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The city gate collapsed. In hundreds of large vats before a series of buildings near the city gate, over a thousand blooming lotuses suddenly shattered, as if a giant heavy hammer had smashed right on them. Petals were torn apart, and those vats were crushed.

Dust rose in clouds. The two priests with lotuses on their heads screamed in panic. They darted up into the sky, and desperately fled westward.

However, they only reached hundreds of meters high before Shaosi teleported herself to them. The long spear in Shaosi’s hands sparkled with an ice-cold light and heavily poked into their chests.

The two priests’ bodies emitted a golden light, which condensed into two thick light shields, fending against the spear. Bang! Bang! The two light shields exploded, and the long spear easily penetrated their shoulders. Meanwhile, Shaosi flashed to before their faces.

"You’re just a little girl! How dare you!" The two priests cursed out loud together. They endured the piercing pain from their shoulders and waved their broad sleeves, releasing eighteen golden beads and a twelve-story silver tower, rumblingly flying to Shaosi.

Shaosi cast a deep roar, dropped the spear, and pressed both her hands down. The enormous, gray, hazy shadow behind her moved slightly, then both the two priests sensed a strange coldness, as if something important had been taken away from them by some mysterious and extremely powerful being.

Weirdly, they suddenly lost the control of those golden beads and the silver tower. Being blown by the wind, those beads and the silver tower swished backward and smashed right on the two priests. The priest sent out those golden beads was hit on the head by the silver tower, while the one who sent out the silver tower had all eighteen golden beads land on his face.

They screamed in pain, vomited blood, and fell on the collapsed city wall.

Before they could even struggle back up, Yuan Li dashed up to them, leaving a silver beam in the sky. Raising the dragon staff high, Yuan Li bashed violently on their chests. All the ribs of these two priests were broken, and as a consequence, blood spurted out from their mouths, ears, eyes and noses, in sharp streams. From the dragon staff, the earth, water, fire, and wind power struck into their bodies together, crushed their internal organs, and almost shredded their entire bodies.

"Who are you?! How dare you hurt my brothers!" Angry shouts came from the top of Yue Dai Mountain. From a few stone palaces on the mountaintop, nearly a hundred beams of light flashed across the sky and approached swiftly.

Those were all Qi cultivators, with simple long robes and brightly shining eyes. Their faces were glowing, which made them look especially energetic. Their bodies were wrapped in a warm mist. Clearly, they were all not weak.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and scanned these people with a clear beam of light, then gave a cold sneer.

Among these people coming in a formidable array, only three to five had attained primordial spirits, while the others were still working on absorbing natural powers. As Qi cultivators, these people were still beginners.

Ji Hao didn’t want to waste any time talking to these disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. He was clearly aware of the fact, that he might not win a verbal battle against these people. Perhaps, this was a special gift that all Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ disciples were top-grade talkers.

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao clenched his fingers. The Pan Gu bell flew up from the ruins of the city gate at lightning speed. Ji Hao held the bell with both arms and aimed at those people flowing down the mountain, then threw out the bell once again with all his strength.

Another earth-quaking boom was generated. The Pan Gu bell shattered the air and caused tens of air-blasts, then unstoppably smashed on those people who had been diving down aggressively. The space hundreds of miles in radius was crushed. Over a hundred Qi cultivators died right on the spot. Their bodies were smashed to pieces, and souls were shredded by the Chaos tides roaring out from the space crack.

Silently, the bell flew back to Ji Hao, floating above his head as it released Chaos power streams and shielded Ji Hao’s entire body.

Ji Hao descended from the air and landed before the two priests with lotuses on their heads. Stomping his foot on their knees, he crushed those knees. Hearing their screams, Ji Hao started talking in a cruel tone, "I don’t want to know your names, neither do I want to know your relationship with Priest Hua and Priest Mu…I want the antidote of the datura poison, and…How much of that poison do you have right now?"

The two priests hesitated briefly. Without hesitating, Ji Hao raised his sword and swung down, beheading these two people. Their heads flew up, as blood splashed all over the ground.

Ji Hao dropped his left hand and clenched his fingers. Following his move, two primordial spirits flew out from the two dead bodies, covered in blood. Like evil ghosts, the two priests screamed hoarsely, "Ji Hao! How dare you hurt our bodies?! You, you, you…The hatred between you and us is as deep as the sea. We will…"

"Noisy!" Ji Hao laughed, then released the extremely negative power from his left hand. One primordial spirit paused all of a sudden, as it was frozen, sealed in a blue ice block. Along with a sizzling noise, the extremely negative power drilled into that primordial spirit, slowly turning it into a strand of extremely negative power.

The sealed priest stared at Ji Hao in a soul-deep fear, but he couldn’t make any sound. His power was fading rapidly. What he could do at the moment was nothing but watch himself melt in the extremely negative power, and sense his ultimate death.

The other priest was scared to death. He looked at Ji Hao, deeply frightened. "Right in our bags! A calabash-full of ointment, made from golden-rim datura flowers! The antidote in a black jade bottle…We also-also have twelve golden-rim datura seeds! We were going to plant them on this mountain!"

Ji Hao didn’t move, because Yu Mu had already flown to the dead bodies of the two priests. He rummaged impatiently, and found two bags soaked in blood. Carefully searching for a while, he excitedly took out a golden calabash and a black jade bottle, and a fist-sized transparent jade box. He even cheered out loud.

"Alright, you’re useless now." Ji Hao released a raging stream of essences sun fire and burned the two primordial spirits to death. As same as the last time, a five-colored light emitted from his palm, which caught the two dead primordial spirits and sent them into the cauldron. Ground by the five-colored flame, their original souls were burned down.

"Don’t blame me, blame your master Shifu." Looking where the two primordial spirits died, Ji Hao said coldly, "The one who attacked me in that Star Guard’s palace was Priest Mu, wasn’t he? I said, he hit me, so I will slaughter his disciples. There is no right or wrong about this."

In Fei Water City, all ministers, commanders, and people under Ji Wu’s command watched Ji Hao killing everyone.

All this happened in a very short span of time. Within a couple of breaths, over a hundred ‘powerful strange people’ died, and so did Ji Wu. Even their city gate and city wall was torn down by Ji Hao.

"Revenge for Lord Ji Wu!" An old man in a luxurious long robe burst with an infuriated roar."

"Revenge for Lord Ji Wu!" countless people living in the city growled.

Ji Hao sneered, waved his hand and said, "We have to use heavy penalties during rough times. Fei Water City people were fooled and used by evil people. They betrayed the humankind and killed their leader Ji Wu! Every one of them bears the blame!"

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao wielded his sword, pointed at the city, and shouted, "Commander Si Wen Bing, follow me and kill!"

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