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"Damn it!" The looks of the two priests slightly changed, as they cursed out together.

A strong power vibration spread out from the two priests, while faintly audible thunders occurred. From each of their heads, a golden mist rose and spread. In the golden mist, countless datura flowers with translucent petals bloomed slowly. Each petal had a golden rim.

A sweet aroma spread out, as intoxicating as the aroma of the best wine. Like a warm and gentle breeze, the indescribable aroma reached to Ji Hao and his friends.

"Dangerous, move!"Yu Mu released a few locusts, flying into the beautiful aroma. The few locusts rocked their bodies and fell to the ground once they sensed the aroma, seeming to be drunk.

Within a single second, the few highly poisonous locusts which could resist almost all kinds of poison in the world, died right on the spot. The bodies of the few locusts melted speedily, and soon became puddles of beautiful golden liquid.

With a grinning face, Ji Hao stared at the two priests. With a scary bleeding wound on his chest, Si Wen Bing walked over and quickly explained the whole thing to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao cast a glimpse at Ji Wu. Ji Wu gritted his teeth, suffering from his broken neck. "Marquis Yao Ji Hao? I’ve heard your name! Do you know who I am? I’m a descendant of Emperor Ku, I am…"

Snorting coldly, Ji Hao’s entire body shone with a dazzling golden light. The essence sun power was released, which blocked the thick aroma created by the two priests. The essence sun fire could naturally break all evils. Visibly, two layers of goldenness, one darker and one brighter, clashed against each other in the air, causing a sizzling noise and a strong, soul-taking aroma.

The poisoning aroma created by the two priests was burned out by the essence sun fire. The toxicity was gone, but a strong aroma remained, lingering on everyone’s hair, skin and clothes, without fading.

While dealing with the aroma, Ji Hao lifted Ji Wu up and said in a deep and strong voice, "Can descendants of Emperor Ku help the evil ones, betray our humankind, and leave our people to face a serious disaster?"

Ji Wu’s face turned pale. He had been well protected since he was young, and indeed, he had never been through any life-threatening difficulty. But as a carefully cultivated prince among Emperor Ku’s descendants, he was rather smart. Of course, he sensed the bone-deep intent of killing from the simple sentence said by Ji Hao.

"Don’t you dare to kill me!" Ji Wu struggled and attempted to scream again.

However, Ji Hao squeezed Ji Wu’s throat with his right thumb and disabled him from making any sound.

Raising Ji Wu high with his right arm, Ji Hao looked at Fei Water City and roared, "Sadly, Lord Ji Wu was killed by those two men with an evil magic. His body was destroyed, and his soul perished…I am Ji Hao. Under the order of Emperor Shun, I am now in charge. Lord Ji Wu has died already. Therefore, I will be taking over all the powers and resources in this Fei Water City!"

Hearing Ji Hao, Ji Wu’s body twitched intensely. He looked at Ji Hao in despair. He tried to scream for help, and he also wanted to curse Ji Hao for lying. He was still alive. He was grabbed in Ji Hao’s hand, but he was alive, so how could Ji Hao…

Ji Hao suddenly clenched his five right fingers. Crack! Ji Wu’s neck bones were crushed in Ji Hao’s hand. Before Ji Wu could heal himself, Ji Hao gave a resonant roar and released a raging essence sun fire from his right palm, burning Ji Wu’s head.

Ji Wu couldn’t stop twitching. A red armor coiled by nine dragons flew out of his body and clanged loudly, seeming to land on Ji Wu’s body. However, once the armor flew out, Shaosi suddenly showed up beside Ji Hao, just like a ghost.

Shaosi did nothing but silently stand beside Ji Hao, with her hands hiding in her sleeves. Coldly, she just looked at the armor.

A gray silhouette emerged above Shaosi’s head. It was a hazy but enormous man, who lowered his head and slowly glanced at this red armor. The armor let out a shrill scream, as the soul seal left in the armor by Ji Wu was erased. The armor was am ownerless piece now.

Standing aside, Man Man had a strong fire rising from her body. The red armor clanged again, transformed into nine dragon silhouettes, and flew to Man Man. Following a few dragon roars, a beautiful armor appeared on Man Man’s body.

"Hmm…"Sensing the armor’s power, Man Man curved her lip corners down and said, "Not as good as the armor Abba gave me…But, it’s not bad though, can serve as a backup!"

More defensive treasures flew out from Ji Wu’s body one after another. But Shaosi was standing right in front of Ji Wu, erasing all soul seals left in these treasures. Ten breaths later, Ji Wu ran out of treasures.

By now, he could only fight Ji Hao’s essence sun fire with his strong but bare body. Ji Hao was already a half-step Supreme Magus, and his essence sun fire could even burn the sky and destroy all living creatures. However, Ji Wu was a carefully cultivated genius, and was much older than Ji Hao. He was only a breath away from the level of Supreme Magus, and had an incredibly strong, tough body.

Being burned for about ten breaths, Ji Wu was still twitching, without dying.

Sighing deeply, Ji Hao emphasized, "People, see clearly, these two priests killed Ji Wu!"

Pointing at the two priests, who had their teeth gritted tight and had been trying to boost up the power of the datura poison, Ji Hao activated the Pan Gu bell, tied Ji Wu with the fifteen meters tall bell, then clenched his fists and rang the bell with full strength.

Followed by an echoing bell ring, large streams of Chaos power surged out of the bell. Amidst a shrill howl, Ji Wu’s body was suddenly swallowed up by the Chaos power and disappeared.

A golden, glowing soul flew out from Ji Wu’s collapsing body. Ji Wu’s soul…No, his primordial spirit, viciously stared at Ji Hao and screamed out loud. It transformed into a golden beam of light, attempting to run.

"Primordial spirit? Hehe, not bad!" Ji Hao saw it clearly. Just like himself, Ji Wu had been cultivating himself as a Qi cultivator. However, Ji Wu’s primordial spirit was far weaker than Ji Hao’s.

Facing Ji Wu’s primordial spirit, Ji Hao punched again on the Pan Gu bell.

Another bell ring was generated, resounding through the clouds. Ji Wu’s primordial spirit was crushed. A five-colored glow emitted from Ji Hao’s palm, which swallowed Ji Wu’s original soul and sent it into the five-colored caldron. The five-colored flame wrapped up that original soul and soon melted it.

Ji Wu was destroyed for good. No bit of his remained in the world. Ji Hao even took the opportunity of reincarnation away from him.

"My friends, it’s your turn now!" Looking at the two priests on the city wall, Ji Hao said blandly, "How dare you kill Ji Wu? He was a descendant of Emperor Ku! You…You should die!"

The faces of the two priests turned purely dark.

Growling resonantly, Ji Hao held up the Pan Gu bell with both hands and threw the bell at the city gate with all of his power.

Countless layers of magic shields glowed, as great defensive formations activated one after another. But the Pan Gu bell bumped in, it shattered everything, as if those defensive formations never even existed.

Followed by an earth-quaking boom, the thick bronze city gate collapsed, and a miles-long section of the city wall was torn down as well.

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