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Under the Pan Gu bell, surrounded by Chaos power streams. Ji Hao rushed into Fei Water City with bare hands.

Through the city, two ‘Z’ shaped roads started before Ji Wu’s palace, extending from the mountaintop to the mountain foot. These two roads were connected with all streets in the city.

At the moment, on the two roads, large groups of Fei Water City warriors wearing crocodile-skin armors, marched down the mountain, mounted on jade-horn antelopes. The clear hoofsteps even quaked the mountain.

Dai Yue Mountain was the core of Fei Water territory. The mountain was tall and rugged. Therefore, common mounts couldn’t be used in this area. Jade-horn antelope was a special kind of mount in this area. Jade-horn antelopes were gigantic in shape, had superior jumping abilities, and were especially good at climbing cliffs and running in mountainous areas. Therefore, the mounts of all Fei Water City warriors were jade-horn antelopes. Large numbers of enormous ancient crocodiles lived by the Fei Water. These ancient crocodiles were violent and brutal, even strong enough to hunt flood dragons. Ji Wu’s people made the skins of these crocodiles into armors. This kind of armor was soft yet strong, with an incredible defensive power, but almost weightless, almost as good as dragon-skin armors.

Hundreds of thousands of warriors stationed in this city were led by a few Divine Magi. The army marched down in an overwhelming way. Far away from Ji Hao, these warriors raised their sparkling long spears and heavy axes and threw them towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao rushed up with big steps. Waves of flying spears and axes swished down, bumping on the Chaos power streams around him. Muffled booms could be heard without an end, as those axes shattered against the Chaos power streams, fragments darting everywhere. More flying axes came from all directions. Soon, metal fragments piled up around Ji Hao’s feet, over three-feet in height.


Ji Hao gave a loud growl. He dared not to release his power in the city. Instead, he carefully wielded his fists, restrained his power, and punched the surrounding air. The air was vibrated intensively, caused a shrill buzzing noise. Waves of air blasts roared out in all directions.

Following a rumbling noise, all buildings seven to eight miles in radius around Ji Hao were torn down.

Bricks, wooden roof beams, straws, all exploded into pieces. People hiding in those buildings were rolled up, thrown far away like drifting leaves. Under the effect of Ji Hao’s air-punches, these people felt that their hearts were shaken, then they all blacked out.

Ji Hao’s power landed on these citizens softly and stunned them, but on those warriors, who had been throwing spears and axes to Ji Hao from a distance away, the power was violent and destructive. Following muffled thuds, large groups of Fei Water warriors were sent flying backward while vomiting blood. They were thrown to the ground with their armors shattered, unable to resist at all.

Coughing out blood, these warriors found out that they were only slightly wounded. Their internal organs were shaken, limbs were softened, but except for vomiting some blood and the temporary powerlessness, nothing worse happened to them.

"B*stard! Marquis Yao! This is not a place for you to mess around!"

The seven to eight commanders finally approached Ji Hao. This city was their homeland, and a slight leak of their powers could flatten a big half of the mountain, and kill millions of people in the city. But they ignored all this and launched attacks on Ji Hao with all their powers.

Their powers were released from their heads, rising straight up into the sky, and even created a million-miles-wide hole in the dense dark clouds in the sky. The heavy rain and the strong wind stopped, as all raindrops and water streams in this area paused under the strong powers of these Divine Magi. Not a single drop of water could fall down.

The mountain began quaking intensely. In the river, the flowing water stopped, then all three tributaries began shaking. Fish-scale-like ripples emerged on the water surface, growing larger and larger. A true disaster seemed to happen right now.

Ji Hao pointed his finger up. The Pan Gu bell suddenly expanded its Chaos power and enveloped the few Divine Magi. Their surging power hit against the Chaos power streams, generating muffled booms, but could no longer affect the outside.

"You should all die!" said Ji Hao angrily, "Helping the evil ones, betraying the humankind, you can still blame Ji Wu for that. But ignoring the lives of your people, using your powers in the city without a second thought? You are frenzied! You should die!"

Ji Hao raised his fist and launched the combined move of ‘sky-opening’ and ‘earth-splitting’.

With his current power, the combined move was powerful enough to shake a Supreme Magus. Strange lights shone from his fist, because the space power and time power of Pan Gu world were both activated by him.

"Die!" Recklessly, the few Divine Magi stepped up and attempted to kill Ji Hao joint handedly.

With a thunderous bang, Ji Hao’s fist landed heavily on their bodies.

All surrounding Fei Water warriors cried out in alarm, some even screamed in fear. Their weapons clanged against the ground one after another — What did they see? The most powerful few Divine Magi in the city were killed by Ji Hao with a single punch!

With a single punch, Ji Hao crushed their bodies, destroyed their blood, and even burned their souls with a strand of golden flame. Among them, one was a peak-level Divine Magus, and three were high-level Divine Magi. Yet, none of them manage to survive a single punch from Ji Hao?!

"We surrender! We surrender!" A few Magus Kings screamed in despair. They didn’t run, and instead, kneeled straight on the ground, shouting about surrendering.

They deeply understood that the ones powerful enough to kill Divine Magi with a single strike were either freaks among Divine Magi, or Supreme-level beings, who were no longer human beings.

Whether Ji Hao was a ‘freak’ or a ‘Supreme-level being’, they could never run away under his nose, no one could!

"Kneel and surrender, you will live; fight back or try to run, your will die, and your families will die because of you!" Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao rose into the air, looking at the city as he shouted, "You betrayed the human-kind, so you all have to bear the blame!"

"The flood is weakening the humankind. Your Fei Water City is powerful, yet you never tried to do your part to fight the flood with all the others. On the contrary, you helped the evil ones and delayed the flood-control plan for your own best interests! If you are too innocent to die, who isn’t?"

"However, we are all human beings after all. So, I will not take your lives." continued Ji Hao coldly, "All of you, everyone from Fei Water territory, from this day on, you are slaves. You will join flood-control troops and fight on the frontline. When the flood is controlled, we will decide your fate according to your contributions!"

Si Wen Bing rushed into the city with a large troop and brought all commanders in the city under control.

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