak. Ji Hao fought Priest Hua face to face, as well as those sky devils, yet none of them managed to break the Taiji cloak. But now, the Taiji cloak was broken for the very first time.

A three-inches-long slash was left on the cloak, and thin streams of blood had been spurting out from it.

Rapidly, the blood turned black and dried. The thriving life-force contained in the blood was drained, and within a blink of an eye, the blood became a puff of grey dust, drifting away in the air.

Ji Hao touched the wound. The dragon-horn sword penetrated the Taiji cloak, pierced into his chest, and almost hurt his heart. Even worse, the dreadful, destructive power from the dragon horn sword lingered inside his body, and had been destroying his life-force.

Divine Magi were able to regrow their bodies from a single drop of blood. No matter how badly a Divine Magus was injured, the blood he or she shed would flow back into the body, turn into pure life-force and fix the injured body. Nevertheless, the destructive power of the dragon horn sword turned the blood that flowed out from Ji Hao’s body into ashes. The life-force contained in that blood was left in the air, instead of returning into Ji Hao’s body.

Along with a sizzling noise, a thin stream of clear light flowed on the cloak, fixing the slashed portion. From the great star formation, countless beams of starlight gathered towards the cloak, being absorbed by it. Within a couple of breaths, the cloak fixed itself perfectly, and not even a mark was left on it.

But, Ji Hao’s chest was still bleeding. He tried to boost up his spirit blood power to heal his body, but the destructive power from the dragon horn sword had been destroying the life-force contained in his spirit blood. He tried but failed over and over again.

"Great Liberty…This pair of dragon horn swords…They’re only the dragon ancestor’s pair of horns?" Ji Hao looked at Great Liberty and couldn’t understand it. How could this pair of swords be so powerful? The Taiji universe mirror and the Taiji cloak were both pre-world supreme treasures, yet even with these two treasures, Ji Hao failed to protect himself from one strike of those swords!

Great Liberty chuckled and responded, "Even local people like you don’t know about the power of this pair of swords, so how would I know? I’m not even from this world!" Great Liberty was clearly surprised by the power of this pair of swords too. Based on her power level, she could surely tell that both the Taiji universe mirror and the Taiji cloak were Supreme-level treasures.

The defense provided by two Supreme-level treasures was broken easily by these pair of swords!

What kind of treasures was this pair of swords? Great Liberty grinned happily. She held the pair of swords with her arms and kissed each sword. "Great, great! From now on, this pair of swords is my spirit treasure. Haha, gods or devils, I will kill them all. I am a holy master, and with this pair of treasure, who in the universe can stop me?"

Great Liberty was so excited that she directly spoke out her real identity.

‘Holy master’… As Ji Hao thought, she was a sky devil holy master, one of the top-grade beings among sky devils, same as Great Freedom! Poor Pan Jia, how could she let this evil thing invade and occupy her soul? Perhaps, the real Pan Jia was long gone by now.

Netherworld Hierarch also stared at Great Liberty in shock. Ji Hao’s Taiji universe mirror and Taiji cloak were genuine pre-world supreme treasures. Thinking about this, Netherworld Hierarch felt slightly sad — Yu Yu was truly one of the few destined successors of this world, that even a disciple of his can have supreme treasures like these!

But what shocked Netherworld Hierarch even more was the power of the pair of dragon horn swords.

Even two pre-world supreme treasures failed to protect Ji Hao from one strike of these swords. Was that legend true?

"Be careful about those swords…According to the legend, when Saint Pan Gu fall, his body, soul, and bloodline disintegrated, generating dragons, phoenixes, and human beings. Saint Pan Gu’s body disappeared in the world, and only two strongest parts remained."

"His spine became Buzhou Mountain, the Sky Pillar, standing on the ground and supporting the sky, balancing the natural powers and serving as the core of the world. All stars in the world moved around the Sky Pillar. The Sky Pillar was also a path from the mortal world to the heaven."

"His pair of front teeth also remained, becoming the pair of horns of the dragon ancestor."

Ji Hao’s face twisted in shock. He stared straight at the pair of dragon-horn swords and didn’t say a word for a long while.

The pair of dragon horn swords were made from the dragon ancestor’s horns, and the dragon ancestor’s horns were actually Saint Pan Gu’s two front teeth?!

Didn’t this mean that countless centuries after Saint Pan Gu’s death, Saint Pan Gu managed to take a heavy bite on Ji Hao’s chest?

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