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In the Town Hall, Emperor Shun sat straight on the ground. Two men with tall hats sat on both sides of Emperor Shun, their faces covered in a faint mist. Both of them were much taller than Emperor Shun. The atmosphere in the hall was heavy and serious, which made Ji Hao feel hard to breathe.

Around ten senior ministers were also sitting in the hall. These were the oldest, most experienced, and wisest human ministers. Some of them were counting their fingers while murmuring, some were whispering to each other, and some were burning turtle shells with a small oil lamp. From time to time, cracking noises made from turtle shells could be heard.

Ji Hao sat by the door as he looked inside for a while, then held his breath and tried his best to restrain his movements, carefully walking into the hall with tiny steps.

Before he walked in, Emperor Shun and the two with tall hats looked at him. Seeing him walk so carefully, they clapped their hands and laughed.

"Congratulations, Marquis Yao. You’re a half-step Supreme Magus now, that too at such a young age. You will certainly have a bright future."

"Haha, back when, when I firstly gathered the nine stars and became a half-step Supreme Magus, I was really careful exactly like you. I was afraid that I might tear my home down. Marquis Yao, seeing you, I see my younger-self."

Another elderly man with a slightly blue face grinningly looked at Ji Hao and asked curiously, "Marquis Yao, I sensed this strong fire power from you…I shouldn’t ask, but I am curious indeed. Are you going to merge with a fire star?"

Ji Hao smiled, then gave a long sigh. Shaking his head, he released lava-like streams of essence sun fire from his pores.

Instantly, he was covered with a three-foot-thick layer of flame, and this dumbfounded everyone on the scene. Those senior ministers popped out their eyes in shock, that their eyeballs seemed to even fly out of their eye sockets.

"This, this…hehe!" The elderly man asked the question laughed hollowly while staring at Ji Hao stunned, not knowing what else to say, "Holy Emperor Fuxi, what a brave young man is this! He has actually chosen the sun as his spirit star!"

Ji Hao dimmed the fire and continued his extra careful tiny steps as he walked to Emperor Shun. Cupping his hands, he bowed to Emperor Shun and said, "Shun, I will send my people in a few days, and my Yao Mountain territory will cover those magic crystals I used for making the breakthrough."

Emperor Shun nodded, waved his hand, and responded, "That’s a small thing, not what matters now."

Pausing for a second, Emperor Shun still couldn’t help himself as he pointed at Ji Hao and asked out loud, "Why on earth did you choose the sun? This is truly…"

Shaking his head, Emperor Shun abruptly raised his head and looked at the Pan Jia sun, which was shining warmly outside the Town Hall. The group of ministers in the hall was enlightened suddenly. They laughed, looking at Ji Hao in a much warmer and more serious way.

Ji Hao would never take away the Pan Gu sun. Even if he could, powerful beings in Pan Gu world wouldn’t let him. Any other human being would die if he or she ever dared to take the Pan Gu sun as a spirit star.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao had prepared himself the Pan Jia sun!

He could merge with the Pan Jia sun! He had turned the Pan Jia sun into a source of energy in Pu Ban City, which proved that Ji Hao was already able to control that sun in a perfect way.

Once Ji Hao merged with the Pan Jia sun and took it as his spirit star …Even though the Pan Jia sun was far less powerful than the Pan Gu sun, it was certainly much stronger than all top-grade natural stars in Pan Gu world.

Then, Ji Hao would become one of the most powerful Supreme Magi among human beings.

How many true Supreme Magi existed in Pan Gu world now? And who were they? How old were they? But how old was Ji Hao? He hadn’t even lived his first century, but he was becoming a Supreme Magus already. Was there any doubt about his future?

Therefore, the group of senior ministers immediately started to value Ji Hao to the highest point. If Zhu Rong Man Man hadn’t gotten to him first, these ministers would have already sent their daughters to Ji Hao…

The few older ones looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, with all kinds of weird thought flashing across their minds — ‘Even though he is now with Zhu Rong’s daughter, they aren’t truly married, are they? Even if they are married, so what? They haven’t had babies, have they?’

‘Even if Ji Hao and Man Man do have kids now, would Zhu Rong seriously fall out with old ministers like us if we send, like, hundreds of girls to Ji Hao?’

‘Hehe, Ji Hao is such a strong, talented young man. He improved so fast, that means his bloodline is precious! If we can, maybe, sneakily bring his bloodline into our clans, hehe…’ Thinking of this, the few old men, who had pretty serious looks just now, started chuckling weirdly.

Emperor Shun threw a quick glance at the few old ministers in a complicated way, then shook his head. He pointed at a fist-sized bronze ball on the ground and said to Ji Hao, "Take a look. See what the few former emperors have been through in the north."

Ji Hao carefully bent his knees and squatted, then touched the ball with his fingers.

A buzzing noise started in his ears while the bronze ball emitted a cyan-light, countless silhouettes appearing in it. Ji Hao saw twelve men with tall hats, surrounded by dazzling starlights, floating above the Liang Zhu City and talking to a group of non-humankind beings, with thunderous voices.

Ji Hao saw Yemo Luoye, Dishi Yanluo, and Fan Hai among those non-humankind beings, sitting in large luxurious armchairs, behind the defensive magic screen created by countless divine towers. They were surrounded by numberless elite non-humankind warriors, facing the twelve men proudly.

After the difficult conversation, those non-humankind emperors permitted the twelve men to destroy the twelve portals.

After all, this flood didn’t just bring severe damages to the humankind, it also made the non-humankind suffer. Without the sunlight, every place in the world was moist, and that was not the weather those Yu Clan nobles could stand.

Afterward, the twelve men with tall hats held hands and activated the powers of all stars in the north, launching the strongest strike at the twelve portals.

Under the witnesses of countless non-humankind beings, they failed!

An extremely, unreasonably strong power shielded the twelve portals. The most powerful twelve human emperors combined their powers and the powers of all stars in the north to launch the strike, yet the dazzling starlight dimmed, before the twelve portals could even be touched. Billions and billions of water-kind creatures had still been rushing out from the twelve portals.

"What is this?" Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun in shock and confusion.

Twelve human emperors, twelve Supreme Magi, with combined powers, they failed by break those portals?!

"The will of the world…Pan Gu world, it doesn’t want us to destroy those portals." The man with a tall hat sat beside Emperor Shun gave a long sigh.

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