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The moment Emperor Shun vomited blood, the sense of power that came from him turned back normal. The fierceness and coldness were gone. Instead, Emperor Shun looked warm and majestic again, with the sense of power coming from him turning back to strong and stable, much less aggressive than before.

Ji Hao paused for a second. He immediately looked at Emperor Shun’s eyes. The five-colored light faded in those eyes, being replaced by a warm purpleness. But soon, the purpleness was pressed back down by the five-colored light. For an extremely short moment, Emperor Shun’s eyes turned completely glowing and multicolored, then quickly turned back normal.

Wiping the corner of his mouth with his sleeve, Emperor Shun said calmly to those ministers, "Human beings are facing a great disaster. As the emperor, I failed to save my people from the miserable situatio., I am ashamed. I couldn’t sleep all these days because of the anxiety. It’s just a little bit of blood, I am fine."

Hearing him, those senior ministers sighed. Some of them tried to comfort Emperor Shun, begging him to take care of himself for all human beings. Under the current situation, the humankind could no longer take any more misfortune, neither could they risk losing their emperor.

Emperor Shun sighed deeply, glanced at Ji Hao, then cupped his hands, and solemnly bowed to Ji Hao.

"Marquis Ji Hao, Fufeng Yu shouldn’t have disrespected you, and I will surely punish him. However, he came all the way to Pu Ban City with his warriors, to devote his own life to the humankind. Marquis Yao, please forgive him this time!"

Emperor Shun sounded especially heavy and sincere. If Ji Hao didn’t know the truth, he would have been touched by Emperor Shun’s words, and wondered if he were truly a heartless man, that he made the emperor vomit blood and apologize for some small thing.

Blinking his eyes, Ji Hao looked at those senior ministers’ serious, worried faces, then helplessly sighed in his head.

Human Magi never cultivated their souls. Instead, they depended on pure physical strength and magic spells. The cultivation system of the humankind allowed human Magi to have amazing strength, but because of this, lacking spiritual powers had become a shortcoming of human Magi. Among all senior ministers on the scene, except for over ten peak-level Divine Magi, even the weakest were at the level of Magus King. But none of them discovered the strange five-colored light in Emperor Shun’s eyes.

Just now, Emperor Shun vomited blood, but not because of the anxiety. Instead, it was because of the strong force that came from inside his body. That strong force clashed against the sky devil, which had occupied Emperor Shun’s body. The collision of two extremely strong forces slightly harmed Emperor Shun’s body and made him vomit blood.

Fufeng Yu walked over. He was severely injured by Ji Hao earlier, but had recovered completely already, as if he had never suffered any injury. With a big smile on his face, Fufeng Yu bowed to Ji Hao over and over again as he said, "Marquis Yao, Marquis Yao, it was all my fault, all my fault. Everything was my fault. Please, Marquis Yao, we human beings should hold hands and get through this difficult period together. Please, forgive me, for this time only!"

As his eyes sparkled with a dim, weird light, Fufeng Yu pointed at the large puddle of blood on the ground and continued sadly with a dry voice, "These stupid things offended you, Marquis Yao, they deserved to die, they truly deserved to die!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows while looking at Fufeng Yu with a faint smile. Even now, this Fufeng Yu had still been trying to entrap him.

Glancing at those senior ministers, Ji Hao then looked at Emperor Shun, who still had his hands cupped, while bowing slightly to Ji Hao. Ji Hao knew that if he dared to continue saying anything unfriendly to Fufeng Yu in front of all those senior ministers, he would have no place in the human society anymore.

He could never tell the truth to all these senior ministers, because no one would believe him What could he say? That Emperor Shun was possessed by an outer space sky devil? What nonsense! What was an outer space sky devil?

If he truly said it out, a large group of people would even rise up against him, wouldn’t they? People from Ten Sun Country, who never liked Ji Hao, and people from the few large Southern Wasteland clans, they all would definitely join hands and talk against Ji Hao. Ji Hao could even imagine what they would say — ‘Ji Hao, how dare you frame Emperor Shun? What are you planning? Are you on Gong Gong’s sue? Are you with the non-humankind? Are you thinking about usurping the throne?

Thud! Ji Hao abruptly kneeled down on one knee, grabbed Emperor Shun’s arms with both hands, and said, "Emperor Shun, how can I let you apologize to me? As for what happened between Fufeng Yu and me…Let bygones be bygones!"

Giving a long sigh, Ji Hao compressed his spirit power into a pair of long and sharp needles, piercing it into his tear glands. Once that happened, tears poured down each side of his straight nose as he said, "It’s all my fault. I’ve been fighting against the water-kind armies in the north for months. I killed too many water-kind creatures. Therefore, when Fufeng Yu’s guards pulled their swords out and pointed at me, I failed to control myself and I… I accidentally killed them…It’s all my fault!"

Emperor Shun straightened his body, gripped Ji Hao’s arms with his ten fingers, and silently put forth his strength.

Those fingers were strong. Ji Hao felt that his arms were nipped by ten iron pincers, that his muscles and bones were crushing by a horrible strength, and he even heard the creaking noise that came from his bones.

Raising his head, Ji Hao saw the five-colored light in Emperor Sun’s eyes suddenly shine brightly. Meanwhile, a pure, intense, and completely undisguised intent of killing came straight at Ji Hao. Ji Hao understood that if he couldn’t take this silent attack launched by Emperor Shun, Emperor Shun would tear him apart without any hesitation.

Turning around his arm, Ji Hao clenched his fingers and gripped Emperor Shun’s arms. Gripping each other’s forearms with their strong hands, Ji Hao and Emperor Shun smilingly looked at each other.

"I understand, it’s not your fault." said Emperor Shun word by word, trying to sound more generous, "Since this is nothing but a misunderstanding, let’s forget it. We are all here for the future of the humankind. Ahyaya, Marquis Yao, is your arm injured?"

An even stronger force came to Ji Hao’s arm, as Emperor Shun’s ten fingers were almost sinking into Ji Hao’s muscles.

Ji Hao didn’t activate the Taiji cloak. Instead, he silently started the cultivation method with nine turns. His arm muscles swelled instantly, bulging under his skin, as they sent an equally strong force to Emperor Shun’s fingers. Following a faintly audible, muffled thud, Emperor Shun’s ten fingers were suddenly loosened, and he staggered backward for a few steps!

Ji Hao leaped up, as if he had pushed the panic button, hurriedly held Emperor Shun’s shoulders with both hands.

"Ahyaya, Emperor Shun, that tiny injury on my arm is nothing, but what happened to you? You must be exhausted, you can hardly stand!"

Swiftly grabbing Emperor Shun’s shoulders, Ji Hao continued with a low voice, "I have the best magic pills for injuries, and some nice herbal tea that can boost up energies. Do you want some?"

Also silently, Ji Hao put forth all of his strength through his ten fingers, seeming even to poke his fingers into Emperor Shun’s shoulders.

The five-colored light in Emperor Shun’s eyes suddenly grew strong, and next, he vomited blood once again.

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