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The conflict between Ji Hao and the group of dark water serpent was eased at the moment. All spirit creatures on the scene understood, and that water ape had said pretty clearly... Whatever it was, it would be solved after the auction. Then, no one would stop the Dark Water Serpent Family. Even if they truly decided to kill all shrimp warriors in Kui Gate…the others would only watch it, just like watching a show.

At first, some ‘spirit creature kings’ looked at Ji Hao in a weird way, as if they were taking pleasure in his misfortune. They silently expected to see Ji Hao being hunted by dark water serpents. But once the merman started introducing the milkyway soul-splitting fan, no one remembered what happened earlier. Everyone’s attention was caught by this beautiful treasure, which was claimed to be from the secret treasury of the Dragon Palace.

Judging merely by the appearance, this milkyway soul-splitting fan was quite special. The flowing starlight river glistened on the fan, with countless, different sized starlight swirls spinning in the river like colorful black holes, that could empty one’s soul once one looked at them.

"Milkyway soul-splitting fan, a cherished treasure from the Dragon Palace, a true world-accompanying spirit treasure." The merman looked at all ‘spirit creature kings’ in the surroundings and stated all powers and functions of this treasure fan, which even made those ‘kings’ drool.

This fan was incredibly powerful. Once it was fanned, a torrent of starlight would be released. Wherever the starlight torrent swept across, all souls, primordial spirits, ghosts, and other forms of spirits, would be gone. More importantly, this fan was able to guide its owner to master the ‘void-disintegrating aurora’. The fan could serve as a media, and connect its owner and the starlights from all natural stars in the world, to help its owner to learn this special magic. By mastering this magic, one would be able to transform his or her body into an inexhaustible aurora, shifting into any form or splitting into countless extremely thin beams of light, which could even shatter the sky and destroy the whole world.

This magic was also an advanced cultivation method. The power a cultivator could attain through it was thousands, even tens of thousands of times greater than the powers of these self-cultivated ‘spirit creatures kings’ on the scene.

To these ‘kings’, the most attractive thing about this fan was the fact that it could gather essence starlight from the whole world to slowly yet ceaselessly improve the bloodline of its owner. Holding the fan for the long term, the bloodline of its owner could even be improved to the level of the first generation of dragon. In other words, the owner of this fan had a chance to be as powerful as those legendary ancient creatures, like the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command!

The merman gave all the information about the fan with a soft, gentle voice. All spirit creature in the auction house had fallen into a deathly silence. All of them were breathing deeply and heavily, their passionate eyes fixed on the fan.

This fan was not only a greatly powerful supreme treasure, it also provided an advanced method of cultivation, which could even upgrade bloodlines, promoting an ordinary spirit blood to the level of powerful ancient beings. Any of the three functions possessed by the fan was tremulously tempting to these spirit creatures.

The milkyway soul-splitting fan combined all three functions above, which gave it an unreasonable allure.

Suddenly, a dark water serpent man leaped up and growled hoarsely, "Which d*ckhead brought such a treasure to the auction? Idiots! How much is this treasure for? How many crystals? We will empty out pockets for it! The treasure is ours!"

All dark water serpent men on the scene started yelling and shouting, but this time, no ‘spirit creature kings’ chimed in with them.

This precious treasure was way too attractive. Who could bear to let anyone else have it? With this treasure, even the lowliest shrimp warrior could have a chance to become an enormous monster, as strong as Dark Water Serpent, the great ancestor of the Dark Water Serpent Family!

‘Spirit creature kings’ breathed deeply and heavily. Scorching hot airstreams puffed out of their nostrils. Like mad bulls, they widely opened their red eyes while staring at the others in the auction house.

They made a good decision to attend this auction. In fact, this was the best decision they had ever made. If they missed this treasure, they would regret for the rest of their lives!

It was genuinely a supreme treasure from the Dragon Palace. Such a precious treasure had actually appeared at the auction held in the Kui Gate area, and so soon at that. Which black sheep would bring such a treasure to an auction? And those powerful beings who controlled this auction behind the scenes, why would they put this treasure up for the auction?

"A true treasure. This milkyway soul-splitting fan is destructively harmful to all kinds of spirits and souls. By spending a small effort, I can nourish it for a while with the netherworld power, and it will be able to serve as a supreme netherworld treasure." Netherworld Hierarch chuckled and said, "Therefore, I am bidding for this treasure."

Ji Hao looked at Netherworld Hierarch. Seeing his brightly sparkling eyes, Ji Hao knew that Netherworld Hierarch truly had his eyes on this treasure.

Wasn’t that obvious? Netherworld Hierarch worked with souls and spirits all day, and this highly destructive fan especially aimed at souls and spiritual beings. Even if this fan were useless to Netherworld Hierarch, he would never let anyone else have such a dangerous treasure.

Nodding smilingly, Ji Hao said to Netherworld Hierarch, "Elder, since you like it, I don’t think anyone in this room can win against you!"

On the stage, the merman excitedly gave the starting price of this fan — A hundred million top-grade crystals, or equally valuable natural treasures. But right after that, the merman gave an additional condition, which almost drove those ‘spirit creatures kings’ crazy.

Even if the successful bidder paid with enough crystals, without the permission of the original owner of the fan, the bidder would still not be able to collect the fan. However, if anyone offers a natural treasure that can arouse the feeling of the original owner, the deal could be made immediately, and no crystals would be needed.

‘Spirit creature kings’ yelled out in anger. What kind of deal was this?

This treasure was brought to the auction with the starting price of a hundred million top-grade crystals, but how could the owner give such an unacceptable additional condition, like pulling the whole deal back in the end?

The few dark water serpent men ferociously waved their arms and feet, shouted and cursed, requiring the treasure owner to show up and give an explanation. The strongest dark water serpent man yelled, "Are you fooling us? Eh? What kind of rule is this? If you can renegade at any time you want, what’s the meaning of this auction?"

A bone-piercing cold power stream was released from a stone pillar, which was located in a corner and wasn’t so eye-catching. On the stone pillar, a cloud of watery mist dissipated, exposing tens of figures in different shapes and sizes.

A jade armchair was placed on top of the pillar. A translucent mermaid slantingly lied on the armchair, supporting her chin with her right hand, her deep blue eyes sparkling with a cold light. Blandly and frigidly, she swept across all spirit creatures on the scene with those eyes, and instantly started a long-lasting silence.

"I am Pan Jia. I brought the treasure to this auctions. It’s my treasure, so how I sell it is my own business." Pan Jia smiled faintly. That breathtakingly smile softened the bodies of a large number of ‘kings’ in the auction house, making them thud on the ground.

"My friends, if the treasure you offered satisfies me, this milkyway soul-splitting fan will be yours. If you can’t…" She chuckled and continued, "You can try to take it with violence too. After all, I’m a weak little girl. What can I do?"

Ji Hao stared at Pan Jia, frozen in shock.

The owner of Pan Jia world, the ‘saint’ who created Pan Jia world in the Chaos… She was a terrifying being, at the level of Pan Gu!

She, she, she had actually left Pan Jia world and sneaked into Pan Gu world!

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, the dragon prince and the phoenix princess, that Ji Hao hadn’t seen for a long time, were now obediently kneeling beside Pan Jia, serving her like slaves!

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