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Fei Water City people were crying. Even the sky was shaken by their cries. Standing on top of every tall building in the city were heavy armored elite warriors that came from Pu Ban City under Ji Hao’s order. These warriors were under the direct order of Emperor Shun. Expressionlessly standing in the city, some of them were even staring at those Fei Water people with angry eyes.

Human beings were facing a destructive disaster, but as a strong human force, Fei Water people refused to tide over the difficulty with everyone else. Even worse, they tried to ruin the flood-control plan for their own benefits. These people should die. They might live, but they should pay for their crime, even though these people didn’t make the call.

Thousands of melting pots stood in the city, glowing-red. Hundreds of searing irons with long handles were placed on each pot.

Crying and screaming, Fei Water people were dragged to those melting pots by strong warriors, one by one. Torturers with black outfits and blood-red belts picked up those searing irons and heavily pressed on the face of each Fei Water people. ‘Slave’, that was the word seared deeply onto their faces.

Those searing irons were made from dark metals and the ancient toxic gas from the earth core, dipped in a secretly concocted magic drug. Once the sear was made on the skin, nothing could make it fade. Even if these enslaved people cut off their faces, the sear would still sink deeply into their bones.

In extreme conditions, some weaker ones would even have the sear on their souls. Even after they died and reincarnated, faint slave marks would still be on their faces. In human clans, newborn babies with slave marks on faces would certainly be thrown into forests and be eaten by wild beasts.

They cried loudly. Ji Hao expressionlessly stood on the mountaintop, looking down at those Fei Water people crying, wailing, and begging. Males, females, the old ones, young ones, the kind ones, and the evil ones, their leader made the wrong choice, and they had to be punished for that.

Amidst the cries, wails, and screams, Ji Hao also heard people praying.

Many Fei Water people were still praying to Priest Hua and Priest Mu, begging Priest Hua and Priest Mu to show up and to save them, and bring them to the ‘eternal paradise’ that those disciples mentioned before.

On the square Ji Hao stood on, a giant number of full-length portraits of Priest Hua and Priest Mu on leather scrolls were piled up. Tens of human warriors poured a pungent smelling oil on the pile. Some of them threw torches on the pile, and started the fire.

Fei Water territory had the population of hundreds of millions. If every family had twenty people, tens of millions of families existed in this territory. Every family had a portrait of Priest Hua and Priest Mu on their altar. Thus, tens of millions of portraits were found.

When all these portraits kindled together, the fire was so raging that no one could approach the pile.

Dense black smoke was puffing out from the fire. All of sudden, a suffocating power vibration was released from the fire. Deep spell-enchanting voices could be heard, while golden light shone from the fire. Within the golden light, Priest Mu sat under a linden tree, legs crossed, with Priest Hua smilingly stood behind him, holding a lotus.

Once this happened, countless Fei Water people began screaming. Strugglingly, they kneeled towards the mountaintop, kowtowing as fast as they could to Priest Hua and Priest Mu. With hoarse voices, they begged Priest Hua and Priest Mu to save them and their families.

Ji Hao clearly saw thigh-thick streams of faith power rising from those people’ heads, merging together into a purple-golden torrent, flowing to Priest Hua and Priest Mu in the golden light.

In the golden light, Priest Hua and Priest Mu started moving. Both of them smiled faintly.

The leaders of these Fei Water people were killed, and so were all commanders. They themselves and all their families were becoming slaves. These people were so despairing and scared right now.

The two masters they had been worshiping suddenly showed up from the fire. Seeing this, these people believed that they were saved. At this moment, the faith they had to Priest Hua and Priest Mu reached a crazy point.

These people had weak souls indeed, but after all, they were all owners of the natural fortune of Pan Gu world. When their faith power reached an extreme point, their souls suddenly grew strong, almost to an extreme degree.

At the moment, their souls were shining, strong and determined; this moment, guided by Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the souls of these Fei Water people became powerful. No other evilness could affect their souls anymore. Meanwhile, a precious and great faith power had been releasing from their souls, towards the two priests.

Fei Water people were like a herd of livestock, while Priest Hua and Priest Mu were farmers, who raised the livestock. Without even knowing, Ji Hao turned himself into a sharp blade, a harvesting tool, and a good helper of Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

"How ridiculous! Don’t you dare to fool human beings like this!" Looking at the rapidly flowing torrent of faith power, Ji Hao was infuriated. He roared thunderously and sent the Pan Gu bell up into the sky. The bell buzzed, expanded to hundred-miles, and enveloped the giant Priest Hua and Priest Mu in the fire.

The faith power descended. The bell released the Chaos power and created thousands of swirls, swallowing all the faith power. No matter how much faith power Fei Water people could produce, the bell would swallow it.

The faith power was ‘marked’ clearly, as it was offered to Priest Hua and Priest Mu. However, the bell ringed, erased all the ‘marks’ from the faith power. In Ji Hao’s lower belly, the five-colored cauldron was spinning happily, while waves of golden-purple faith power flowed in. The five-colored flame covered the faith power, and soon, golden-purple, heavy and pure streams of faith power surged into Ji Hao’s body.

His red sun primordial spirit began shrinking speedily, while the three embryos of Dao suddenly burst with dazzling lights.

Ji Hao was shaking intensely. Marks of the great Dao flashed across his eyes. All of a sudden, he gained so much deeper understanding to Yin, Yang, and the great Dao of destruction. Within a single second, he harvested more than he could gain through three to five months of severe cultivation!

His spirit power was soaring as well. Thunder was blasting in his spiritual space, while the red sun primordial spirit glowed brightly. His spirit power was highly condensed, sweeping across the spiritual space like a tsunami.

Far, far away, Priest Hua was chasing a dragon horse and a dark turtle. Abruptly, he quivered and turned around with a grim look, casting a glance towards Fei Water City.

"Ji Wu, my good disciple, you died so miserably. Ji Hao, you killed so many of my disciples!" Priest Hua gritted his teeth and shouted coldly, "You are also looting our faith power…This is unacceptable! Even though you are Yu Yu’s disciple…How dare you?!"

As he turned around and paused briefly, the dragon horse and the dark turtle had darted far away, seeming to disappear from Priest Hua’s vision.

Priest Hua hurriedly chased up. A lotus petal drifted down from his body and airily rose into the sky.

"All disciples in my sect, follow my order. Kill Ji Hao at all costs!"

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