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That voice came out of Priest Hua’s body. What that voice said was simple and ordinary, but enchanting and irresistible.

Hearing this voice, Ji Hao felt that the world in his eyes was suddenly illuminated. Suddenly, the dark sky, misty water surface, and the storm, were all gone, without a trace. Green mountains and water, warm sunlight, and fruit trees were everywhere, with red, yellow, purple, and light-green colored ripe fruits hanging on the branches.

A gently flowing stream was in front of Ji Hao. Flowing in the stream was not water, but milk. This was a true milk stream. Ji Hao looked around and found a few more streams in the front, with honey, oil, goat milk, or wine flowing in it. One could find all the most delicious, nourishing things, and the best liquor in these streams.

Pan Gu world was cold and sad. The sunlight had been absent for a long time. The air was moist and freezing, which made Ji Hao feel cold from his bones.

But right now, Ji Hao felt nothing but comfort and warmth. His clothes were made from luxurious silk, as soft as the palms of a little girl. Ji Hao raised his head and saw a great red sun, shining brightly and warming up the whole world. Somehow, Ji Hao felt this sun wasn’t bright enough. But right in the next moment, the sun shone brighter, and the air was even warmer.

Ji Hao looked around and felt a bit lonely.

Instantly, silvery laughter could be heard from the fruitwoods in the surroundings. Faintly, he saw the slim bodies of many young girls in the woods. Large groups of birds flew into the sky, singing beautifully, without sounding noisy at all.

Refreshing aroma of grass and fruits suffused the air, mixed with the aroma of wines and honey flowing in the streams. The air in this world was so sweet.

"Mister!" Someone called Ji Hao.

Turning around, Ji Hao saw beautiful girl looking at him smilingly, holding a bouquet of pink roses. The girl stood by a honey stream, under a tree with golden loquats, wearing a thin veil. She had shiny dark hair and eyes glowing like stars; her lips were red like fire, and teeth were shiny white.

"Mister, my sisters and I are playing a game in the woods. Do you want to join us?" The girl smiled sweetly. Ji Hao looked around again. He looked at this perfect world and this flawless girl, then suddenly quivered. His skin was even covered in goosebumps.

He fell into such an illusion, but he wasn’t confused. He was tightly connected with the Pan Gu bell, and through the ‘eye’ of the bell, he clearly saw that he was still floating in the air, in the wind and rain. Everything before his eyes was not real.

He clearly remembered that before he was dragged into this illusion, he heard the voice come from Priest Hua’s body. Fortunately, his embryos of Dao were under the protection of the Pan Gu bell. Otherwise, he would have sunken in this illusion already.

"How powerful!" Ji Hao quivered again and sighed with respect.

Opening his mouth, Ji Hao released a golden light beam and a silver light beam, which coiled together and violently penetrated the girl’s chest. The girl paused. She lowered her head, looking at the bowl-sized wound on her chest,then screamed, "Mister…"

"Piss off!" Ji Hao burst with a thunderous growl.

Ghost screams could be heard from all directions when Ji Hao growled out. The surrounding fruit woods suddenly turned into woods of blades and swords. Tender grasses on the ground became countless dried bones. Flowing in those streams were no longer honey, juices, or milk. Instead, it all became stinky blood with a thick layer of blue fire on the surface.

Those beautiful girls in the woods turned into badly decayed corpses. Their faces were mostly decomposed, but their halfway decomposed eyeballs hung around their eye sockets, rolling along with their moves.

These skeletons still had dirty wisps of hair on their heads, moving like snakes as these skeletons jumped to Ji Hao.

Looking at these filthy skeletons, Ji Hao took a deep breath. He dared not to release his embryos of Dao in this illusion. Instead, he could only activate all of his power. A thunderous boom was generated. From Ji Hao’s chest, red light shone, then expanded to hundred-miles within a blink of an eye. Strong, pure, positive essence sun fire burned all over the sky, causing a ceaseless sizzling noise. From around Ji Hao’s body, a rainbow-colored flame rose, which burned out some strange, faintly sensible power in the air.

"Evil things, piss off! You can never shake my heart of Dao!" Ji Hao’s eyes shone dazzlingly as a clear light illuminated the sky. Ji Hao saw a faint seven-colored mist in the air. He couldn’t grasp that colorful mist with his spirit power and his human eyes, but he could see it with his erect eye of Dao that was cultivated by Yu Yu and Priest Dachi.

Following Ji Hao’s growl, Priest Hua quivered intensely.

The giant seven-colored lotus he sat on started to shake slightly. In the peaceful lotus world on each petal, a strong golden light was generated, dazzling towards the strong creature on top of the tallest tower.

However, the oddly-shaped creature in each lotus world laughed out loud and remained completely unmoved under the golden light.

Following a long series of metal-clangs, fire sparkles flashed out from their bodies, but no wound was left on them.

That voice talked again from inside Priest Hua’s body, "Priest Hua, my friend, why are you struggling? Many living beings have fallen in my hands, and most of them died… even those world creators, not to mention you, my friend."

Before Priest Hua responded, that voice’s owner started paying attention to Ji Hao.

"Such a positive, passionate power. It burns all evils. Is it the great Dao of sun in this world? My little friend, you are so talented. I am Great Freedom… Are you willing to follow my lead? If you are, you will be benefited greatly."

"Great Freedom?" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes.

"Call me Holy Master Great Freedom, or Sky Owner Great Freedom." Great Freedom laughed in a gentle tone and continued, "Open your heart and let me gift you a supreme seed of Dao, then you will gradually learn the reason why you should follow me."

Ji Hao sneered, and Priest Hua burst with a resonant roar, which sounded like the roar of a lion.

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