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Against the roaring flood, groups of human beings struggled on the water surface, with bamboo lifebuoys tied around their waists. They were holding faintly glowing, heavy axes, madly hacking on the mountain in front of them. In the vast water, these human beings looked at tiny as ants.

Enormous spell symbols were carved onto the mountain, one after another.

From time to time, giant waves would strike down and press countless human beings under the water. They held their breath and waited until the waves fell, then rose again from the water, roaring like beasts. They raised their weapons and continued cutting and carving.

Sometimes, people would be rolled up by waves and bump heavily into the mountain, breaking their bones and heads. But other people would always silently take the places of these injured ones, pick up their faintly glowing weapons, and continue their work.

Behind these crazily hard-working people was a line of defense, shielding these people against the madly attacking water-kind army.

Human warriors trod on rafts, roaring thunderously while fighting against the water-kind army. On the water surface and underwater, countless water-kind creatures had been restlessly launching all kinds of attacks on those human warriors. High up in the air, strong water-kind spirit creatures trod on clouds, facing Magus Kings and Divine Magi.

Suddenly, a white, strong wave came sideway. Rumblingly, an enormous water-kind army marched over. The leaders of this army were three gigantic water-kind spirit creatures, coiled in dense watery mist, while releasing shaking power vibrations and raising mountain-like waves.

The human troop panicked. In the water, their powers had been weakened to less than ten percent, while those water-kind creatures could give full play to their powers. It was already especially difficult for these human warriors to stop the water-kind army they were facing. But now, a ten-times greater army showed up. Without a doubt, this flood-control troop was going to be crushed.

From the air, a clear light flashed across. That was Ji Hao on the golden bridge, arriving at lightning speed with Man Man, Shaosi, and his other friends.

Without saying a word, or giving a chance for Man Man and the others to make a move, a dazzling golden light shone on Ji Hao’s chest. From the blinding golden light, the nine dragons chariot flew out.

Ji Hao trod on the chariot, while Mr. Crow stood on the top of the chariot. They gave a resonant shout simultaneously and released a scorching hot wave of power. Mr. Crow vibrated his strong wings and sent up countless feather-shaped golden beams, storming to the water-kind army down below.

Weak water-kind spirit creatures screamed in pain. The vast water was boiled by Mr. Crow’s Gold Crow fire. Within a few seconds, those lower grade water-kind creatures were cooked.

A thick aroma of seafood soup spread in the air. Those Senior-Magus-level water-kind spirit creatures lasted for a few more seconds in the boiling water, until they were almost cooked, and the nice aroma started to emit from their bodies as well.

Those higher grade water-kind spirit creatures raised their heads in surprise and anger. They stared at Ji Hao while screaming. Ji Hao stared right back at them and roared as well. He pressed both hands on the chariot, and let the golden light flow inside his chest. Beams of golden light merged with the chariot.

On the chariot, layers of cloud patterns began moving, while a large number of simply-shaped weapons emerged in-between. The essence sun fire condensed into actual weapons, which flew out from the chariot one after another and descended from the sky, seeming like the punishment meted out by the heaven.

Those water-kind spirit creatures started crying in fright. They sensed a terrifying power from those blinding golden weapons, that they could never handle.

The golden light penetrated these water-kind spirit creatures’ bodies, tore apart their souls, and turned both their bodies and souls into ashes.

At the moment, burning water-kind creatures flew all over the sky. Following shrill screams, countless water-kind spirit creatures showed their original giant shapes before they died. Dragon whales, sharks, water boas, flood dragons, all kinds of water-kind creatures struggled and screamed in the sky. In a couple of breaths, they all became drifting ash.

Ji Hao was already a half-step Supreme Magus. The essence sun fire under his control was now over a hundred times more powerful than before. It could even melt the sky and burn all living beings in the world. The purely positive essence sun power was the natural remedy to all evilness, so how could these water-kind creatures possibly survive?

Ji Hao descended to the battlefield as a half-step Supreme Magus; this was like throwing a Divine Magus into a bunch of wild rabbits. This wasn’t even a massacre, this was a crazy harvest!

A harvest of lives and souls.

Quietly looking at the water surface, which was much cleaner now, Ji Hao thought of what happened back in the Town Hall, three months ago.

With a strong, echoing voice, Emperor Shun said that human beings had to spare no pains to fight the flood. He said that human beings needed to be more decisive and crueler. Facing the threat of the flood, led by Emperor Shun and the twelve former human emperors, all human clans were brought into the mission.

Pan Gu world intended to swallow the twelve small worlds to strengthen itself. This was the will of the world, and human beings couldn’t stop it. Since this was unstoppable, human beings had no choice but to fight it!

As Emperor Shun said, "We human beings are weak indeed, but we are the possessors of Pan Gu’s bloodline, and our backbones are always as straight as the Buzhou Mountain. No one can enslave us before breaking our backbones."

Next, Emperor Shun said something combative, "You may be strong enough to break our backbones, but if you failed to break us, we will destroy you, every last one of you!"

Emperor Shun had always been a mild, kind and generous emperor, and no one had ever heard him saying anything like this. But this time, he was truly enraged. The entire humankind was enraged!

In the Town Hall, other than the tablet Suiren gave Ji Hao as a token of being a former emperor, Emperor gave Ji Hao another token, enabling him to be in charge under any occasion. Which meant, Ji Hao didn’t have specific tasks, yet he could step into any situation.

Emperor Shun and those former emperors didn’t know Ji Hao had the golden bridge, but they did know that Ji Hao was fast as light. Therefore, they authorized Ji Hao to go wherever he was needed, and do whatever he thought that he should be doing. If any flood-control troop suffered any danger, Ji Hao would go help. Wherever he went, all available resources would be for him to use.

Before, when the flood-control mission was first started, Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming ordered Ji Hao to lead the elite force to the north. But now, Ji Hao was given a greater power with more flexible missions, yet he was doing much more than before. Each day, he faced greater dangers, and was much busier than before.

Wiping out all water-kind creatures in this area, Ji Hao took out a bronze token, flicked his fingers, and released thin beams from it.

Carefully listening for a while, Ji Hao’s face turned dark.

Near a key area, people in a city refused to cooperate, and did not do anything related to the flood-control mission.

The city was guarded by strange people. Quite a few messengers sent into the city by the nearby flood-control troop were thrown out with broken legs by those so-called strange people.

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