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A big half a year had passed after what happened in Fei Water City.

Ji Hao did some optimization and integration of all powers and resources he had. Based on the right of being in charge as any occasion required, the right that Emperor Shun gave him, and with the power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao had been traveling all over Midland.

Nests of water-kind creatures were flattened one after another, and water-kind armies were slaughtered. Strong, enormous water-kind spirit creatures, even Chaos monsters, were killed by Ji Hao. People worshipping Priest Hua and Priest Mu were forcibly moved out of their villages and sent into flood-control troops. Cities and towns controlled by Priest Hua and Priest Mu were broken one by one, and all their citizens were enslaved.

There were other people like Ji Wu as well, some earls and marquises. They were born in rich families with noble bloodlines, but with the lure of stronger powers and longer lives, they were fooled by disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and became their disciples as well. The territories of these people were taken down by Ji Hao, and all wealth they had were sent into the public treasury in Pu Ban City, to be used on the flood-control mission.

All people who lived in those territories were enslaved by Ji Hao and sent to the frontline.

No matter what excuse or reason or grievance they had, males, females, kids, old ones, all who had betrayed the spirit of human beings and hindered the flood-control mission when they should be fighting the flood with everyone else were cruelly sent to the frontline by Ji Hao. Even thought among these people, some were old and weak, and some were newborn infants, even through some of them would certainly die in the front line, they were all sent away to fight.

"Heavy penalties in rough times... I don’t care about my reputation! The future of the humankind is all that matters! Everyone who betrayed the humankind should die!" After Fei Water City, Ji Hao broke Yin Mountain territory. Facing hysterical curses from tens of millions of people, he flew up into the sky, holding the Taiji divine sword, he shouted thunderously. His voice quaked the sky and the earth, and shocked these people in the hearts. No one could ever say a bad word to him after that.

The flood was waving restlessly.

Dead water-kind creatures floated on the water. Large numbers of dead snakes and serpents released toxins before they died, which corroded the corpses in the water and created a horrible odor.

Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi and the others sat on the nine dragons chariot. Leading thousands of powerful Ji Clan warriors, Yemo Shayi guarded around the chariot. Thousands of thumb-sized, cyan-purple chains were grabbed in Yuan Li’s hands. At the moment, this ape was smirking loudly, while lashing a priest with a dragon-tendon whip thunderously.

Hearing a sudden whip snap, on the other end of a chain, a priest, whose neck was locked by the chain, trembled intensely. The whip lashed on his back and left a three-inches-deep bleeding wound, which was almost splitting his entire body into two.

"Priest Wuna, do your job! Quick! Or, I will beat you to death and then feed you to the rats!" Yuan Li was wagging his head proudly as he laughed to thousands of priests, who were all locked by chains.

Ji Hao sat on the chariot, expressionlessly looking at those priests.

All the way, he broke tens of thousands of cities, towns and villages and over a hundred super-scale territories. At least two to three disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu were stationed in each village, town and city, and tens to a hundred in those super-scale territories.

When those cities, towns, villages, and territories were taken over by Ji Hao, most of those disciples refused to surrender, and were killed. Even their original souls were crushed by the cauldron.

But, around five-thousand of them were controlled by Ji Hao with a special magic.

Ji Hao cursed these people’ souls. With the help of Shaosi and Taisi, he used the cruelest dark soul curse on them. They were also poisoned by Yu Mu with three to five thousands of, different types of magic poison. Not only that, Yu Mu had also taken a slight trace of their original souls into the Disease God Streamer, which meant, the lives of these people were in Yu Mu’s hands.

Added with the deadly soul curse Ji Hao created with the cauldron, these priests were perfectly controlled by Ji Hao, and were being used by him as tools. Whipped by Yuan Li violently, all of these priests howled in pain. With strong voices, they howled, then incanted a spell and locked their fingers together. Waves of magic power were released from their bodies. Warm mists rose, and lotuses floated in the air. From the warm mist, a rain of golden light fell and landed on the dirty, stinky, water surface.

Ji Hao had just carried out a massacre in this area. Together with Yemo Shayi, with the help of Man Man and Shaosi, added with thousands of Jia Clan warriors, a giant water-kind army was wiped out in this place. Even the weakest one among those Jia Clan warriors was at the level of half-step Divine Magus.

Corpses piled up, and toxins spread rampantly. If no one did anything about it, the surrounding environment would be severely polluted.

Under this flood was fertile land belonging to human beings. Therefore, Ji Hao could never let the toxins seep into the soil, because that would leave more troubles for the future work.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ disciples were indeed no good people, but they did have the abilities to ‘clean’. The golden light rain fell on the water surface and instantly generated a refreshing aroma. Within a blink of an eye, the dirty and foul water area turned crystal clear, as all dead bodies, toxins, and venoms, became streams of white smoke, puffing up and being blown away by the wind.

When the whole area with a thousand miles in radius was cleaned, a jade token suddenly buzzed in Ji Hao’s hand. Glimpsing at the line of characters that emerged on the token, Ji Hao let the golden bridge out of his forehead, transformed into a clear stream of light, and rolled up his friends and himself as he flashed away, immediately turning into a faint light spot on the end of the sky.

In his journey, Ji Hao had also burned countless portraits of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and looted a giant amount of faith power which should have belonged to Priest Hua and Priest Mu. The faith power was ‘unmarked’ by the cauldron, then saved in Ji Hao’s body. Although he only managed to absorb less than ten percent of it in the past months, his power was already largely improved, and his embryos of Dao were strengthened surprisingly.

Before, he could only take around ten people with the golden bridge. But now, he could take tens of thousands of people flash across the sky. Clearly, he had made a giant progress.

Ten-thousand miles away, a bright clear light descended from the sky. Thousands of priests sighed together, while a raging fire spread in the air. From the fire, the nine dragons chariot flew out.

Down below, in a series of villages on top of a mountain that extended for over a thousand miles, around ten young men with long robes suddenly screamed out loud in panic, "Ji Hao is here! Ji Hao, the slaughterer! Brothers, run!"

Golden beams of light shone to the sky, as these young priests ran desperately towards the south, at their highest speed.

Far away on the water surface, a small-range flood-control troop was staying silent. Warriors in the troop raised their heads, looking at Ji Hao on the nine dragons chariot, with weird looks.

Ji Hao grinned pretty embarrassedly at those human warriors, then glanced at those fleeing priests, sneered and said, "Where do you think you can run? I am just in need of some slaves to help cleaning battlefields!"

The golden bridge wasn’t activated this time. Instead, the nine dragons chariot flew rapidly to those young priests, raising giant, glowing, fiery clouds.

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