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Those spirit creatures crying and howling in surrounding suddenly fell into silence; Netherworld Priest’s twitched his face intensely, while Ji Hao popped out his eyes, speechlessly and looked at the four men.

Ordinary people could be averagely shameless, but these disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, they had completely no sense of shame at all. Or probably, they had already cultivated themselves into the unbelievable level, that the sense of shame no longer meant a thing to them.

By casting the ‘blood pool ghost cry’, Ji Hao injured the flood dragon man. Didn’t that mean they were enemies? Yet, they said that Ji Hao was destined to be one of them, trying to brazenly drag Ji Hao to their side. Clearly, they witnessed Ji Hao’s great powers and abilities, and now, intended to persuade him to join them as a fighter, and to follow their orders!

"Hehe, hehe!" Ji Hao chuckled. Holding his hands behind his back and bending his waist, he taunted, "What do you mean by I’m destined to be one of you? Did my old wife accidentally lay four extra eggs back then and hatched you four silly kids? Eh? Are you gonna call me Abba?"

The four men were shameless. Ji Hao wasn’t talking with his true face, so he wouldn’t worry about his reputation for sure. Even if he screamed dirty words and rolled on the ground like a blackguard from the gutter, he would be hurting the reputation of ‘old crayfish Summer’, instead of his own. Whatever he did as ‘old crayfish Summer’ wouldn’t have anything to do with Ji Hao, the famous Marquis Yao!

Thinking of this, Ji Hao was even a bit proud. Priest Hua gave him the results of the great Dao of evolvement; which was such a great opportunity for Ji Hao to attain another great Dao, and also made him much more thickskinned than before. Somehow, Ji Hao felt that even though the defensive effect provided by his shamelessness was still far weaker than Priest Hua himself, it was already much stronger than the Pan Gu bell now.

Hearing Ji Hao’s unscrupulous abuse, all spirit creatures in the surroundings laughed out loud, even including the ones who had still been vomiting blood, or had already been forced back into their original shapes. Instantly, shrill screams and shouts could be heard from everywhere. These spirit creatures’ voices were all extremely unpleasant to hear. Many spirit creatures were injured by the flood dragon man earlier, and had partially lost their cultivations. Now, they mainly cursed out loud in rage.

All spirit creatures yelled out hysterically, hoarsely, and shrilly, and asked Ji Hao to kill the four men right on the spot. They even swore to crush and chew the four men, inch by inch.

The four men slightly dropped their faces. They cared nothing about the curses of those spirit creatures at all. In their eyes, they were like dragons flying in the sky, who would never care the thoughts of tiny ants living underground. But Ji Hao’s words enraged them.

Eggs? Crayfish kids?

"My friend, your talking style will get you killed sooner or later. You better join us, and come under the protection of the supreme power, of our Master Shifu. Only in this way can you live happily and safely forever." The flood dragon man said with a deep voice, while abruptly raising his right arm.

"Brothers, this friend should be one of us, but sadly, he is blinded by worldly desires. He doesn’t know how to free himself and turn to the right path. Today, let us sweep off his dust, lead him back to where he belongs, guiding him to join us!" The flood dragon man roared. Beside him, the tiger man, lion man, and the mammoth man growled out together resonantly. Next, their right palms shone with bright lights, in the colors of yellow, blue, red, and cyan.

Amidst the colorful lights, countless faintly visible linden seeds hovered in the sky, swirling like windmills. Gradually, every single leaf transformed into a vividly green spell symbol. Countless spell symbols merged together and became a crystalline, green hand.

This green hand flicked its fingers, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. Every single move made by this hand seemed to reveal all the secrets of the world, such that one would look at it without even wanting o. Watching every tiny move made by this hand, one would slowly feel that the hand was growing larger and larger, gradually filling up the entire world. At last, even the entire universe would seem to be held in this hand.

Holding the world, holding the entire universe in one hand... Human beings were as tiny as dust, floating in the universe, facing the vast space, and could be crushed at any time. From the soul to the physical body, to the original soul, nothing would remain in the world at last. One would be shaking, quivering; one would be frightened, despairing, because the dominating power from the universe would be speedily eroding the soul, body, and original soul.

Ji Hao was shaking slightly. Four green crystal hands created by the four men pressed down to him simultaneously, and he suffered the most direct pressure.

As for the thousands of spirit creatures in the surroundings, they took a mere glimpse at the four crystal green hands, maybe saw a slight movement of the four hands, before they were frozen. They felt like they were standing right before the great Dao of nature, which existed ever since the start of time. Their lives, things that happened in their previous lives and current lives, flashed across their eyes. They saw the things that made them regret the most, gave then the worst sadness and bitterness, which happened in their long or short lives.

Remorse, pain, sadness, despair, all negative moods attacked their souls like tidewater and struck their original soul, threatening their true spirits. Their true spirits were like a swaying candlelight in a hurricane, that could die at any time.

A voice was telling them over and over again, ‘Lives are bitter, this world is sad. Reincarnation is the cruelest punishment. Once you fall into the reincarnation, you will never be free. Join our sect, believe us with all your heart. This is the only way you can be saved, be free and be safe forever.’

Following a series of thudding noise, thousands of spirit creatures kneeled on the ground. The fierceness in their eyes was gone. They had dull smiles on their faces and confusion in their eyes. They kowtowed to the four men and worshipped them. By now, deep down their hearts, they were already seeing the four men as their great Shifu, and would even die for the four men!

"The sea of bitterness is boundless. Turn around, it’s never too late to mend! My friend, you are destined to be one of us. Why don’t you join us? What are you waiting for?"

The four men cast another resonant growl while the four crystal green hands flew out from their palms. The four crystals hands merged together and became a human-head-sized hand, releasing an overwhelming, sacred power vibration, while descending towards Ji Hao’s forehead.

"This is the great salvation seal. It solves all your confusion, saves all living beings in the world. It will lead you to freedom, my friend. Please, join, believe us!" With proud grins, the four men watched the seal slowly fall towards Ji Hao’s forehead, approaching the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows inch by inch.

This was a ‘supreme’ secret magic, newly learned by the four men. By casting this magic, they could turn the thoughts and wills of their target with a pure spirit power, forcing the targets to join the sect.

Because of this greatly powerful magic they learned, they excitedly came to the nine water gates area, to seize the opportunity and drag more of relatively stronger spirit creatures into their sect. These spirit creatures wouldn’t have a chance to become the core members of the sect, but serving as guards and fighters would be more than enough.

They were looking for fighters, the more the better. Therefore, when casting the seal to Ji Hao, they didn’t try to restrain the spreading power at all. As a result, thousands of spirit creatures in the surroundings were affected as well.

Thousand of spirit creatures had already devoutly kneeled on the ground, and became the most loyal disciples.

Along with a suffocating pressure, the great salvation seal touched Ji Hao’s skin, seeming to drill into his body.

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