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The all worlds monument was a pre-world supreme treasure that could disorder the space and turn the universe upside down.

Within the warm clouds, countless doors were faintly visible. Every door led to a lotus world created by the monument itself, and every world was dangerous. More importantly, whichever door one chose to walk in, one would always be under the monument’s control.

This was an exit-less maze. Once one fell into this maze, his life would be decided by whoever was controlling the monument.

Ji Hao stopped the chariot, silently observing the surrounding area. Once the all worlds monument was activated, the pressure he sensed became hundreds of times greater. The warm light grew brighter, with lotuses blooming in it. From each lotus, a golden beam of light was darting up, within which was a muscular man or a beautiful girl.

Those muscular men roared like beasts, vibrating the nine dragons chariot. Those flying beautiful girls were holding all kinds of instruments, dancing and playing, releasing waves of soul-shaking, magical power. Everyone who saw these girls would feel dizzy, as if even their soul was being drawn away by them.

Slight voices came from the air and sounded like snowflakes landing on the roof, flower buds blooming in the spring, or devout believers asking the sky about the secret of the universe, late at night, with low voices. One would feel that his heart was hanging on a thin thread, and through the thread, one could hear a soft, gentle, beautiful melody.

One wouldn’t be able to help oneself and want to listen to the melody; one would be forced to do so.

Listening carefully, one would hear nothing, nothing real. Therefore, an intense curiosity would be triggered. The deepest desire buried in one’s heart would be embalmed, burning and controlling the primordial spirit with a strong, evil power, until one’s bones, blood and flesh all burned out. When one woke up, his cultivation would be gone, and the primordial spirit and embryos of Dao would be dead.

From Ying Zun’s memories, Ji Hao found a sky devil magic similar to what he was looking at right now. This was called ‘primordial-spirit-devouring devil sound’, the most often used one. With this magic, sky devils could hurt their targets easily, who wouldn’t even realize what happened. This was a cruel, and especially evil magic.

"Duo!" Raising both hands in a multicolored cloud, Ji Hao clapped them loudly and cast a spell with a low voice. In the air, the faintly audible voice started fading. With the magic he learned from Ying Zun’s memory, Ji Hao interfered with the ‘primordial-spirit-devouring devil sound’ pretty seriously.

Yuan Li was almost hunted by the ‘primordial-spirit-devouring devil sound’. In panic, he burst with a shout, raised his whip, and madly lashed on those chained priests. He seemed to be waking up from a nightmare, as he was covered in cold sweat, with his primordial spirit soaked in a great fear. Therefore, he didn’t restrain his power when lashing those poor priests. Those priests cried in pain and struggled for their lives on fiery clouds, with broken bones.

"Ji Hao, you will die today!" Priest Corpse’s bright voice came from all directions, "You are trapped in our infinite lotus world. You have no chance to run. Why don’t you kneel and surrender? What are you waiting for?"

Gold Water’s voice could also be heard, "Ji Hao my friend, if you surrender, we will treat you well as your brothers. Just hand out all treasures you have. You killed so many of our brothers and sisters, so hand out your treasures, and we will accept your apology."

Ji Hao sighed. ‘Can Priest Mu and Priest Mu’ disciples ever have a bigger goal? Why do they never forget about my treasures?’ thought Ji Hao.

But thinking of Priest Hua’s greedily glowing eyes when he saw any treasure, Ji Hao realized that he couldn’t blame those disciples for that. After all, their two Master Shifu never had a bigger goal either.

"Do whatever you can. Let’s me see what Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ disciples can do. Don’t use those nasty sky devil magic and humiliate your Master Shifu for nothing."

With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao held the sword, looking at the boundless warm light and clouds around him as he laughed aloud, "Why are you fighting with sky devil magics? Aren’t you ashamed?"

Hissing laughter echoed in all directions. The eighteen sky devils were hiding in unknown places and laughing. They sounded enchanting, as every chuckle they made could shake your primordial spirit and take away one’s life-force.

Ji Hao gave a deep shout and defended against the laughter of those sky devil with the same magic.

"My friends, please hold for a second. We cannot let a kid despise us. My brothers, together, let’s show this kid what we can do."

Following a shout of Priest Corpse, from all the surrounding doors, three-hundred and sixty doors glowed, and from each of those, nine priests walked out, holding longswords. They bowed to Ji Hao, and each launched a hack forward, then turned around and disappeared in those doors.

The all worlds monument quaked slightly, and fiery clouds around the chariot exploded all of the sudden. The chariot was shaking slightly, but all of a sudden, thousands of sharp sword lights penetrated the space, and even the defense of the chariot, merging into a lotus while descending towards Ji Hao and his friends.

Ji Hao was stunned. Could the all worlds monument actually break the defense of the nine dragons chariot?

Even though Ji Hao wasn’t powerful enough to fully release the chariot’s power, the all worlds monument held in Gold Water’s hand was way too powerful! No wonder these disciples of Priest Hua and Preist Mu were so confident about killing Ji Hao.

The sword light lotus dazzled down, as Ji Hao burst with a roar and prepared to defend against it with the Pan Gu bell. But before him, Man Man made her move.

Sixty-four human-head sized, purple-red beads flew out of Man Man’s sleeve, along with a sky-devouring fire. The fire condensed into a flaming door above the heads of Man Man and her friends. The door was embossed with dragons and phoenixes, and all kinds of legendary creatures with a nature of fire.

"Man Man, are those given by the man your Abba sent you the last time?" Ji Hao surprisingly raised his eyebrows. Days ago, Zhu Rong unexpectedly sent a man to Man Man, who brought her a lot of things. Ji Hao asked because he never saw Man Man using these purple-red beads before.

The flaming door opened, and a ferocious beast head roared out, widely opening its jaws and biting on the sword light lotus. The lotus clanged resoundingly, then collapsed into sword light beams as it fell into the flaming door. Those sword light beams were no longer fierce and lethal.

"Yeah, yeah, those are sky flaming beads sent from my Abba. Interesting, interesting!" Man Man laughed and waved her hand, sending the sixty-four beads to a door.

"Man Man, be careful!" Ji Hao failed to stop her. Man Man sent out those beads, then saw the door sparkle with a strange light. All the sixty-six beads flew in, but nothing happened after that.

"Hehe, nice treasures! Thank you, my dear friend. In the future, our brothers and sisters will certainly use these well!" Priest Corpse’s laughter came from a long distance away. He couldn’t even hide his delight.

Ji Hao’s frowned. Looking at Man Man’s badly shocked little face, he released a clear stream of light from his erect eye.

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