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Those doors created by the all worlds monument had been swiftly switching positions. Countless doors flew around Ji Hao and his friends, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air, silently creating a dazzling golden glow.

From time to time, a large group of priest would walk out from those doors and release sword light beams, thunder-flames, or other attacks. Some threw out all kinds of treasures or weapons to attack Ji Hao and his friends. The space seemed to collapse, and Ji Hao felt like he was in the middle of a black hole, with bright light streams pouring down straight on his face.

The nine dragons chariot was shaking intensely. Waves of fiery clouds surged out and turned into strong defenses that shielded the whole chariot. Sometimes, the chariot suppressed the monument. Attacks launched by those priests failed to break the chariot’s defense, and ended up bumping on the fiery clouds, blasting into a heavy light rain while causing thunderous booms.

Sometimes, the monument suppressed the chariot. All weird kinds of attack struck direct onto the chariot, towards Ji Hao and his friends. Ji Hao let the Pan Gu bell release Chaos power streams to protect everyone. Heavy strikes landed on the bell and generated thunderous noises, shattering all surrounding warm clouds.

Jia Clan warriors guarding around the chariot helplessly watched all this happen. Jia Clan warriors were good at close combat, but knew nothing about all kinds of magics. They had no clue about such a giant-scale formation.

The non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world. Xiu Clan people were responsible for dealing with all kinds of formation, and these Jia Clan warriors didn’t need to use their brains at all. At the moment, facing the infinitude lotus world and the all worlds monument, these Jia Clan warriors were almost driven crazy.

Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Shaosi, Taisi, and Man Man could do nothing either. Those priests kept flashing out of those random doors. They attacked swiftly and then disappeared immediately, which left no chance for anyone to strike back.

Feng Xing pulled open his bow and released over ten-thousand arrows at one time. Those arrows swished out, yet the space was twisted by the monument, which made his arrows fly windingly. He aimed at those priests, yet before they could touch them, they had already disappeared again in those doors.

Lotuses rose from the ground. Strong forces lingered on those arrows. Feng Xing watched those powerful arrows be coiled in colorful light streams and slowly shredded into pieces and bits.

Seeing Feng Xing’s arrows all ground up, Yu Mu chuckled, patted on his large belly, and said, "Don’t waste arrows. Those are all money…Let me try!"

With a dark face, Feng Xing dropped the bow, crossed his arms over his chest, and looked at Yu Mu. Yu Mu gave a glance at the right-front. Tens of doors in that direction opened. A large group of priest rushed out together, and activated a transparent, colorful glass bottle. It released thousands of fist-sized crops of ‘three light divine water’. Those water drops transformed into thunderbolts, striking towards Ji Hao and his friends.

‘Three light divine water’ was the magical product condensed from the essence lights of all stars in the sky. It was especially heavy, and almost as powerful as the essence of Yin.

The thunderbolts transformed from the three light divine water was soft yet strong, and could hurt people without a sign. This kind of a thunderbolt would hurt the souls and primordial spirits instead of physical bodies. It was negative yet not evil; it was a descending, strong natural power, that could highly suppress all kinds of evils.

Thousands of bolts of splendidly colorful thunder struck on the chariot and generated a series of popping noise. Dense fiery clouds around the chariot shattered, while hundreds of Jia Clan warriors around the chariot were hit by the explosive force and forced to vomit blood. Their two pairs of large eyes were almost shaken out of their eye sockets.

"Good treasure!" After years of traveling and fighting with Ji Hao, Feng Xing and Yu Mu had grown their ability to recognize great treasures. Seeing that giant glass bottle and so much three light divine water, their eyes were even glowing.

Without saying a word, Yu Mu raised the Disease God streamer and released a wave of gray mist containing countless tiny locusts, silently approaching those priests who had been controlling that bottle joint-handedly.

Those priests attempted to turn around and run immediately back into those doors once they released a wave of thunderbolt. However, the bottle was way too heavy, and obviously, they couldn’t control it freely. They had to combine their powers to activate the bottle. Therefore, they were unavoidably slowed down. But those locusts flew out from the Disease God streamer were as fast as lightning. Along with a barely sensible toxic mist, these locusts soon approached those priests.

But when those locusts were only around thirty meters away from those priests, a door suddenly showed up before them, and the large group of locusts flew in and disappeared.

Those priests shouted out together, boosted up their powers, and dragged that giant bottle into the door behind them.

"Eh!" Yu Mu showed a shocked look on his chubby, round face. He stared where those locusts disappeared, and couldn’t say a word for a long while.

Shaosi knitted her eyebrows and threw a violent elbow strike on Taisi’s back, who was still in a daze.

All of a sudden, Taisi was dragged out of some ‘inexplicable state’. Wiping the saliva from his mouth corners, he looked around confusedly, said, "Eh? Are we taking the beating? No, this can’t be. No one can bully us!"

Taisi pulled out a white bone wand and started a weird dance on the chariot. While dancing like twitching, he incanted an ancient and mysterious spell.

Behind him, a faintly sensible power vibration spread. Meanwhile, a dark, hazy shadow emerged. Even by taking a quick, unnecessary glance at that shadow, one might feel that one was doomed. The shadow glanced around, then raised his arms, and sent an invisible curse power to those doors.

A deep, long howl descended from the sky. Nine strangely shaped sky devils silently showed up and incanted a spell together towards the sky. Seven-colored light streams poured down from the sky. Around the chariot, golden datura flowers bloomed.

The pistils of these flowers had been spinning swiftly. Tremendous forces firmly blocked the curse power released by the dark shadow and pulled it back, attempting to drag it into those flowers.

Taisi’s face suddenly turned pale. He screamed out shrilly, then a sharp beam of light flashed across the eyes of the shadow behind him. Deep, thunderous roars came from every direction, while the curse power was raised by one thousand percent.

The nine sky devil quivered; they were shaken, and almost fell down from the sky. Within a bright glow, the other nine sky devils showed up one after another, combined their powers with their friends, and generated more datura flowers, fighting against the curse power.

Datura flowers bloomed suddenly, then withered suddenly. At the same time, all the eighteen sky devils and the dark shadow behind Taisi had been shaking intensely.

Behind Taisi was Si Ming, a fallen devil god. With his slight trace of original soul that remained in the world, he created a shadowy body for himself and shielded Taisi and friends from a whole eighteen sky devils at the level of ‘Zun’!

Ji Hao released that clear light again from his erect eye. When Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Taisi fought against the infinitude lotus world, he activated the golden bridge, which shone the entire space with the clear light, and had been darting in and out of those doors.

"I found you! All worlds monument, big deal?" Ji Hao laughed, while the golden bridge dazzled with a bright light, wrapped up the chariot, and suddenly disappeared.

The next moment, the chariot reappeared on a giant lotus.

Standing before the chariot were Priest Corpse, Gold Water, and a few others.

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