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Si Wen Bing didn’t look at the two priests. Instead, he deeply bowed to Ji Wu.

Standing on the city wall, Ji Wu’s outfit was luxurious, made with pure colorful silk. A golden dragon-skin belt was wrapped around his waist, with over ten glowing jade pendants tied on it. He was also wearing a black ice silk hairband, decorated with over ten thumb-sized gemstones. With his hands held behind his body, he stood on the city wall, resplendent with jewels. He seemed to be noble and powerful, just like a divine god. He looked even taller than he actually was.

What about Si Wen Bing ,who was bowing deeply to Ji Wu? As the leader of a flood-control troop, Si Wen Bing had been soaking in the water all the time, fighting against water-kind creatures. He hadn’t rested for many days. His coarse clothes were already ragged, even baring his shoulder and butt.

His thighs were bearing as well. Soaking in the water, his skin was badly pale. All fine hairs had fallen off from his skin, and not even a single fine hair was left on his legs.

His hair were messy like a broken, soaked bird nest. Added with his sallow, tired face, which was covered in water drops, he looked just like an old beggar who had been suffering to live. An indescribable miserableness could be sensed from every part of his body.

Compared with Ji Wu, who had a clean, glowing face, was wearing luxurious clothes, and even wearing a light perfume, Si Wen Bing looked just like a puddle of mud on the ground. Ji Wu looked so great, while Si Wen Bing looked not even like a human being.

Si Wen Bing was a high-level Divine Magus, but having struggled in the flood for all these days, ended up looking like this. It was not hard to imagine how miserable those Magus Kings, Senior Magi and the ones who hadn’t yet reached to the senior level in flood-control troops were.

He bowed deeply to Ji Wu. Si Wen Bing seemed to forget that as a distant nephew of his, Ji Wu, should be bowing to him instead, according to the traditional etiquette of the humankind.

"Lord Ji Wu, this flood had destroyed the homelands of countless human beings. They lost their homes, their families. The flood is rampant. Each day, our human beings will become weaker than the previous day. Look at these people behind me, for the flood-control mission, they…"

Ji Wu laughed out loud towards the sky. His thunderous laughter even shattered a descending, miles thick water stream. The water stream disintegrated in the air into human-head-sized water balls, falling down.

The Fei Water City was protected by the screen created by those lotuses in vats. Hundreds of meters away from the city, those water balls were evaporated by a soft layer of light. However, Si Wen Bing and his people weren’t protected at all. Countless water balls landed on Si Wen Bing’s head and back, making his messy hair even messier, and look like dirty water plants hanging on his head.

Si Wen Bing and the few warriors behind him were all soaked by the water. But Si Wen Bing remained bowing. The few warriors behind him angrily glanced at Ji Wu, then helplessly lowered their heads.

"The flood, I saw it!" said Ji Wu carelessly, "But my people aren’t harmed by it. See, people in my city are living a happy life. They have everything they need…Ruled by me, over ten-thousand towns and villages are just peaceful. No one is suffering from the flood."

"You can’t control the flood, because you are weak and incapable!" Ji Wu continued scornfully, "Look at you. You are just like a bunch of jurassic beasts in the mud! I am even pissed by simply looking at you!"

Shaking his head, Ji Wu continued blandly, "You are bowing to me, saying nice words…because you want to borrow my place to do your flood-control work, don’t you?"

Si Wen Bing pretended to not hear those insulting words said by Ji Wu just now. He raised his head, smiled and responded, "Yes, Lord Ji Wu. Please, let us in, let us change the river way and the mountain shape."

Breathing deeply, Si Wen Bing continued, "As long as we finished our work here in Fei Water area, thousands of surrounding water channels will be perfectly unimpeded. Then, a big half of the excessive moisture in the air will be led away, the rain will become lighter, and the flood will…"

Ji Wu rudely interrupted him, "Enough of this nonsense. Look at the heavy rain, I think it’s not bad. The sounds of the wind and rain are quite pleasant to hear."

While smirking, Ji Wu pointed at the flood, which was hundreds of meters away from the gate of his city, and continued with a deep voice, "As for the flood, see, how boundless is it. This is such a beautiful scenery. I think it can even surge forward with a greater momentum. If you weaken the flood, I won’t have a scenery to appreciate, will I?"

Si Wen Bing’s face twitched, as he subconsciously clenched his fists.

The flood destroyed countless human villages, but he said that he liked the sounds of the wind and rain? The flood tore thousands of families apart, turned so many people into floating corpses, yet he felt it could go stronger?

As a leader, who was responsible for the lives of millions of people, and more importantly, as a descendant of Emperor Ku, Ji Wu, how could he say something like that?

Did he still remember his duty? He was supposed to protect all his people!

Emperor Ku left his glories for his descendants, did he still have it??

In peaceful days, merely for what Ji Wu said just now, Hao Tao could arrest him and keep him behind bars forever.

"Ji Wu!" Si Wen Bing slowly straightened his body and shouted out Ji Wu’s name, word by word. "Can you now face Emperor Ku, your ancestor unashamedly? Gaoxin, do you even deserve this forename of yours? Do you even deserve to be a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan?"

Ji Wu grinned carelessly, looking down at Si Wen Bin as he said blandly, "Am I a descendant of Emperor Ku? You don’t get to question me, do you? Unless those master elders in You Xiong City say it themselves, who in the world can ever say that I am not a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan?"

Raising his hands, he carefully looked at his well-protected palms and continued slowly, "Go back. I don’t do talking with small people like you. Wanna touch my land? Wanna borrow my place to do your flood-control work…Tell Si Wen Ming to come himself, eh?"

Pointing at Si Wen Bing, Ji Wu laughed, "Remember, I give him three days. Tell him to come beg me personally."

"Beg me, make me happy, then let Si Wen Ming give up on the throne. Once I am happy, you may continue dealing with the flood." Ji Wu grinned brightly, "You see, we’re all Emperor Xuanyuan’s descendants, and we’re relatives…If Si Wen Ming can ascend to the throne, why can’t I?"

Si Wen Bing’s face even turned blue in anger, as he began shaking intensely.

Ji Wu was aiming at the throne! He did nothing but hinder the flood-control mission. And yet, he dared to aim at the throne!

"How dare you!" Si Wen Bing growled out in rage. He leaped up, trod on a strong gust of wind, and rose to the top of the city wall. Then, he pointed at Ji Wu and shouted again, "How dare you!"

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