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Large amounts of sticky liquid oozed out of Ji Hao’s skin. Soon, he was entirely covered with a thick layer of sticky liquid.

Just now, he took a strike launched by that nameless powerful being, and as a result, ninety-nine percent of his body tissues died immediately because of the power of ‘extinction’. However, his internal organs had already been thoroughly remolded by the Chaos blood, now containing an extremely strong life-force, which erupted at this very moment like the kindling for a raging fire.

This new life-force was far stronger than Ji Hao’s original life-force. The Chaos blood flooded inside his body like a burning fire, allowing his body to excrete all impurities and regrow.

The five-colored round cauldron had already flown back to Ji Hao’s body. Earlier, the cauldron devoured two powerful sky devils, which now had become rich nourishments. The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply, flying back to Ji Hao’s body as well.

The bell buzzed slightly, shattered the space, and extracted violent Chaos tides, sending into the five-colored cauldron. Pure and thriving life-force surged out of the cauldron, nourishing Ji Hao’s internal organs, regrowing his bones and muscles.

A creaking noise could be heard without an end. Golden fire, silver fire, and dark fire were burning on Ji Hao’s trembling body. Following the sizzling noise, the sticky liquid accumulated on Ji Hao’s skin was burned out speedily, generating a thick sandalwood scent that suffused the entire palace.

Ji Hao breathed deeply and quickly for air, starting a strong whirlwind in the palace. Torrents of natural powers roared over, flowing into his body, being digested by the five-colored cauldron, and building his new body.

Emperor Shun sensed the highly concentrated natural powers around Ji Hao’s body, and the speedily thinning natural powers in other areas. He waved his hand and sent the troop of warriors out of the palace.

Following Emperor Shun’s order, mountain-huge piles of magic crystals were carried into this palace in no time. Perfectly ground top-grade magic crystals were piled up around Ji Hao’s body, almost filling up the entire palace.

Ji Hao consumed those magic crystals up one after another. The piles had been shrinking, but more magic crystals had been ceaselessly sent in.

The mysterious man slowly showed up in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, murmuring with a deep and low voice, "With the spirit blood from the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and the human-kind, you now have a thin, yet pure Pan Gu bloodline. You’ve been cultivating yourself for so long, little guy, I think you can take the last drop of Pan Gu spirit blood now."

"It was hidden in the Divine Origin Pool for so many years. Finally, it can be put to a good use! Good boy, truly, good boy." Locking his fingers together, the mysterious man laughed delightfully, "That perfect punch with ‘everything-grow’, how wonderful!"

While chuckling, the mysteries man’s pair of eyes shone with a deep blue light, illuminating Ji Hao’s spiritual space. "Spirit Wa, Spirit Wa, this time, you found a good boy…"

As the mysterious man locked his fingers together, the large drop of Chaos blood inside Ji Hao’s heart exploded all of a sudden. Boiling, scorching hot, with an inexhaustible power of creation, the Pan Gu spirit blood circulated to every corner of Ji Hao’s body.

Suddenly, Ji Hao’s blood veins, meridians, bones and internal organs all blasted, but recovered after a single moment. Next, the Pan Gu spirit blood exploded once again, and his entire body regrew again.

Exploding and regrowing, over and over again... Within a couple of breaths, Ji Hao felt like he was thrown down the hell and then struggled back up for millions of times.

Painful…It wasn’t really painful, because Ji Hao felt that he was dead already. He could no longer feel anything, but in the meanwhile, he replayed the punch he made against the mottled hand just now, over and over again, while breathing strongly and maintaining his tightened body with the power of ‘everything-growl’.

Ji Hao’s body was reinforcing speedily. His blood, muscles, tendons, bones were all magically glowing like the colorless Chaos, yet also seemed to have the most beautiful colors in the world.

That nameless powerful being almost killed Ji Hao with a single strike, but at the same time, he activated the strongest life-force deeply hidden inside Ji Hao’s body. Rebirth after destruction… By cultivating himself severely, Ji Hao had been growing in strength. But now, something magical, fabulous happened to him, something similar to the creation of the world, of all living creatures.

Each human being had 129600 meridians, and each meridian had three to tens of accupoints. All of Ji Hao’s meridians and accupoints were strong and sturdy, and every accupoint of his had a red light spot dazzling in it. Those brightly sparkling red light spots were Ji Hao’s inner spirit stars.

That powerful being took away ninety-nine percent of Ji Hao’s life-force with a single strike, by doing which, all inner spirit stars in Ji Hao’s over a million accupoints were set free. Streams merged into torrents, and torrents became an ocean. His inner spirit stars transformed into raging torrents of power, surging to Ji Hao’s heart.

Suddenly, piles of magic crystals in the palace were dimmed down, as the natural powers contained in those crystals were drained by Ji Hao in a moment. Over a million inner spirit stars bumped against each other in Ji Hao’s chest and generated a thunderous series of boom. Ji Hao raised his head and let out a breath of Chaos power. He felt a new universe was created inside his body, as a vast void emerged in there.

A golden light spot floated in this vast void, shining brightly and passionately.

The nine dragons chariot gave a deep buzz, descended from Ji Hao’s spiritual space and merged with the golden light.

A beautiful silver light emerged beside the golden light. The water-like, chilly silver light spread out in all directions, neutralizing the restlessness of the golden light and steadying this void perfectly.

Between the golden light and the silver light was a dark sun, as large as the goldenness and the silveriness, but dimmer and hazier. It looked like a sphere of mist, and seemed to be far weaker than the golden light and the silver light.

Ji Hao opened his eyes. The drop of Chaos blood hidden in his heart had already been absorbed completely. Because of this drop of Pan Gu spirit blood, he was now scarily strong.

Slightly moving his hands, he activated his concentrated, yet extensive spirit power, and scanned across his entire body.

Seeing the three enormous light spots inside his body, Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched intensely.

Half-step Supreme Magus!

He was now a half-step Supreme Magus!

The only problem was — For the final step of becoming a Supreme Magus, he needed to draw his spirit star into his body, then merge with it by using his soul power!

Did Ji Hao have to swallow the Pan Gu sun?!

"Didn’t the creators of this cultivation system think about it?"

"Me swallowing the Pan Gu sun?"

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