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The great salvation seal drilled into Ji Hao’s body, broke the protective screen of his spiritual space, and burst inside.

A dragon, a tiger, a lion, a mammoth, four tens of thousands of miles long, enormous figures showed up in his spiritual space, roaring thunderously. The dragon was cyan in color, having a pair of rings, coiled in fierce wind gusts and thunderbolts. The tiger was white, and had strong swords standing on its neck, with the fur as sharp as blades. The lion was formidable, wrapped in a golden fire and treading on a burning red lotus. The mammoth had six tusks, and it carried a giant bottle, with a lotus blooming on top of the bottle, seeming to support the whole universe.

The four enormous creatures roared ferociously towards Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit and the six embryos of Dao. A terrifying spirit power generated a destructive black hurricane, which rolled up dragon-like bolts of lightning, striking in Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

As long as they shattered Ji Hao’s spiritual space and then rebuilt it with their spirit powers contained in the great salvation seal, the four men would be able to turn Ji Hao’s spiritual space into a permanent cage, to seal Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and embryos of Dao for good. After that, with the great salvation seal, with their own strong will powers and their great spirit powers, generated from their piousness and passion towards their sect, the four men would create a spirit torrent that could reach to every corner of Ji Hao’s soul. Motivated by the supreme magic created by Priest Mu, they would flush, corrode, wear down, and assimilate Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and embryos of Dao. At last, they would forcibly turn Ji Hao into a devout believer of their sect!

Rapists assaulted the bodies of innocent girls, and this great salvation seal was an assault on the souls of cultivators!

"Willingly or not, once the seal is released, you have to become our disciples. Generation after generation, after countless reincarnations, you will work for our sect, serve our sect, forever and ever, and you will never betray!"

"Kneel!" The dragon roared at Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit.

"Join us!" The White tiger shook its head, bared its sharp teeth.

"Evil creatures, you are born as sinners. Join our sect, and your endless sins will be eliminated!" The lion’s eyes shone with a bright fiery light, while a raging fire burst from the red lotus under its paws, burning Ji Hao’s spiritual space and creating countless cracks in it.

"We have boundless peaceful linden worlds and vast lotus worlds in our sect. You won’t sense any more pain, hardship, or sin. You will no longer be connected to your past or future; you will never suffer the bitterness of reincarnation, nor the horror of death and netherworld. Join us, and you will live happily ever after!" The six-tusked mammoth swung its long trunk and tried to persuade Ji Hao with a smile on its face.

The power vibration of the four enormous creatures suffused the entire spiritual space, while the black hurricane they created turned Ji Hao’s spiritual space into a mess.

That green crystal hand slowly approached Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and embryos of Dao. The closer it got, the larger it grew, and the stronger was the pressure it released. When the crystal hand gradually pressed on Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and embryos of Dao, the pressure it released had already condensed into an almost tangible, cyan-colored clear layer of light. Due to the hand, Ji Hao’s spiritual space started to shatter like a crystal mirror.

Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao raised their heads and looked straight at the great salvation seal, which was descending from above.

It was a supreme powerful magic created by Priest Mu, cast by the four men joint-handedly. Each one of the four was stronger than Ji Hao. They had cultivated themselves for thousands, even tens of thousands of years longer than Ji Hao had. They were all powerful ancient beings, true core disciples under Priest Mu’s guidance. They were absolutely not the same as those weak, nominal disciples that Ji Hao met before. They were powerful enough to rival Po, Gui Ling, and the other elder disciples of Yu Yu. However, they chose to join hands and to bully Ji Hao, a young one, who hadn’t even completed his first century of cultivation.

"Priest Mu…your disciples are pushing this too far!" Embryos of Dao didn’t need to breath, but same as Ji Hao himself, each of his six embryos of Dao took a long gasp out of habit.

Following a thunderous, rumbling boom, a violent Chaos power burst open the protective screen of the spiritual space, drilling in along with countless bolts of Chaos thunder. The Pan Gu bell was hiding in Ji Hao’s lower belly. Sensing the bloodcurdling power vibration released from the great salvation seal, the bell flew into the spiritual space and released Chaos power streams, which wrapped up Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and embryos of Dao.

The six embryos of Dao glowed dazzlingly. Different colored light emitted from the six embryos of Dao and interwove with each other, merging together. The mysterious man’s giant figure silently emerged in the spiritual space. Treading on a misty cloud, he spread his arms as much as he could, and made a fierce-looking posture.

"Little guy, are you afraid of them? All magics in the world are fake. Strength is real, is supreme, can break all magics!"

"What are magics? Sorceries? All bullsh*t! With strength used in the right way, you can even punch this whole world into two, not to mention a single magic, right? Follow my move… After the sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish…I created the fifth move, ‘all living beings reincarnate’!"

The mysterious man laughed out loud madly. His voice generated a bright blue light, dazzling all over the space. Wherever the blue light reached, the dark hurricane created by the four giant creatures was dispelled, and the shattering spiritual space was fixed instantly. The rampant power vibration released by the four creatures was suppressed completely, that they were now huddled in the air, without being able to move, like four frightened little rabbits.

The mysterious man launched the ‘sky-opening’ move first, then the ‘earth-splitting’. Right after that, he made the move of ‘everything-grow’, and next, he slowly launched the ‘everything-perish’. After the four moves, he slowly drew a large circle around himself with his arms, which looked like a Taiji diagram. By doing this, he combined the four moves perfectly.

Before, Ji Hao used to launch the combined move of these four moves. But the combined move created by Ji Hao was not complete. Instead, it was like four separate iron bars tied together, seeming to be a whole piece, but were actually divided. Different from that, the combined move created by the mysterious man now was like melting the four iron bar into liquid, and truly, momentarily, merging them into one. Four indescribable, mysterious senses of power erupted, and burst forth with an unprecedented thriving life-force.

Watching the mysterious man’s moves, Ji Hao’s six embryos of Dao growled out together. A cloud rose from the head of each embryo of Dao. The six clouds merged into a thousands of meters tall, strong figure, which followed the mysterious man’s moves and launched the ‘all living beings reincarnate’!

The brightly glowing, green, tens of thousands of meters tall great salvation seal was stopped by the move the six embryos of Dao launched together; it paused in the air.

Buzz! Tens of thin cracks appeared on the seal. As the six embryos of Dao burst with a bright shout, the powerful great salvation seal was shattered into pieces, turning into countless strands of extremely pure, cyan-colored soul power light spots, drifting in all directions. Before these cyan-colored light spots could reach far, the five-colored cauldron popped out and swallowed all the light spots.

The four enormous creatures howled simultaneously. The thousands of meters tall figure launched a heavy punch from tens of thousands of miles away, crushing the four creatures. The five-colored cauldron flipped over happily, and immediately swallowed the shattering bodies of the four creatures.

On the street, Ji Hao slowly opened his eyes, and let out a turbid, hot long breath. A series of bone creaking noise could be heard from his body. As he launched the ‘all living beings reincarnate’ move, his physical strength was improved by a whole thirty percent. Within a moment, he completed his cultivation based on the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns.

The four men stared at Ji Hao as if he were a ghost from hell. Each letting out a mouthful of blood, they sat straight on the ground with softened legs.

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