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Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, this bad-tempered, greedy, and mean pair, even when the flood was destroying the world, they didn’t return to Pan Gu world. Instead, they stayed in Pan Jia world with undivided attention, trying to gain as much as possible.

But now, they had come back to Pan Gu world, and they didn’t tell Ji Hao about this.

Even weirder, at this very moment, they were humbly kneeling under Pan Jia’s feet…Pan Jia, why was she in Pan Gu world? What was she doing? What did she want? She, what was she planning?

As far as Ji Hao knew about Pan Jia, she was the owner of Pan Jia world, who had her body destroyed and only the soul remaining. She was gentle and nice, never a troublemaker. No matter what happened, she shouldn’t treat Ao Li and Feng Qinxin like this. But now, she let those two kneel under her feet, following her every word like slaves. Not to mention, with the fiery tempers of those two, how on earth could they ever possibly kneel on the ground so obediently?

Ji Hao then took a glance at the others around Pan Jia. Ancient dragons, powerful phenixes, all dropped their heads, timidly and overcautiously standing aside. None of them dared even to breathe loudly.

"Something is wrong!" Ji Hao took a few steps backward, narrowed his eyes, and sat on the rock, murmuring to himself.

"Very wrong!" Netherworld Hierarch looked at Pan Jia, seeming to be excited. From time to time, strands of dark mist rose from his eyes. If one looked closer, one would find that that dark mist was formed from billions and billions of tiny spell symbols, sparkling with a dim dark light. At the moment, Netherworld Hierarch looked like a tiger which had its eyes fixed on a prey, such that he could spring to his feet at any time.

"This girl…She’s quite something. I sense the same power from her as what I sensed from Pan Xi." Netherworld Hierarch slightly quivered, and said with a low voice, "My eighteen hell clones are coming over. If anything happens…Young friend, please lend a hand."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, looked at Netherworld Hierarch in surprise, and asked, "Do you have Pan Xi?"

Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao and threw the question back, "Sure, where else could she be? Pan Xi’s soul has fallen, and what remains is a physical body. I’ve made an agreement with Emperor Shun and the other kids, that I will study her body, and share any discovery with the Magi Palace."

Ji Hao speechlessly rolled up his eyeballs and looked at the ceiling.

At one time, the non-humankind started a life-and-death game against the humankind in Pan Xi world. During the game, Ji Hao and his friends attained the body of Pan Xi, the creator of Pan Xi world. That was a ridiculously strong body. Afterward, Pan Xi’s body was taken away by the Magi Palace. Ji Hao thought that Si Wen Ming would let Magi Palace Magi study Pan Xi’s body independently, and to try to reveal some secrets regarding the creation of worlds from it. But surprisingly, Si Wen Ming gave Pan Xi’s body to Netherworld Hierarch.

But thinking about it, Ji Hao realized that it was the right thing to do. With the current abilities of the Magi Palace, not too much could be gained from Pan Xi’s body. But, things would be different if the body were in Netherworld Preist’s hands. After all, he was a master in this sphere!

"That was the physical body of Pan Xi…And this girl right here is the soul of Saint Pan Jia, the creator of Pan Jia world." Ji Hao breathed deeply and whispered to Netherworld Hierarch by using his spirit power, "I sneaked into Pan Jia world once and met Pan Jia, attaining a lot from her. That sun in Pu Ban City, she gave it to me with her great power."

Netherworld Hierarch’s face was instantly darkened, twitching in shock. "The creator of a world, how did she, how could she…? How dare she just break into another, completely strange world like this? In our world, her power is suppressed largely. Perhaps, she’s not even as strong as a Senior Magus right now!" murmured him.

Pointing at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, Ji Hao gave a hollow chuckle and said, "Ao Li, the ninth dragon prince, Feng Qinxin, the little phoenix princess…hehe!"

Netherworld Hierarch immediately threw a glance at Ji Hao, then turned to Ao Li and Feng Qin Xin, staring at them as if they were ghosts. Netherworld Hierarch saw ghosts every day, but judging by his facial expression, Ji Hao was sure that he had never seen ghosts as scary as these two.

A dragon prince and a phoenix princess, probably the proudest two living beings in the world, were actually kneeling on the ground, as obedient as slaves.

"They…Are they possessed?" A while later, Netherworld Hierarch mumbled a joke, which was not funny at all.

"I am young and weak, my cultivation is awfully low, and I’ve lost my body. This time, I just want to find something that can rebuild my body. Therefore, I brought this inherited treasure of mine to trade." Pan Jia sighed slightly, then softly stood up from her armchair, gently swaging her long and slim fish tail.

"My friends, if you have any treasure that can rebuild my body, I will trade directly with you…But of course, if anyone intends to bully the weak and rob my treasure…I can only beg you, my friends, to help me."

Pan Jia’s voice was so soft and sweet. Her enchantment flushed the hearts of all living beings on the scene like torrents.

Followed by a long series of metal clangs, the weapons held in those spirit creatures’ hands dropped on the ground one after another. Some of them even sat straight on the ground with softened bodies, face blushed, and saliva flowing out of their mouth corners, motionlessly looking at Pan Jia.

Pan Jia’s stone pillar was located in the furthest corner of the auction house, and was tens of miles away from the stage in the middle. Among all spirit treasures on the scene, some were considerably powerful. For sure, they were able to see Pan Jia’s stunningly charming face from tens of miles away. But shockingly, even the weakest ones, who didn’t have the ability to see things tens of miles away, still had Pan Jia’s breathtaking beauty in their eyes and souls, imprinted in their hearts and minds, such that it could never be erased.

"Beautiful, she’s so beautiful!" The few dark water serpents also softly sat on the ground, eyes fixed on Pan Jia.

"This woman is mine!" A dark water serpent man impatiently waved his fist and yelled, "Whoever dares to lay a finger on her, I’ll kill you!"

"What a shame though, she has lost her body, and now she’s only a soul…Eh, a soul. My brothers, are you preparing to have sex with a ghost" Abruptly, a muscular, hideous crocodile man roared out, "Who has treasures that can rebuild physical body? Hand out, now!"

All spirit creatures in the auction house were enlightened. Together, they yelled out loud.

"No crystals! No crystals! Hand out all treasures that can rebuild physical bodies!"

"Fix this beauty’s body! Fix her body!"

"Now, now, haha, this beauty and the fan, I want them both!"

The auction house was instantly stirred up, as countless spirit creatures shouted and yelled, raising a hubbub.

Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch glanced at each other. This wasn’t right!

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