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In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man sat on a cloud with a struggling look.

He had witnessed Emperor Fuxi and a group of powerful human ancestors free themselves from the bloodlines of strong creatures, step by step through efforts, and create the cultivation system of human beings.

He watched the first generation of Supreme Magi emerging, witnessed that sky-shaking power that erupted from the body of a human being who merged with a true, natural star; he also witnessed their cultivations, the poor ones, who had failed. Some died right on the spot, both the bodies and the souls, and some had their souls stuck in natural stars, forever and ever.

However, which one of those human ancestors had ever thought that one day, one human being would be crazy enough to take the sun as the spirit star? Not Emperor Fuxi, not those powerful ones behind him. Yet, someone had truly done it; he had not only taken the sun as his spirit star, he also managed to turn himself into a half-step Supreme Magus, waiting to merge with his spirit star.

The sun, the leader of all stars in the world; splendid, magnificent, the king of stars. The power of the sun was as great as the combined powers of tens, hundreds, tens of thousands of natural stars. For this reason, back in the ancient era, Taiyi, the East Emperor, had dominated the world as the owner of the sun.

Taiyi was born with the sun, a true divine god. Therefore, he would control the sun power easily and freely.

Human Magi were different. Human bodies were born weak and fragile; but with a weak and fragile human body, one could absorb the star power, grow in strength, and adapt to the power of the spirit star. Once the body and the soul were both strong enough to the extreme point, this human being could take the risk, draw the spirit star into the body, and earn a chance to become a Supreme Magus.

The problem was, not even a real Supreme Magus could withstand the power of the sun!

Only Ji Hao, who was as strong as a monster…

"I created a little monster myself! He grew pure Pan Gu blood inside his body, attained a drop of real Pan Gu spirit blood to strengthen his body, excreted impurities, and tentatively built a ‘Pan Gu body’."

"With that body…He will survive even if he has to swallow the Pan Gu sun…He might feel his heart burning for a couple of hours each day after that, but as long as he keeps growing stronger, that discomfort would be gone."

"It’s just that…Stars in the sky are countless. Even if hundreds of thousands of those stars are taken by Supreme Magi to cultivate themselves, not a problem…But, the sun is necessary..."

The mysterious man was struggling, his heavy eyebrows even tangled together as he tightened his lips, bared his teeth, and murmured to himself, "Even fierce stars like the Killing Wolf can be taken. It’s only slightly weaker than the sun. Or Loho, that one can even rival the sun. Even these big stars are not as important as the sun."

Pan Gu world could lose any star but the sun.

Without the sun, Pan Gu world would fall into eternal darkness. The lights of natural stars couldn’t illuminate the whole world, neither could they provide all living beings with warmth and energy. If the sun were taken away, the world would become a lifeless zone.

"This kid was born in the wrong place…Why was he born in Gold Crow Clan? Why was he naturally connected with the sun power? If he were born in the White Tiger Family in the west, things would be so easier."

Giving a long sigh, the mysterious man helplessly spread his hands and said, "Well, the kid is smart, let him worry about that. I’ve been working hard to accumulate soul power. All I have now is not even enough to heal myself, so I shall stop worrying about him."

The mysterious man snorted and disappeared.

Ji Hao snorted as well. It wasn’t the end of the world, and what couldn’t be solved? He would continue learning from Yu Yu. Meanwhile, he must not give up on his cultivation as a human Magus, which allowed him to be much stronger than his peers. For sure, he could not take the Pan Gu sun, but didn’t he have the Pan Jia sun?

Raising his head, Ji Hao seemed to see many other small worlds far, far away, right through the mountains in front of him.

Dishi Cha and the other non-humankind beings could locate those small worlds, and so could he. For the worst that might happen, he could simply go visit the other worlds and take their suns. The other worlds would certainly have different Dao of Sun, but their suns would be as powerful as the Pan Gu sun.

As long as he could understand the Dao of sun of those worlds, nothing would be different.

Slightly shaking, Ji Hao’s muscles shrank slightly, then abruptly swelled back.

Bang! As his muscles vibrated slightly, the space around him started quaking intensely. Thin black cracks spread out in all directions. Magic crystals piled in the palace shattered, releasing highly concentrated natural powers. Ji Hao opened his mouth and swallowed them all.

Following a sizzling noise, a liquid-silver-like stream of natural power flew into Ji Hao’s mouth like a torrent.

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao stood by the gate of the palace and said to a group of human warriors who had been rushing in with large bags carried in their arms, "It’s alright, enough, I don’t need more crystals…How much time did I spend?"

A middle-aged man with a long black robe stepped out from the crowd, politely bowed, and said, "Marquis Yao, you spent seven days this time. Emperor Shun has returned to the Town Hall. he wants you to go back to meet him once you are finished."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, "Emergency?"

The middle-aged man nodded with a faint bitterness on his face, "Important emergency…That we can do nothing about."

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then flashed to the frontal gate of the palace. Following a thunderous buzz, Ji Hao stepped out and the palace was torn down. Everything in the palace was turned into ashes.

Ji Hao bumped straight into the mountain that the palace was built in. He shattered the tens of miles thick mountain body, and flew out from the other side. The enormous mountain collapsed, becoming rock powder. As a strong gale blew across, the powder drifted away.

"You…Are you alright?" The middle-aged man showed up right beside Ji Hao, with his face badly twisted."

With a great confusion and shock, the middle-aged man looked at Ji Hao and said slowly, "This is the most important strong point of Star Guard. A hundred and forty-four top-grade defensive formations were hiding in the mountain that you broke just now, even stronger than the Town Hall’s…You did it only because you are in a rush, right? You didn’t …You didn’t make an extra effort to break those…?"

Ji Hao stood up from the ground and smiled a bit embarrassedly to the man.

The man shook his head with a bitter smile, waved his hands, and started a dark wind, then continued, "Marquis Yao, let me lead you to Emperor Shun. You have already stepped into a whole new level. Now, you are too dangerous to the others."

Ji Hao let the man do whatever he needed to do. A strong dark wind brought him to the Town Hall.

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