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It was indescribably, unspeakably beautiful.

Glancing at that transparent, stunning sphere in Priest Hua’s heart, Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao trembled in his spiritual space. He couldn’t help but want to fly into that light, like a flying moth wanting to fly into a blazing fire.

The Pan Gu bell rang again. Ji Hao felt cold, as cold sweat poured down his head in streams, making him quiver. The bell ring echoed around his ears, and Ji Hao felt that someone had poured a bucket of ice water straight down on his head. As he calmed back down, his embryos of Dao were stabilized.

He dared not to take another glance at that light. He sat in midair and crossed his legs, quietly looking at Priest Hua, who was sitting in the giant lotus. What happened to Priest Hua? He was curious about it.

Priest Hua was one of the most powerful few in Pan Gu world.

According to Yemo Shayi’s memory, when the non-humankind being invaded Pan Gu world, a few top-grade powerful none-humankind beings once crossed the space and came to Pan Gu world to fight powerful beings in this world. Estimated by those powerful non-humankind beings, Priest Hua and Priest Mu had reached the stage of ‘immortality’ back then at least.

So-called stage of immortality meant a cultivator had attained his or her final result of the great Dao. At this level, the soul of this cultivator coexisted with the world itself. Even if the world was destroyed and the soul died, the original soul would still keep existing, which meant this powerful cultivator could still come back alive.

In other words, even if the Pan Gu world is destroyed completely, Priest Hua would still have a chance to live. He was such a powerful being. Therefore, Ji Hao was very curious about what happened to him. Earlier, he vomited blood, and now, something seemed to happen to his heart of Dao.

The heart of Dao…Ji Hao clicked his tongue. By now, he felt that his heart of Dao was as strong and sturdy as steel. It was pure like a crystal, perfectly stainless and flawless. Based on his current cultivation level, his heart of Dao was perfect.

He had no way to find out the level of Priest Hua’s heart of Dao, but he could imagine. In Ji Hao’s imagination, Priest Hua’s heart of Dao wouldn’t be shaken even if he watched the flowers bloom and wither, the oceans dry and the continents sink, or the sky collapse, the earth split, and the universe die.

What could shake his heart of Dao?

Priest Hua was surrounded by layers of lotus petals. Bright lights flashed across those petals, while a deep spell incanting voice could be heard. Those petals released beams of colorful light, and on each petal, layers of swiftly spinning images emerged.

Ji Hao saw clearly that the images emerging above each petal were similar. At first, mountains rose from the earth; nine-hundred, ninety-nine-story towers stood in the middle of those images, reaching to the sky like the Buzhou Mountain.

Next, in the east, south, west, and north, a shorter tower emerged in the multicolored light. Earth powers, fire powers, wind powers, water powers; all natural powers were released from the four short towers. Soon, soil, fresh water, breeze, sunlight, all natural elements were generated.

A short while later, tens of thousands of new, tiny worlds emerged on those petals.

Priest Hua’s face twisted, then those tiny worlds began moving. The earth quaked, and more mountains rose; the grounds sank, and rives, lakes, and oceans emerged. The storms started, as the rainwater nourished the soil, and then all kinds of plants began growing under the warm sunlight.

Linden woods were broad, and lotuses bloomed on the water surface.

Beautiful and rare plants were growing in those linden woods, and golden fishes were swimming happily in the water.

Silvery tinkles could be heard from those images. Breezes blew across linden woods, making jade-like leaves tinkle against each other. The tinkling noise was peaceful and beautiful, which could make people concentrate on the cultivation of Dao, and make all desires fade.

Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened. Was this that legendarily great magic that he had read about from a Daoist scripture in his previous life?

Coughing slightly, Ji Hao started talking with a deep voice, "Priest Hua, nice trick. So many illusions... The world in each illusion is tens of millions of miles wide…Did you take Boy Chen’s spirit bead?"

Back then, Gong Gong sent a group of Chaos monster to kill Si Xi, and Boy Chen was one of them.

Priest Hua was knowledgable and experienced, so he surely knew about Boy Chen. Hearing Ji Hao call those small worlds on his lotus petals ‘illusions’, Priest Hua opened his eyes and threw him a complicated glance. "Ignorant little kid, this is my spirit magic, in combination with…with the secret, supreme outer space magic, generating ‘supreme peaceful lotus worlds’! A petal, a world; a petal, a peaceful realm…In the future, all disciples of our sect can come into my peaceful lotus worlds to cultivate themselves. They will no longer be disturbed by the evilnesses in the world, nor suffer natural disasters and natural trials. This magic if the foundation of the bright future of our sect!"

Priest Hua sneered scornfully, then pointed at Ji Hao and taunted, "What is that Boy Chen? Nothing but a Chaos monster. How could his illusion trick ever be compared with my supreme magic?"

Breathing deeply, Priest Hua continued proudly, "In the future, all living beings can live in my peaceful lotus worlds and be happy forever, without natural disasters, diseases, coldness or starvation…And I, will attain immeasurable natural reward!"

Ji Hao coughed again and said, "This magic of yours sounds indeed great. But you said that it’s a combination of your own spirit magic and a secret outer space magic. Hehe, as I thought, you have indeed colluded with those sky devils!"

Priest Hua’s face suddenly twisted viciously. He stared at Ji Hao and yelled, "How dare you! Stupid little kid, what do you know? My brother and I travel across the universe for the final result of the great Dao. Faintly, we sensed those sky devils. Their magics were powerful, so we…"

Priest Hua’s face twitched. He couldn’t finish speaking.

Ji Hao clapped his hand and laughed out loud, "That day in Southern Wasteland, Priest Mu denied the fact that those sky devils were brought to this world by him on purpose. Finally, you have told the truth. You brought these sky devils to Pan Gu world intentionally, and let them rag in this world. You even colluded with them and plotted against our humankind!"

Ji Hao stood up and pointed at Priest Hua, sneering as he continued, "Look at what you’ve done. How’s your heart of Dao now?"

Priest Hua’s face was still twitching. The bright light in his eyes dimmed, but he narrowed those eyes and stared straight at Ji Hao. Laughing in a weird tone, he said, "What do you know? Those sky devils, we brought them here on purpose to cultivate the hearts of Dao of our disciples, and help them master the great evil-suppressing magic. What do you know? Those things, how can they…"

Before he finished, Priest Hua vomited blood again.

Along with a strange melody, a beautiful girl showed up in the peaceful lotus world, on each lotus petal. Those girls were singing and dancing, airily flying all over the sky. Simultaneously, on top of the tallest tower in each lotus world, a strangely-shaped, brightly glowing tall silhouette appeared.

"Priest Hua, my friend, you’re in my hands now!" said a voice from Priest Hua’s heart.

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