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Ji Hao waved his sleeve. The nine dragons chariot emitted a blinding light, flashing backward for over ten-thousand miles while he stayed motionless. The Pan Gu bell released streams of Chaos power, which shielded his entire body. Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao flew to Priest Hua.

High up in the air, from thirty miles away, Ji Hao looked at Priest Hua, who had a thin stream of blood on his mouth corner.

Priest Hua let out a mouthful of seven-colored, sparkling blood. The blood fell from the sky, dropped into the vast water. An enormous three-headed boa dashed over and swallowed the blood.

The water surface was white while the sky was dark. The heavy rain made everything hazy. Strong gales lashed on everything in the world along with large raindrops. After swallowing Priest Hua’s blood, the three-headed boa trembled suddenly, then three giant boa heads reached out of the water surface. A golden light spread out from its heads to its tail. Within a blink of an eye, the boa’s scales all turned golden.

The boa’s scales were originally sticky and dark, looking a bit evil. But, after being swept across by the golden light, all the shapes of all scales changed into a shield-shape, and they turned crystalline, looking even sacred.

A dragon roar could be heard. The body of that three-headed boa suddenly expanded to tens of thousands of meters long. Within a very short span of time, the body of this boa changed thoroughly. It became a three-headed golden dragon and flew into the sky.

The dragon hovered in the sky. Gales grew stronger and dark clouds gathered together; dazzling thunderbolts flashed across the sky, shredding all the dark clouds.

Ji Hao and Priest Hua were thirty miles away from each other. They looked at each other while the shining golden dragon flew into the higher sky between them. Countless water-tank-sized thunderbolt descended from the sky and struck violently on the dragon’s body. This lucky boa became a dragon so quickly, it seemed that even the world couldn’t stand it. It intended to kill it with those thunderbolts.

A seven-colored flame burned out of the dragon’s body. Along with shrill howls, the dragon’s body was burned into a strand of ash. A sphere of colorful light flew out of the dragon’s burning body and quickly condensed into seven-colored beads.

Priest Hua pointed out his finger. Following his move, these beads flew into his sleeve. The power vibration released from these beads was strong and pure. Scanned by Ji Hao’s spirit power, these beads looked even like the blazing summer sun. Priest Hua covered his mouth with his left hand and coughed slightly.

"Something is wrong with you." Ji Hao hid his hands in sleeves, looking at Priest Hua blandly.

"Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?" Priest Hua dropped his hand. A few seven colored drops of blood slowly flew down from between his fingers. When the blood was dripping down, it glowed and also turned into seven-colored beads, then flew into Priest Hua’s sleeve.

"Is talking to you such a big deal that I need someone to give me the courage for that?" Smilingly, Ji Hao shook his head and said, "Besides, something is very wrong about you, don’t you know that?"

Priest Hua stared at Ji Hao with a dark look. Being stared by him, Ji Hao sensed the surrounding space was freezing, and even time had stopped. The whole world seemed to have become a cage because of Priest Hua’s gaze.

Ji Hao couldn’t sense any natural power anymore. He sensed nothing but his own body. He felt his physical body, primordial spirit, and embryos of Dao barely, which were like a tiny grain of dust, glowing faintly in an endless darkness.

A pressure came down from everywhere, layer by layer. Ji Hao could be crushed by this pressure at any time.

The Pan Gu bell rang itself strongly and resonantly. The bell ring dispelled the pressure, shattering the frozen space and stopped time.

Originally surrounding Ji Hao, the darkness faded away like tidewater. Ji Hao saw the dark sky, white water, and endless rain again. A strong gale blew across Ji Hao’s body along with countless water drops as Ji Hao realized that his back was covered in cold sweat.

"Good treasure!" Looking at the Pan Gu bell, Priest Hua sighed and said, "Qing Wei took a small half of Buzhou Mountain, and the rest of the mountain was made into this bell by you, right?"

Before Ji Hao answered the question, Priest Hua slightly shook his head and continued, "It was indeed the remains of Pan Gu, a supreme treasure. With this bell on your head, I’m afraid that my brother and I cannot hurt you easily in Pan Gu world, unless we make some solid efforts for that.

"Therefore, you shouldn’t send your disciples to die…" Ji Hao laughed, "What is the enlightening dew?"

Ji Hao changed the topic too suddenly. Normally, Priest Hua wouldn’t answer any question asked by Ji Hao, but he was obviously in a wrong state right now. Hearing Ji Hao, he responded almost subconsciously, "My brother took the powers of those not so talented non-human disciples under our guidance. Those disciples had shallow foundations, and were far away from the great Dao…"

Priest Hua seemed to be slightly struggling. His body trembled, and his face twitched obviously.

"My brother combined a sky devil magic and his own power to create a peaceful lotus world. He guided those untalented disciples in, then took ninety percent of the powers of their primordial spirits and embryos of Dao, and their life-force. With my brother’s own natural reward power and spirit fire, he purified what he took, and te final product is called enlightening dew."

"The enlightening dew contained the foundation of the great Dao of our sect… It can be considered as the seed of our great Dao. Every single drop of enlightening dew contained an immeasurable amount of power; it was extremely pure and powerful…After those disciples reincarnated, they would be empowered with the enlightening dew. With the enlightening dew, they would regain ninety percent of their previous life cultivation within ten years."

Priest Hua’s eyes shone with a strange light as he murmured to himself, "My brother had told me about this long ago! Those disciples should die and reincarnate in this flood…but, I shouldn’t gather them up… I shouldn’t order them to kill you with all their powers…I shouldn’t, shouldn’t let you destroy all their original souls."

Locking his right fingers together, he gently knocked his temple, then continued murmuring with a bitter look, "I shouldn’t have made a mistake like this…Tens of thousands of disciples, tens of thousands…Those were not our core disciples, but every one of them was capable and powerful…They were all good disciples. How could they…"

All of a sudden, Priest Hua screamed shrilly out, then shouted hysterically, "What is this?! What is this?! A sky devil holy seed?! Why do I have this in my heart of Dao?!"

"Sky devils, when did you do this to me? You, you…"

Priest Hua suddenly sat on the ground and crossed his legs, trembling intensely. A giant lotus with tens of thousands of petal bloomed in the sky and shielded Priest Hua in the middle.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and looked at Priest Hua. He saw a fist-sized colorful sphere of light slowly spinning in Priest Hua’s heart, beautiful and transparent like a crystal.

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