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"If you have anything that can smooth the nerves, that’s just what I need." This time, Emperor Shun didn’t wipe the blood on his mouth corner. With a bitter smile, he said to Ji Hao, "I’ve been working too hard lately. Somehow, I can always hear a strange voice in my head, and I’ve been wondering how to cast that away."

Taking a vicious glance at Ji Hao, Emperor Shun continued with a deep voice, "Therefore, I don’t want more to worry about…Marquis Yao, be generous, and just forgive Fufeng Yu. Only when the world is peaceful can our human-kind develop, and human beings can live without danger."

Hearing him, Ji Hao’s dagger-like ten fingers suddenly turned as soft and gentle as a breeze. He slowly held Emperor Shun’s shoulders and smiled mildly, "Ah, I see, you should really get some rest."

This sky devil was clearly warning Ji Hao — ‘Indeed, I haven’t managed to devour Emperor Shun’s soul yet, and I’ve been working on that. If you dare to unmask me, I will do whatever I can to destroy Emperor Shun’s soul.’

As he said, he could endanger ‘human beings’; by ‘human beings’, he meant no one else but Emperor Shun. Therefore, Ji Hao caringly held Emperor Shun’s shoulders, took out a handkerchief, and wiped the blood on his mouth corners. Then, he warmly nodded to the group of senior ministers. Together with those ministers, Ji Hao walked Emperor Shun into the Town Hall.

Emperor Shun sat down in the middle of the hall and breathed quickly, seeming to be rather tired. Obviously, the sky devil inside Emperor Shun’s body was injured quite severely, as the real Emperor Shun launched two heavy strikes from the inside in a row. Emperor Shun vomited blood twice, because the intense collisions between the soul powers had harmed his body.

The sky devil failed to devour Emperor Shun’s soul. Instead, he could only suppress Emperor Shun’s soul and lock it inside his own body. To the sky devil, which had temporarily occupied Emperor Shun’s body, this was a great hidden trouble. To Ji Hao, it was a big trouble too, but in the meantime, this was also a chance for him to save Emperor Shun.

The group of senior ministers all sat down in ordered lines, while Ji Hao stood in front of Emperor Shun and told him about everything that happened after he left for the north with the allied forces. Emperor Shun, Fufeng Yu, and all the other ministers carefully listened to Ji Hao’s report. From time to time, Emperor Shun would cough slightly, drawing more attention.

When Ji Hao finished the report, Emperor Shun clapped his hands and laughed loudly. Meanwhile, his eyes shone brightly as he looked at Ji Hao from head to toe.

"Marquis Yao, you have been working very hard indeed. It’s not easy, not easy." Emperor Shun smiled especially brightly and warmly, while Fufeng Yu grinned faintly. As for the other human ministers, they stared at Ji Hao with widely opened eyes, as if Ji Hao were a ghost.

Everyone knew that Ji Hao was valued by Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming, and in the future, if Si Wen Ming ascended to the throne, Ji Hao would certainly become a trusted helper of Si Wen Ming, and be put in an important position. But, Ji Hao was way too young, and he came to Pu Ban City in merely a few years ago. How many years it had been since he started to touch the core power of the human society? How long had he owned the title of Earl Yao and Marquis Yao? He had indeed made some mentionable contributions in these years. Not to mention those things happened in the past, this time, he actually took a bet with Yemo Luoye, the most mysterious, powerful one among all twelve non-humankind emperors?! Where on earth did he get the courage to do that?

What was even more astonishing was that this kid won!

He won a large batch of elite non-humankind warriors, and in addition to that, he won a Supreme-Magus-level non-humankind being!

Holy ancestors’ souls! Instead of a Divine-level or a Magus-King-level one, that was a Supreme-Magus, unimaginably powerful being! Seriously, how many Supreme Magi existed among all human beings at present? And how many of them managed to complete their cultivations as Supreme Magi, and were able to live freely again?

Ninety-nine percent of the clans and families of all these senior ministers on the scene did not have a Supreme Magus.

Ji Hao was a little kid who came from a small Southern Wasteland clan, named Gold Crow Clan. He had an average territory in Yao Mountain City, and in there, with his Southern Wasteland clansmen, he built a new clan, which had begun to take shape…But why on earth did he suddenly have a Supreme-level powerful being under his command?

The group of cunning senior ministers glanced at each other and winked sneakily.

They seemed to suddenly understand why Ji Hao was daring enough to beat Fufeng Yu right in front of the Town Hall, and kill quite a few of Fufeng Yu’s guards. These ministers believed that if they had Supreme Magi in their clans, they would dare to do the same.

"A Sun and Moon stage powerful being!" sighed Emperor Shun. Looking at Ji Hao, he continued mildly, "Did you bring this powerful being back to Pu Ban City?"

Ji Hao shook his head and responded quickly, "I left him in the north. After all…they will be facing an even greater pressure next. So, I left him there to help. Powerful water-kind beings might show up anytime, and he can deal with those timely."

With a shining pair of eyes, Emperor Shun nodded slowly and said, "Good, good. Marquis Yao, you are such a talented, capable young man! With someone like you around, even facing the flood, I can worry less. Hehe, hearing you, my mind is suddenly eased!"

The group of ministers laughed loudly as well, seeming to be quite delighted. But clearly, the ones never liked Ji Hao, such as Gong Sun Jian and Suiren Yan had their facial expressions rather complicated.

"You have to take care!" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looked at Emperor Shun’s smiling face, and said. "Facing the flood, you are the backbone of our humankind. If anything happens to you…If anything dares to harm you, I will destroy it, even if I have to destroy the world too."

Fufeng Yu’s face twitched slightly, while Emperor Shun narrowed his eyes and cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao.

"People, you may leave now. I need to talk to Marquis Yao alone," said Emperor Shun while unarguably waving his hand.

The group of minister looked at Emperor Shun, then quickly glanced at Ji Hao. Next, they silently stood up and walked out of the Town Hall. At last, Fufeng Yu closed the door himself.

The Pan Jia sun shone into the door slot, making the rest of the great hall look even darker.

The sunlight that came in through the door slot was as thin and sharp as a blade, cutting on Ji Hao’s back and spreading, gave his body a golden edge.

Looking at Emperor Shun, Ji Hao sighed and started talking. "Pretending is so exhausting... Especially when I want to kill you, but have to pretend that I don’t. What’s your name?"

The look of Emperor Shun instantly turned twisted and evil, looking like a poisonous snake hiding in a bush, preparing to pounce on its target. A strange luster gradually emerged on his face as he stared at Ji Hao and said word by word, "You can call me Ying Zun…You threatened me, didn’t you? Just now, you said that if I dared to harm this little thing, you will destroy me? I’m afraid you know nothing about me!"

"Outer space sky devils, big deal, huh?" said Ji Hao while coldly looking at Emperor Shun. "Do you know Xia Zun and Yu Zun? They died at my hands!"

Emperor Shun quivered intensely, then gazed at Ji Hao with a soul-deep shock.

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