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Behind him, a heavy city gate opened on top of the mountain. The leader and a large group of ministers walked out in panic, surrendering the city. The leader of the flood-control troop sighed, then raised his right arm. Under his order, a troop of human warriors marched into the city, captured the citizens, and confiscated a large number of portraits of Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

Wails and cries could hear from everywhere. Over five-thousand priests with necks locked in chains were crying heartbreakingly, their tears shedding like the rain.

They were Qi cultivators. They had been away from all kinds of worldly affairs till now, and were all people of Dao. They had primordial spirits, which meant they would no longer be limited by their physical bodies, and they could all live long lives.

Without suffering any natural or unnatural major disaster, these people could live almost forever. They would be living peaceful and free lives in forests, with their friends and the most beautiful scenery.

Normal human beings were threatened by diseases, wild beasts, and all kinds of natural disasters, along with the non-humankind beings. How could they ever compare with these priests? But sadly, thee poor priests encountered Ji Hao, such a monster, who treated them so cruelly and brutally.

He chained them on the nine dragons chariots like animals. Day after day, these priests were forced to clean battlefields for Ji Hao. Every now and then, their primordial spirits were tortured by the dark curse, while their bodies were suffering from tens of different types of magic poisons.

They couldn’t sleep at night, and they had nothing to eat or drink. Their clothes were ragged, and they were all covered in dirt and stinky smell. When had these priests ever suffered like this? Even back then when they traveled around the world, helping people to earn the natural reward power, they were treated as saviors; they never suffered. Their fingers never dipped in dirty water, and their feet were never stained by any dust.

Seeing Ji Hao driving the chariot, chasing after their brothers and sisters, these priests cried and screamed, "Run, run, run as fast as you can…Do not let Ji Hao catch you…Ji Hao, you cruel, evil little man…Our Master Shifu will never spare your life…You are doomed, you know it!"

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He looked at these noisy priests coldly, then walked to Yuan Li and took over the dragon-tendon whip from his hands, violently lashing these priests.

He didn’t even want to say a word. Engaging in a verbal fight against these disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu? That would be the most meaningless thing to do. To deal with these people, hacking or bashing them directly to death was the most efficient way. Talking? Totally a waste of time.

Ji Hao was much stronger than Yuan Li. The whip landed on these priests and generated shrill howls instantly. The bones of hundreds of priests were lashed broken, which made them fall on the cloud, twitching but unable to move.

The thousands of priests shut their mouths immediately and started hurrying. They were fuelling the cloud with their powers, chasing after their brothers and sisters at their highest speeds. The chains tied around their necks were straightened, such that at first glance, one might even think they were actually pulling the nine dragons chariots forward speedily.

Closer and closer, the nine dragons chariot was less than ten miles away from those fleeing priests. Among those priests, a middle-aged one with long silver break threw a glance back, then suddenly took out a golden and shinning linden leaf magic talisman. As the middle-aged priest waved the magic talisman, it instantly transformed into a wisp of fiery light.

Dense golden clouds puffed out of the light, transformed into a cloudy boat and carried all those fleeing priests up.

Puff! The tens of meters long golden cloudy boat speeded up and left a long space crack in the sky. The cloudy boat was surprisingly fast, immediately darting over a hundred miles away.

"Hmm?" Ji Hao smiled. A linden leaf from Priest Mu? He had killed or captured tens of thousands of Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ disciples, but only a handful of them, who were stationed in super-scale territories, had things like this. Ji Hao didn’t think that these disciples stationed in this small town could have treasures like that.

"How generous, Priest Mu! Does every disciple of his have a leaf from him? Isn’t he afraid that he might run out of leaves and become bald?" Ji Hao laughed loudly. His voice was thunder-strong, and even those priests on the cloudy boat heard it clearly.

The man with a silver beard turned around, straightened his right forefinger and middle finger, and shouted, "Ji Hao, your reckless behavior has ruined the great plan of our sect. You are a sinner. Even though your Shifu is Priest Yu Yu, your life cannot be saved!"

Breathing deeply, he pointed at the front, and continued shouting, "Don’t come any closer! We have built a boundless great formation over there, for no one else but you! Don’t come closer, or you die!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and grinned in a very weird way.

Wasn’t the man encouraging Ji Hao to follow up? Hearing the man with silver beard and thinking of what he had done in the past few months, all the severe damages he caused to Priest Hua and Priest Mu, Ji Hao believed that a trap was indeed waiting for him.

"Priest, what are you talking about? How can you possibly frighten me with your silly threat?" Laughed Ji Hao, "The scarier you make it sound, the more I want to see it!"

Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao murmured in his head, ‘In the previous life, my name was Qing Long, and I would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. How can I be frightened by these small tricks of yours?’

The nine dragons chariot sped up as well. Mr. Crow stood on top of the chariot and expanded to thousands of meters. He spread his wings and cawed with a bright voice. He released a golden raging fire, spreading in all directions. Waves of Gold Crow caws could be heard from the chariot. Led by Mr. Crow, the chariot flew faster and faster, and soon caught up with the cloudy boat.

After all, the boat was only transformed from a linden seed. How could it ever be compared with the chariot?

As the chariot approached the boat bit by bit, Ji Hao turned around and smiled to Man Man and Shaosi as he asked, "There is a trap over there. Are you afraid?"

Man Man and Shaosi were giggling to each other, and didn’t even answer the question. Taisi was in a daze, while Yu Mu and Feng Xing were smiling at Ji Hao; one had a simple and honest look, while the other one had a cunning face. They trusted Ji Hao, and they cared nothing about any traps.

Ji Hao nodded, smiled, then glanced at Yemo Shayi.

Yemo Shayi showed an evil smirk, then transformed into a dark shadow and merged with Ji Hao’s shadow.

Moving forwards for thousands of miles, Ji Hao saw thousands of mountaintops on the water surface, down below. Floating above each mountaintop was a small dark cloud.

This area was strangely quiet, without the wind, rain, or thunder.

Once the cloudy boat and the chariot flew into this area, thunderous voices came from all directions.

"Ji Hao, today, you will die here!"

Following those rumbling voices, dazzling golden light shone, and soon covered the sky. Meanwhile, on the water surface down below, countless golden lotuses bloomed upon jade-green leaves. Sitting in each lotus with legs crossed was an energetic priest.

"Ji Hao, this infinitude lotus world is created especially for you. Even though you will die, you will die a worthy death."

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