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"Elder?" Ji Hao looked at Netherworld Hierarch, asked, "Do you have such a treasure?"

"I do!" Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao, responded, "Why? Do you want to do something to her?"

Ji Hao smiled, then glanced at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin and nodded slowly. Those two were bad-tempered and never adorable, but after all, Ji Hao sent them into Pan Jia world. Reasonably, he shouldn’t watch anything bad happen to them and do nothing.

Netherworld Hierarch understood. He too glanced at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, and murmured, "Dragons and phoenixes are the proudest, also highly protective of their young generations. If they knew that their kids were being insulted by someone else like this… hehe."

Abruptly, Netherworld Hierarch’s ears flicked, and eighteen extremely thin strands of dark mist flashed across in a row. He smiled, then stood up, slowly walking to the edge of the stone pillar. H waved his left hand and released a strong, bone-piercingly cold dark gust of wind from the long, broad sleeve of his dark robe. That large sleeve was even hanging down to the ground.

The dark gust of wind spread out on the ground, and transformed into a series of foot-tall whirlwinds, swishing around and brushing against the feet of those spirit creatures like darting little ghosts, bringing everyone a sharp coldness.

Those spirit creatures sensed nothing else but a strong coldness drilling straight into their heads through the bottoms of their feet. They quivered intensely. Soon, their skins were covered in a thin, black layer of ice. They tremblingly looked at Netherworld Hierarch, but none of them managed to say a word.

Their tongues were frozen; even their souls were paralyzed by the extreme coldness, and their minds were slowed down by at least a thousand percent. Even if someone stabbed them with a dagger at this moment, they would have to spend a long while to make a sound.

Standing on the stage in the middle of the auction house, the water ape raised his head. His vividly red long fur stood straight up as he glared at Netherworld Hierarch and yelled harshly, "Old b*stard, what’re you doing? Is this a place for you to mess around? This is…"

"Noisy!" Netherworld Hierarch glanced at the water ape.

Facing these spirit creatures, Netherworld Hierarch wasn’t as polite as he was to Ji Hao. He sneered and pointed out his finger. All of a sudden, the water ape paused, and a dark mist puffed out from under his feet. Next, he was sealed solid in a giant piece of dark ice.

As Netherworld Hierarch turned around his palm, a crimson blood ganoderma mushroom with a thousand leaves appeared in his hand, releasing a warm aroma, coiled in thin strands of blood-red mist. Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure exactly how old this ganoderma was, because its two-foot-long stem had already grown into the shape of a human infant.

The infant-shaped stem was lifelike, with clear eyes, nose, and mouth, hiding under the thick leaves, with its chest heaving slowly and slightly, looking just like a real baby who was deep asleep. From time to time, streams of blood-red mist would flow out of the baby’s mouth. The aroma in the air grew stronger and stronger. All living beings sensed the aroma suddenly felt a boost in their spirit blood.

Countless eyes were fixed on the blood ganoderma on Netherworld Hierarch’s hand. Judging merely by the appearance of this blood ganoderma, one would know that this was definitely a rare, precious natural treasure.

A faintly sensible spirit creature power emerged. In the air, hazy figures showed up one after another, each releasing a strong power vibration. Suddenly, an earth-shaking spirit creature power could be sensed, following which, a hundreds of miles long dark water serpent descended.

It was Dark Water Serpent, the great ancestor of the Dark Water Serpent Family. He greedily looked at the ganoderma and shouted, "My friend, if you give me this blood ganoderma, in the future, you will have a good position in the heaven."

Netherworld Hierarch smiled, shook his head, and said, "Dark Water Serpent, who do you think you are? Gong Gong? Piss off! If you dare to ruin my plan, I will take away your life!"

Dark Water Serpent was infuriated. He hissed out his tens of miles long fork tongue, piercing straight towards Netherworld Hierarch’s head.

Netherworld Hierarch gave a resonant shout. Eighteen blood-red light beams darted up and merged into a blood-red blade, slicing towards the forked tongue. Dark Water Serpent hurriedly took back his tongue and cursed with a very dirty language. Then, he twisted his body, broke the space, and fled away, disappearing without a trace.

"Who else dares to try?" Netherworld Hierarch coldly glanced at the group of extra powerful spirit creatures, who showed up suddenly in midair.

Watching Dark Water Serpent be frightened away by one move of Netherworld Hierarch, these water-kind spirit creatures glanced at each other and shook their heads. As strong winds and dense clouds roared and rolled in the air, these powerful spirit creatures left one after another.

Seeing Dark Water Serpent be scared away by a single strike from Netherworld Hierarch, none of the other spirit creatures on the scene dared to say a word. Especially those Dark Water Serpents who had grown a hatred against ‘Summer’ —Their great ancestor was frightened away by Netherworld Hierarch, while ‘Summer’ was sitting right next to Netherworld Hierarch. ‘Summer’ was an enemy, but how could they ever defeat an enemy like this?

"Girl!" Netherworld Hierarch gave Pan Jia a big grin, just like a wolf grinning towards a chicken, then said, "Let’s find a quiet place and complete the deal, shall we? I heard that this time, more than one treasure from the Dragon Palace will come up for the auction, right? I’d like to trade this blood ganoderma for all those!"

Pan Jia fixed her eyes on the blood ganoderma in Netherworld Hierarch’s hand without blinking.

She carefully sensed the aroma suffusing the air, then nodded. Indeed, a fairly pure and strong spirit blood energy, containing an incredible, unimaginable power of creation was exuding out of it. With this blood ganoderma, Pan Jia would definitely be able to build a perfect, strong physical body.

Smiling faintly in satisfaction, Pan Jia nodded slowly and responded, "You are right. We do need to find somewhere quiet to complete the deal. This time, I’ve come to the right place."

Pan Jia waved his right hand towards the air. From the tray carried by the two clam girls, the milkyway soul-splitting fan rose into the sky, transformed into a torrent of starlight, and merged into Pan Jia’s hand. Next, following a series of ear-piercing cracking noise from magic seals which were violently broken, seven colorful light streams flew out from a corner of the auction house, and flew into Pan Jia’s hands in a row.

Chasing after those colorful light streams, tens of human beings, water-kind spirit creatures and Xiu Clan masters flew out fretfully. Seeing the lights disappear in Pan Jia’s hand, White Feather, who rushed up the first, shouted in panic, "Lady, you…Why are you taking these treasures back for no reason?"

Pan Jia smiled, then leered at White Feather and chuckled, "These are mine. I can sell them when I want to, and I can surely take them back when I feel like to…What does it have to do with you?"

White Feather and people behind him paused simultaneously. Pan Jia sounded very reasonable, but also so unreasonable.

How could she do this? Where was her respect to the behind-the-scene bosses of this auction? How could she just do whatever she liked? She hadn’t been taking White Feather and the others seriously at all!

"Lady, I’m afraid you have to explain this to us…Eh? Netherworld blood ganoderma?"

While taking to Pan Jia, White Feather abruptly saw the thing held in Netherworld Hierarch’s hand. Immediately, the five eyeballs of his nearly popped out from their sockets. Not only him, the other few Xiu Clan masters behind him also turned to look at Netherworld Hierarch passionately.

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