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To cast the great salvation seal, one needed to input the greatest devoutness and passion towards the sect into the seal, thus forcibly affecting the targets and turning them into true believers and followers. To achieve such an effect, the performer had to invest all his or her spirit power and passion into the seal.

With the ‘blood pool ghost cry’, Ji Hao broke the flood dragon man’s ‘dragon roar’. Therefore, the four men dared not to underestimate Ji Hao. They joined hands and cast the great salvation seal. Each of them had input a half of their primordial spirit power in the seal!

By launching the fifth move newly created by the mysterious man, Ji Hao perfectly combined the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish. Violently yet accurately, he destroyed the great salvation seal directly.

The five-colored cauldron never showed a sign to spare their primordial powers. After the seal was destroyed, all powers and energies contained in the seal were devoured by the cauldron. The cauldron didn’t just absorb ordinary powers, but it also absorbed the original primordial spirit power that the four men gained through thousands of centuries of severe cultivations. In order to gain that original primordial spirit power, they worked so hard on the great Dao of nature; they spent so many efforts, which could even allow them to plant a lotus in a raging fire.

The four men had their legs softened. They fell to the ground, because they suddenly lost a half of their original primordial spirit power. In other words, their cultivations were downgraded directly by fifty percent!

"Evil thing!" The flood dragon man stared at Ji Hao with red eyes.

"Damn you!" The tiger man roared towards the sky, with tears sparkling in his eyes.

The lion man and the mammoth man didn’t say a word. Instead, they gripped their cyan wooden staffs with their left hands, with blood veins bulging from the backs of their hands. They quivered intensely as they stared at Ji Hao. Their gazes were like countless sharp daggers, seeming to even poke Ji Hao into a sifter.

Losing a half of original primordial spirit power so suddenly made the immeasurable power inside the four men vibrate violently. With their current cultivation level, they could no longer freely control their great power. Visibly, golden strands of glowing mist puffed out of their pores, merging in the air and spreading a pure and thick aroma.

"You… should die!" The four men supported their bodies with their wooden staffs and slowly stood back up from the ground. The golden glowing mist puffed out of their bodies ceaselessly. They glared at Ji Hao and hollered in chorus, "We were wrong. Thickheaded living beings do exist in this world. Even though we widely opened our gate, you will not get the chance to join us anymore!"

Ji Hao flicked his fingers. The ‘all living beings reincarnate’ move was so magical that earlier, when he launched the move, he felt like swallowing a whole calabash-full of top-grade divine magic pills. He sensed an enchanting comfort from his body, primordial spirit, and embryos of Dao, from every pore of his.

It was as if some meridian corners inside Ji Hao’s body were always jammed earlier; sensible or not, certain obstacles existed inside his body. But, the moment he made the ‘all living beings reincarnate’ move with all of his power, all meridians were unimpeded and all obstacles disappeared.

All powers he had, the physical strength, the primordial spirit power, the spirit blood power, all of them had merged together into one. Nothing was different now.

Furthermore, the six embryos of Dao seemed to begin having some kind of interaction, such that every now and then, magical ripples of the great Dao had been spreading out from them. Ji Hao didn’t need to cultivate himself severely with great concentration anymore. Instead, his embryos of Dao were now generating the power of the great Dao, just like a tiny world, and the great Dao was operating and developing itself. By now, his cultivation of Dao was improving, although slowly, but without a break.

Launching the ‘every living being reincarnate’ move, Ji Hao now felt that he was truly different from what he was before. Before, the secret of Pan Gu world’s great Dao of nature was like a sealed blackhole, with no opening, not even a crack. But after he launched the move, he found a tiny crack on the protective screen of that blackhole, and through it, the true Dao of Pan Gu world was excitingly approaching Ji Hao.

Ji Hao didn’t pursue the great Dao this time. On the contrary, the great Dao ‘pursued’ Ji Hao!

So magical! Ji Hao felt like he was walking upon the clouds in the heaven, such that he couldn’t help but smile. Sadly, at this moment, he was an old crayfish named Summer, and that smile looked pretty hideous on his old crayfish face. In the eyes of the four men, this old crayfish was laughing at them.

The four men roared out in anger. They stomped their feet against the ground, then cast a secret spell in chorus. Because their primordial spirits and embryos of Dao were injured seriously, they had lost the control of a part of their powers. Now, with a supreme magic created by Priest Mu, they forcibly converted that part of power into a strange energy. Visibly, the cyan-colored, scorching hot energy streams sparkled like melted crystal, speedily flying into every corner of their bodies. Under the four men’ skins, countless linden leaves could be seen.

With that supreme magic, they converted their powers into ‘linden true marrow’. Pouring the marrow into their own bodies, they built ‘unbreakable linden bodies’ for themselves. This was the highest body strengthening magic Priest Mu taught his disciples, and only true core disciples could learn this. However, all Priest Mu’s core disciples valued their cultivations the most. After all, their cultivations were the foundation of their great Dao. Who would waste their laboriously gained cultivation on a body-strengthening magic?

This time, because of Ji Hao, the four men lost a half of their cultivation, and consequently, they also lost the control of a half of their power. The four men quickly made up their minds. Rather than letting their power dissipate into the air, they decided to use it to build ‘unbreakable linden bodies’. In this way, even though they were weakened largely on the level of the great Dao, they would gain ‘unbreakable linden bodies’ with an incredible defensive power and a thriving life-force. Their actual battle effectiveness wouldn’t go down. In fact, in battles, they might be able to gain a lot of advantages with their well-strengthened bodies.

At the very least, their ‘unbreakable linden bodies’ had a nature of green, and could be counted as the top-grade strong, pre-world bodies with the green power. With the green power, no wind power or thunder power could hurt even a hair of them. In the future, they wouldn’t need to be afraid of any wind power or thunder blasts anymore.

Within a couple of breaths, the four well-cultivated men completed their conversion to ‘unbreakable linden bodies’. They burst with a great growl, swung the wooden staffs held in their left hands, and smashed down towards Ji Hao’s head, causing a shrill swishing noise.

Ji Hao grinned viciously. According to the locations of stars, he made a special step, leaving a long shred of afterimages in the air as he dodged the mad series of attack launched by the four men. Laughably, the four men were indeed powerful on the level of great Dao, but their fighting skill was…Ji Hao could only describe that with the word ‘rubbish’. They had no skill at all! They were just simply swinging their staffs downwards, as heavily as possible.

"You…Except for that great salvation seal…What the hell can you do?" Ji Hao laughed out loud, carelessly taunting the four men.

Because of the cultivation loss they suffered earlier, their powers were still fluctuating abnormally. At the moment, the four men could barely cast even the simplest magic. Instead, they could only hit and miss with their great physical strengths. Hearing Ji Hao, they could do nothing else but grit their teeth and continue smacking.

Gradually, Ji Hao clenched his fists. Aiming at the vital parts of their bodies, Ji Hao was preparing to launch a lethal attack!

He had already killed countless disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. What was the worst that could happen if he killed four more? For an unknown reason, after launching the ‘all living being reincarnate’ move, Ji Hao somehow gained a deeper insight into life and death. By now, he cared even less abut the lives of his enemies!

In this very moment, a pressing voice could be heard.

"Ahyaya! Mr. Summer and the four gentlemen here, we’re all friends. Stop fighting, stop, please, stop now!"

Following the scream, White Feather rushed over with a large group of guards.

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