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Fei Water, as the name stated, was a prosperous place. During peaceful days, Fei Water area possessed rich mineral resources. Many creatures lived in this area. As a famous fertile area in Midland, the Fei Water fiver was also rich in fish.

The owner of this wonderfully rich territory was surely no one ordinary.

The current owner of Fei Water area was a direct descendant of Emperor Ku, named Ji Wu. Ji Wu had shown his great talents since he was a kid. According to some vague stories, Ji Hao was a fairly lucky one, and was amazingly powerful. He was not yet forty years old, but he had already prepared himself well for the cultivation as a Supreme Magus. And now, he was only waiting for the right moment to make the final step.

A towering mountain beside Fei Water was called ‘Dai Yue’. The mountain range extended to tens of thousands of miles long, and looked like a giant dragon, wriggling by the river. The mountain was tall, yet many flat areas could be found on both sides of the mountain. Therefore, people living in this area preferred to build towns and villages on the mountainsides, especially the major city of this area.

The major city of Fei Water area was located in the farthest east of the mountain, extending down for hundreds of miles along the mountainside. It seemed to dive into the river like the head of the dragon. It was a magnificent city.

The Dai Yue Mountain was like a giant dragon, with the major city as the dragon head. Down the mountain was where the three main tributaries of the Fei Water river met. The three tributaries were also connected with seventy-two smaller tributaries, which could be counted as the core area of the entire Fei Water.

Because of the towering mountain and the meeting spot of the three main tributaries, this area was rich in natural powers. A large underground cave was created under the mountains, sending up inexhaustible natural powers, nourishing the mountain.

From a long distance away, the highest peak in the mountain range was coiled in a faint purple mist. From the top to the foot of the mountain, buildings on the mountainside were surrounded by the purple mist. They looked like palaces in the heaven, and seemed to be rather mysterious.

All rivers flooded, including the Fei Water river, which was a rapidly flowing great river. The water surged in every direction from the riverway, but before the highest peak of the Dai Yue mountain, the river drew back, as if it were blocked by an invisible screen. Not a single drop of water could approach the major city, and not even those buildings by the river were affected.

Inside the city, by the door of every building, was a large clay vat, fully containing fresh water. In each vat were a few tender lotus leaves, with blooming lotuses standing upon them.

These lotuses were surrounded by a faint light. The light emitted from these lotuses merged together and became a giant light shield that covered the entire city. Inside the shield, a faint refreshing aroma could be sensed from everywhere, and a sacred voice could be heard, saying something unclear. People in the city were all smiling and unhurried. Outside the city, dead bodies floated everywhere. Compared with that miserable scene, Fei Shui City was like a paradise.

On the boundless water surface outside the city, a large troop stopped moving. Human warriors were standing silently on rafts, looking at the glowing city. This was a flood-control troop. Fei Water river was an important water channel. According to Si Wen Ming’s plan, Fei Water river had to be dredged and connected with the other water channels, so that all the excessive water in the world could be led to the Final Land, and human beings could have their lives back. The meeting spot of the three main tributaries was essential; a lot of work needed to be done carefully in this area.

However, quite a few messengers were already thrown out from the city with broken legs. Later on, people in the city gave their final warning — If the flood-control troop dared to send one more person into the city to talk nonsense, a corpse would be thrown out this time.

The one leading this flood-control troop was a cousin of Si Wen Ming, called Si Wen Bing. People from Si Wen Ming’s family always had the special ability to manage water channels, and enhance bearing capacities of rivers. Si Wen Ming didn’t put Si Wen Bing in charge because he was a cousin. Instead, he was sure that Si Wen Bing and his people were capable enough for the task.

Standing on a raft, Si Wen Bing, whose face was almost covered in beard, shouted in anger, "What does Ji Wu want? Why are so many strange people in his city? What on earth do they want?"

From a distance away, one could see a great water-kind army on the other side of the city, facing Si Wen Bing’s troops. This army showed no sign to attack, but was silently floating on the water.

A miles-long Xiang Liu snake coiled on a dragon whale’s back, lazily shaking its eight giant heads, spouting venom towards Si Wen Bing from time to time.

This Xiang Liu snake was badly provocative, but before he launched any attack, Si Wen Bing wouldn’t do anything about it.

Pondering for quite a while, Si Wen Bing hopped into a small dinghy with a few of his trusted warriors and headed to the city. They were all Divine Magi. Therefore, tens of miles of distance only took them a few breaths.

In order to show his politeness and respect, Si Wen Bing didn’t fly. Instead, he chose to stick with the most traditional etiquette. He walked to the city gate and deeply bowed towards the gate.

"Dear commanders on the city wall, please send my message to Lord Ji Wu." SI Wen Bing took a deep breath and said loudly, "I am Si Wen Bing, a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan, an offspring of Emperor Zhuan Xu, a nephew of Marquis Chong, Si Xi. Please, I want to talk to Lord Ji Wu."

Narrowing his eyes, Si Wen Bing continued politely, "I am an offspring of Emperor Zhuan Xu. Lord Ji Wu and I, we are real relatives. Please, Lord Ji Wu, for the sake of our shared bloodline, talk to me."

Ji Wu was descendent of Emperor Ku, who was a nephew of Emperor Zhuan Xu. Both Emperor Ku and Emperor Zhuanxu were Emperor Xuanyuan’s descendants. Si Wen Bing was a descendant of Emperor Zhuan Xu. Therefore, he and Ji Wu were relatives. Specifically, Si Wen Bing should be a distant uncle of Ji Wu.

Si Wen Bing was not a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan indeed, but he was a true eldership of Ji Wu, for which reason, Ji Wu should open the gate of the city for him, no matter what.

A series of noise could be heard from the top of the city wall. A long while later, a large group of warriors with vividly colored armors showed up on the city wall. A middle-aged man walked up onto the city wall. He was tall and sturdy, even having a majestic look. Holding his hands behind his body, this man glanced down and then laughed coldly.

"You said we are relatives, but why didn’t you come earlier? Why did you send those garbages to me? Are you despising me?"

"You’ve already sent the garbages…Why bother to come now?"

"Go back. I don’t care who you are. Relatives or not, no one can touch even a grass in my place. Whoever dares to do anything without my permission, I will cut off his claws!"

Following Ji Wu’s aggressive voice, two priests walked up smilingly. They were wearing long white robes, with fresh lotuses on their hair buns.

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