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The golden hand was at about the same size as human hands, except being golden and shiny.

The hand had a pearl-like luster, and seemed to be holy, sacred, and inviolable. The hand descended straight to Ji Hao’s head, not too fast, yet making Ji Hao feel that he could never dodge.

It was like the whole world had shrunk to his size, and his body was sealed in this tiny world; he couldn’t struggle, and couldn’t even move. The endless darkness surrounded him, dangerous, frightening, as if countless evil and cruel beasts were hiding in the darkness, waiting to tear Ji Hao into pieces once he broke out from this tiny world.

Ji Hao sensed a very familiar power vibration from the golden hand. Same as those beautiful naked girls created by Se Zun and Yuu Zun, this golden hand aimed at the weakest spot in his heart.

Perhaps, this hand was not so powerful. But in a weird way, it attacked Ji Hao’s soul and made him feel that he was going to be crushed. Before this golden hand appeared, before it hit Ji Hao, the soul-attack was already launched at him.

Facing this golden hand, any other human being might have given up on fighting, letting this hand land on his or her head and take the life away. That was the feeling it would give off— ‘You can never stop it. Therefore, you will be killed.’

"Evil tricks, piss off!" Ji Hao’s eyes shone brightly as he shouted deeply. Countless silvery singing voices could instantly be heard. As the owner of the golden hand attacked him with something like sky-devil magics, Ji Hao decided to fight back also with a sky devil magic.

The golden light emitted from the hand dimmed down suddenly. The golden hand abruptly turned mottled and bronze, as if it had been through millions of years, becoming rusted and old. The golden hue was gone, remaining verdigris.

The hand continuously slapped down along with a heavy sense of power. However, it could no longer stifle Ji Hao.

Suddenly, Ji Hao sensed a strong coldness from his right palm. He looked at this palm and felt like he was watching the changing of seasons, flowers blooming and withering, a newborn baby growing into a boy, becoming a man, turning old, then withering into a pale skeleton.

‘Extinction’! For an unknown reason, Ji Hao recognized the coldness coming from his palm. The power of ‘extinction’, the most mysterious, immeasurable great Dao in the world.

Could anyone in the world truly be immortal? As far as Ji Hao knew, no one. Even Yu Yu dared only to call himself ‘unbreakable’, but not immortal.

Without immortality, every living being would eventually have an end, and that final end was called ‘extinction’.

The sun would dim, stars would fall; the earth would sink, and Pan Gu world would eventually collapse.

People, beasts, fishes, and birds would all die; those divine gods, the ones who used to stand high above the masses, they were already gone. Those powerful beings, who once dominated the whole world, had all perished.

All of this, all the ends, the death, would be controlled by the power of ‘extinction’, the most mysterious great Dao in the world. If one could control of the power of ‘extinction’, he or she might be able to go beyond it and attain true immortality.

"Ambitious!" Looking at the hand falling from the air, Ji Hao raised his right fist right towards it.

A tiny sun exploded on Ji Hao’s fist, dazzling and scorching hot. The sun was the origin of all living creatures; it nourished the whole world, providing all living beings with energy. The sun was the life, the passion, the extreme of all vigor in the world.

The golden sunlight shone from Ji Hao’s fist. Sensing the deepest belief in his heart, Ji Hao laughed. Being alive, how wonderful, how sacred! He had a healthy body, he could laugh, talk, walk, jump. He was young; youth, the beautiful youth; the ‘extinction’ was so far away from him.

Therefore, Ji Hao laughed out loud. The thriving life-force burst from every part of his body, while the essence sun fire burned ragingly on his fist, warmly, blindingly. Trees, flowers, birds, beasts, fishes, dragons and phoenixes, the essence sun fire drew all kinds of creatures.

All kinds of living beings showering under the sun of Pan Gu world drew themselves on Ji Hao’s fist. With his passion to life, Ji Hao faced the hand with his strong fist.


Without even knowing, Ji Hao made the move of ‘everything-grow in a perfect way.

Emperor Shun stood beside Ji Hao, mouth opened in shock, staring at Ji Hao and sensing the overwhelming life-force from him. The power of life, how fabulous, how splendid! Ji Hao’s entire body was shining, with the life-force surging out from every pore of his.

Emperor Shun even felt that the world might have looked just like this when Saint Pan Gu created it, but died under the attacks of countless Chaos monsters, and the first generation of living beings emerged. From saint Pan Gu’s body, an inexhaustible life-force erupted, creating all living beings, strong living beings!

"Marvelous, Marquis Yao!" Emperor Shun laughed resonantly. He raised both fists and punched heavily on the human emperor bell. Once again, the roars of millions and millions of human beings resounded through the clouds. Hazy figures of human ancestors emerged in the air and cheered upon sensing the thriving life-force releasing from Ji Hao’s body. They then transformed into dazzling beams of light and flashed across the air.

"Eh?" A voice came from the air.

The mottled hand bumped fiercely against Ji Hao’s fist. Ji Hao lost his sight temporarily. All of a sudden, he sensed a bone-piercing coldness from every corner of his body. Meanwhile, his red sun primordial spirits and the three embryos of Dao withered simultaneously.

The power of ‘extinction’ drained him momentarily. Ji Hao’s body withered, turning skinny and scrawny. His soul was dying, like falling petals. A heavy sense of death spread out from his whole body.

The golden flame burning in Ji Hao’s right hand coiled on the mottled hand. Along with the roars, cries, and shouts of the souls of human ancestors, the mottled hand was burned into a strand of ash, disappearing without a trace.

A muffled hum could be heard from the air, following which was a growl in shock, confusion, and anger, "Good, good, good! Yu Yu has a good disciple…Ji Hao, you have truly hurt me…Cost me a thousand years of severe cultivation!"

The voice faded. Clearly, the owner of that voice wasn’t preparing to attack again, and had already gone away.

Ji Hao instantly sat on the ground. The power of death puffed out from his mouth, ears, eyes and nose as he screamed through gritted teeth, "Old b*stard! I know who you are! You didn’t say your name, but I know who you are!"

"You shameless old thing, how can you be shameless enough to attack me? I can’t defeat you, but I will be slaughtering your disciples!"

While roaring, a strange colorless light dazzled from Ji Hao’s internal organs. What happened next was an outburst of a tremendous life-force. Emperor Shun didn’t manage to react timely, and was sent flying to tens of miles away.

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