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A hundred-miles wide golden lotus had been emitting a warm and comforting light.

Gathered in the middle of the lotus were Priest Corpse, Gold Water, and around twenty other priests, who were all at the same level. With glowing eyes, they looked at the sixty-four flaming beads floating in the air.

Waves of heat had been spreading from those human-head-sized beads. Priest Corpse and his brothers and sisters gathered in here were all powerful ones, but even they couldn’t stand the heat, and had to cast a cooling spell or activate fire-proof treasures to protect themselves.

The all worlds monument floated above those beads. If the monument wasn’t there to suppress those beads, they would have cracked the space and escaped long ago. But still, those flaming beads had been constantly releasing dazzling fiery light beams, stirring up large ripples in from the air, and even on the surface of the monument.

"Such powerful treasures are indeed rare to see!" Looking at those beads, Priest Corpse’s eyes even turned greedily green.

"Brother, you were an ancient corpse when you started your cultivation. Treasures with pure positive powers like these are naturally against you." Gold Water looked at Priest Corpse, said seriously, "These…"

"You’re right, brother Gold Water." Another priest interrupted him smilingly. This priest was wearing a long coarse shirt, with a dark wood hairpin stuck in his hair bun. The dark wood hairpin was inlaid with a thumb-sized, fire-red gemstone. "These precious beads have a purely positive power. They are powerful treasures of fire. These should belong to our young brother, Priest Flame."

Priest Flame hurriedly bowed to all his brothers and sisters and said bitterly, "Brothers, sisters, you know me. I was a strand of spirit flame in the Chaos. Luckily, I learned about the great Dao. However, I wasn’t born strong. I have indeed managed to transform into a human shape, but I am like a tree without a root, water without a source. I still need a physical body, a real body!"

Swallowing his saliva, Priest Flame looked at those flaming beads pitifully and said, "I can plant my true spirit in these precious beads and turn these into a physical body of mine. Then, I will finally have a solid foundation for my cultivation!"

Some priests, including Priest Corpse, sneered but remained silent.

A while later, Priest Corpse said in a dry voice, "Priest Flame, even you know that you are not strong enough. Since you are not strong enough, these precious beads would be misused in your hands, wouldn’t they? Why don’t you let me turn these into a drought zombie spirit bead? I have the confidence to add another supreme treasure to the world!"

The faces of the other priests all twitched. Priest Corpse was good at making all weird kinds of zombie and puppet, but no one thought that he would be powerful enough to make legendary ones like a drought zombie.

If he truly turned these flaming beads into a drought zombie spirit bead…that would be his very own treasure, that no one but himself could activate and control. Even if he did turn these beads into another supreme treasure, would that have anything to do with any of the others?

Glancing at each other, Gold Water shouted out first. Following him, a quarrel was started. Everyone wanted these flaming beads, wanting to turn these beads into an important, spirit treasure.

For these beads, Gold Water even forgot to keep an eye on the all worlds monument. No one cared what exactly was happening in the infinitude lotus world now. This great formation built by the eighteen sky devils and themselves was greatly powerful anyway, and Ji Hao and his friends could never run away from it.

Compared with killing Ji Hao, these highly valuable flaming beads right before their eyes were obviously more important.

While arguing, a five-colored glow flashed in. A sky devil with an eagle head and a human body and six pairs of wings showed up above the group of priests and yelled with a deep, grim voice, "What are you doing? That kid has already…"

With the power of the all worlds monument, this sky devil directly showed up on the golden lotus, which was the core and the controller of the entire great formation.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao activated the golden bridge and dazzled across the space. He broke all magic seals with the golden bridge’s magical power and instantly darted through countless doors with the giant nine dragons chariot and over ten-thousand people, reaching the golden lotus as well.

Ji Hao was a second later than the winged sky devil. Before the sky devil finished his sentence, rumbling fiery clouds descended, and the giant chariot suddenly appeared from a bright clear light, falling like a mountain.

Mr. Crow stood on top of the chariot, spread his wings, and cawed towards the sky. The chariot sensed Mr. Crow’s pure Gold Crow bloodline and instantly dazzled with a blinding golden light. It raised a sky-burning fire that stirred up scorching hot airstreams, roaring towards the group of priests.

"Ji Hao! How can you be in here?!" Priest Corpse, Priest Flame, Gold Water, and all the others screamed out loud in shock. Their faces were twisted, their smiles frozen. They stared at Ji Hao, stunned, unable to believe their own eyes.

Tens of strong spirit powers reached to the chariot. Priest Corpse and the other priests dared not to believe their own eyes. Therefore, they released their spirit powers to see if they had fallen into some kind of high-level illusion.

Ji Hao sneered closed his eyes. His left eye turned golden, and right eye turned silver. Then, he opened his erect eye. In that eye, a golden light and a silver light wove into a Taiji diagram. Following a buzzing noise and golden, silver lights, an especially sharp spirit power had already reached forward.

He swallowed the original souls of Ying Zun and the other four ‘Zun’-level sky devils in a row. Although he hadn’t managed to absorb all the five originals souls, his embryos of Dao and primordial spirit had improved amazingly. His understanding of the great Dao of sun and the great Dao of Yin had now reached a much higher level.

His spirit power was highly concentrated now, looking like crystal. Wave after wave, his golden and silver spirit power spread out like sharp blades. The golden spirit power was burning hot, while the silver spirit power was freezing cold. The golden and silver spirit power flashed out, bumping against the spirit powers of Priest Corpse and the other priests

In his spiritual space, in the core area of this red sun primordial spirit, which was now half in size, the silhouette of a longsword flashed across.

A thought popped up in Ji Hao’s mind. He opened his erect eye, and his spirit power began spiraling, merging into thousands of meters long, silver and golden sword, that looked exactly like the Taiji divine sword.

Once again, Ji Hao combined the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish. The enormous long sword hacked down along with a frigid beam of light, generating a shrill howl. Blood spurted out of the eyes of all priests as they trembled and drew back as quickly as they could.

Those priests felt that their embryos and Dao and primordial spirits had been hacked into pieces by Ji Hao. Dark, gray, or colorful mist puffed out from their heads. The relatively weaker ones, such as Priest Flame, had already sat on the ground, twitching and howling, seeming to be completely crazy.

"The sword of wisdom will kill the evil in your hearts." murmured Ji Hao, "This sword of mine is created for the evils, desires, and all the distracting thoughts in your hearts. Call it ‘heart-examining sword’!"

Before Priest Corpse and the others could catch their own breaths, Ji Hao wielded the Taiji divine sword and released a sharp beam of sword light, sweeping across the entire area. Priest Corpse and Gold Water screamed out loud while their heads flew up into the sky. Two bleeding embryos of Dao darted out of their broken necks.

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