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Fufeng Yu shook his head, split the group of warriors around him, then walked to Emperor Shun with big steps and a dark face.

"Shun!" Fufeng Yu bowed politely to Emperor Shun.

"Shun!" Ji Hao walked to beside Fufeng Yu and bowed to Emperor Shun as well. Before Fufeng Yu said anything, Ji Hao started talking with a grim look. Arrogantly and carelessly, he said, "I came back to Pu Ban City under your order, but this old one offended me."

"And that is why you killed his people?" said Emperor Shun frigidly, while his pupils sparkled with that five-colored light.

"I…I am so sorry!" Ji Hao straightened his waist and started right at Emperor Shun’s eyes. He said sorry, but his facial expression was rather provocative — ‘I have indeed killed his people, and I have beaten him. What can you do to me?"

The group of senior ministers glanced at each other. They all knew Ji Hao. Usually, Ji Hao was never so rude and arrogant, was he? On the contrary, Marquis Yao Ji Hao hated arrogant people the most, and he could even be counted as the mildest and modest one.

Looking at Ji Hao’s highly raised eyebrows, a human minister walked out of the crowd and said with a deep voice, "Shun, Marquis Yao has just returned from the battlefield in the north. He has been fighting and killing all these days. I think he is affected by the long-lasting battle, and that is the reason why he talked like this. Emperor Shun, please forgive him."

Emperor Shun narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao with a gloomy face. The five-colored light in his eyes were hazy and faint. Occasionally, his pupils would suddenly expand by three to five times, and sometimes, that pupil would shrink to the size of a needlepoint. Every now and then, he would tighten or loosen his body, and by doing that, he silently released a heavy pressure from his body, that even created thin cracks on the thick flagstone treading under his feet.

"Shun, please, bring justice back to me." Fufeng Yu slightly narrowed his eyes and said with a harsh tone, "I didn’t mean to offend Marquis Yao. He…"

Ji Hao stood beside Fufeng Yu. Hearing Fufeng Yu, he swiftly and violently punched on Fufeng Yu’s stomach and sent him flying away.

His fist landed fiercely on Fufeng Yu’s ribs and generated a muffled thud. Following that, nothing happened to the rib area punched by Ji Hao, but the other side of Fufeng Yu’s rib exploded thunderously. Three two-inches-long pieces of ribs flew out of his body, along with large streams of blood, swishing hundreds of meters away.

A fist-sized bleeding hole was opened on Fufeng Yu’s rib area. Blood surged out from that hole quickly made a large puddle under his feet. The pain made Fufeng Yu scream. He covered the wound with both hands and kneeled straight on the ground, as his legs were softened.

"You!" Emperor Shun’s face twitched in anger. He instantly raised his arm, pointing at Ji Hao’s nose.

"Those brothers can be my witnesses. This old dog shouted at me just now, and was extremely rude." Unhurriedly, Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun’s finger, then smiled to the group of warrior guarding by the Town Hall’s gate. "Fufeng Clan? What is it? I’ve never even heard of this small clan. How dare he yell at me like that? Of course, I had to teach him a lesson!"

Coldly, Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun, and continued, "I want him to understand one thing. No matter which corner he came from, whether he is a human being or not, he has to respect me, and be polite to me. Otherwise, he will be whipped!"

Fufeng Yu roared in rage. He was a Divine Magus after all. As his spirit blood gathered around his wound, that fist-sized wound recovered quickly, without leaving even a scar. After that, he leaped up, pointed at Ji Hao, and barked, "I disrespected you, do you even dare to kill me for that?!"

Ji Hao turned around his palm. The Taiji divine sword swiftly hacked down towards Fufeng Yu’s neck.

Fufeng Yu screamed shrilly again. He kicked his legs and generated a strong gale from his shanks, bringing himself backward for tens of meters. Even though he dodged pretty fast, the sword almost brushed against his neck. A three-foot-long sharp sword light dazzled out from the sword tip, then slantingly flashed across his chest, leaving a foot-long slash on his body.

Blood gushed out of that wound, mixed with smashed internal organs. Once again, Fufeng Yu howled in pain.

He stared at Ji Hao with fear and confusion. Why did Ji Hao dare to launch lethal attacks to him, right in front of the Town Hall, under the watch of Emperor Shun and all those senior ministers? He was the leader of Fufeng Clan, and he came all the way to Pu Ban City with the elite force of his clan under the order of Emperor Shun!

Fufeng Clan was not a super powerful clan, but it wasn’t weak either. The clan had the territory with a radius of over a hundred thousand miles, and the population of over ten million, including over one million strong warriors and over ten Divine-Magus-level elders and commanders.

Facing the leader of a clan like this, how could Ji Hao just try to kill him in front of so many people?

Undoubtedly, if Fufeng Yu didn’t dodge so fast, his head would have been chopped down already. Ji Hao was such a cruel person, he seriously wanted to kill Fufeng Yu.

"Emperor Shun!" Fufeng Yu helplessly looked at Emperor Shun, sounding quite pitiful.

"You, you, you!" Emperor Shun’s face had even turned blue in anger. "Guards!" shouted Emperor Shun.

Before his voice faded, Ji Hao puffed out his chest and said, "Emperor Shun, if you are giving the order to arrest me, don’t blame me for detonating the Pan Jia sun and burn the entire Pu Ban City."

Emperor Shun paused instantly. Subconsciously, he raised his head and glanced at the Pan Jia sun. "You!" exclaimed Emperor Shun.

"Have you forgotten it?" Ji Hao chuckled, "That sun is my precious treasure. Hehe, if I didn’t dedicate it, I’m afraid that Pu Ban City and all surrounding human clans would have run out of food long ago, right?"

Pointing at the Pan Jia sun, Ji Hao continued slowly, "With this great contribution I made, killing Fufeng Yu is nothing, isn’t it?"

Emperor Shun stopped talking and put his hands in his sleeves, looking at Ji Hao grimly.

The group of ministers remained silent as well. They glanced at Emperor Shun, then looked at Ji Hao. They didn’t know what was wrong with Ji Hao. Was his brain damaged? Was he cursed? Ji Hao had always been a smart, responsible and polite person. How could he possibly say something like that?

But Emperor Shun’s attitude was even stranger.

Emperor Shun would never hesitate to punish the ones who made serious mistakes. If one made a mistake, he would definitely punish him, regardless of his family background. If one made a contribution, he would certainly reward him, no matter how many people had been offended by him.

But today, Emperor Shun acted a bit abnormal, but why? Ji Hao’s threat should be completely ineffective to him!

"Shun!" A few elderly minister walked out of the crowd, then seriously and confusedly looked at Emperor Shun.

The five-colored light sparkled quickly in Emperor Shun’s pupils. Abruptly, he opened his mouth and let out a stream of blood.

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